Motivation. Why Do People Eat? Why Do People Shiver?

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<p>Biological Motives</p> <p>Motivation</p> <p>Why Do People Eat?</p> <p>Why Do People Shiver?</p> <p>Why Do People Fight?</p> <p>Why Do People Create?</p> <p>Why Do People Work?</p> <p>Why Do People Join?</p> <p>Why Do People Believe?</p> <p>Why Do People Help?What is their Motivation?Needs? Incentives? Intrinsic? Extrinsic? Biological? Social?</p> <p>Motive:a drive or incentive(also known as needs or wants)Some Biological Motives:</p> <p>hungerthirstoxygenchemical balancetemperature maintenance</p> <p>Some Social Motives:</p> <p>need for achievementability to get along with othersdesire for acceptancefear of failurefear of success</p> <p>What Do People Need?</p> <p>Abraham MaslowThere is a hierarchy of needs.</p> <p>How Would You Organize Human Needs?</p> <p>Maslows Hierarchy of NeedsFundamental Needsbiological drives that must be satisfied in order to maintain life(hunger, thirst, sleep, sex, pain avoidance)</p> <p>Psychological Needsurges to belong, to give and receive love, to acquire esteem, to achieve, etc.</p> <p></p> <p>Self-Actualization Needsthe pursuit of knowledge, beauty, or whatever else is required for the realization of ones unique potential</p> <p>Q:</p> <p>Do we have to fulfill our needs in the order prescribed by Maslow? Does everyone attain self-actualization? Does everyone try to seek it? Do we ever skip needs in the pursuit of something grander?</p>