Most Expensive Foods in India, 8 Most Expensive Food Items to Try

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8 Most Expensive Foods in India

8 Most Expensive Foods in IndiaHeres a look at some of the most expensive ingredients used at restaurants in India. Not all of these are scarce. Some just have a tag of exclusivity attached.

# 1 Beluga CaviarWhile there are different types of caviar, all of which err on the side of expensive, Beluga, which is the roe of the endangered Beluga sturgeon that is found in the Caspian Sea, takes the cake. The price? At Rs.9500 for 30 grams, this is one food that you might want to savour slowly!


#2 Kobe BeefFlown in all the way from Japan, the cost of a kilo of this superior grade meat from the Tajima strain of the cattle reared for Wagyu beef is around Rs.22,000. Its available only at the most exclusive restaurants (usually a part of a luxury hotel), where a juicy steak could set you back by Rs.7,500 per plate. Holy cow!!

# 3 New Zealand Rack of LambIf the fact that its rated as the best lamb available in the world wasnt enough, the cost of importing it all the way from New Zealand makes this an expensive dish to order. If you love lamb and only want the best kind, be prepared to pay approximately Rs.2,800 for a plate.

# 4 Wagyu BeefThe worlds most expensive beef, Kobe, is a type of Wagyu. Not all Wagyu is Kobe, but the former is still a prized meat that comes from the same breed of cattle. The marbled meat finds its place not only in Japanese dishes, but also in continental style steaks. While it isnt as pricey at Kobe beef, you can expect to pay around Rs.6,000 for a steak or Rs.3,000 for Carpaccio.

#5 LobsterFans of shellfish will agree that lobsters are the ultimate treat. While they are available in India, the exclusivity attached to it means that it isnt as cheap as other shellfish. A good lobster bisque (soup) could set you back by Rs.1,250, while a main course such as Lobster Risotto can be around Rs.3,000.

#6 Bluefin TunaWhile the locally available tuna is reasonably priced, in many high-end Japanese restaurants, Toro tartare (diced tuna) is a specialty. The cut that is served at these places is the underbelly of imported Bluefin tuna, which is an expensive delicacy even in Japan. So, what can you expect to pay for this dish? Approximately Rs.2,000 per plate!

# 7 TruffleTruffles are often referred to as diamonds of the kitchen, because of their rarity since they are a naturally occurring edible fungus. They come in several types, black and white being the best known. Only a few shavings of this precious ingredient are used in a dish as it has quite a strong flavor. This sprinkling could leave your wallet lighter by Rs.2,000 for a small souffl.

#8 SaffronThe flower from which this delicate spice is extracted grows wild in the valley of Kashmir, but since only a small amount can be collected from each flower, it is a rare and expensive ingredient. The subtle yet rich flavour that it lends to dishes makes it an integral part of many a north Indian dish. 10 grams of this spice costs approximately Rs.2,300. Its infused flavour can be experienced in many Awadhi style dishes from kebabs to phirni.

Now comes the question Now comes the question are these pricey foods worth a try? Of course, your budget will play a role in the decision, but if you are in the mood to splurge consider that this might be just about equal to what you would pay for eating these foods in world-class restaurants in other international cities.