motivation. why do people eat? why do people shiver?

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Biological Motives


Why Do People Eat?

Why Do People Shiver?

Why Do People Fight?

Why Do People Create?

Why Do People Work?

Why Do People Join?

Why Do People Believe?

Why Do People Help?What is their Motivation?Needs? Incentives? Intrinsic? Extrinsic? Biological? Social?

Motive:a drive or incentive(also known as needs or wants)Some Biological Motives:

hungerthirstoxygenchemical balancetemperature maintenance

Some Social Motives:

need for achievementability to get along with othersdesire for acceptancefear of failurefear of success

What Do People Need?

Abraham MaslowThere is a hierarchy of needs.

How Would You Organize Human Needs?

Maslows Hierarchy of NeedsFundamental Needsbiological drives that must be satisfied in order to maintain life(hunger, thirst, sleep, sex, pain avoidance)

Psychological Needsurges to belong, to give and receive love, to acquire esteem, to achieve, etc.

Self-Actualization Needsthe pursuit of knowledge, beauty, or whatever else is required for the realization of ones unique potential


Do we have to fulfill our needs in the order prescribed by Maslow? Does everyone attain self-actualization? Does everyone try to seek it? Do we ever skip needs in the pursuit of something grander?