morning mindhacks: how to get sh*t done in the am. a psychologist's guide

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Morning Mindhacks

Patrycja Slawuta, M.A, PhD(c) to Get Sh*t Done in the AMA Psychologists Guide

Who am I?

What do you want to hack?EveningSleepWake UpMorning@Patrycja_NYCEveningNo grey zonesEnd of the day ritualsGrateful ~ happiness 3 major questions:What accomplished?What learned?What can be done better?@Patrycja_NYCEveningAlpha brain wavesClear mindSet goalsAsk questionsDream Big@Patrycja_NYCSleepSleep hygiene7.2 hrs ~ 7hr 12 minSleep debt20/30 min shortage makes a differenceAffects: IQ, memory, mood, obesity, metabolism@Patrycja_NYCGoing upstreamSetting up conditions for successde-railing (blue light)up-railing (morning ritual)@Patrycja_NYCTime managementSelf | Energy ManagementCircadian Rhythms

@Patrycja_NYCWake upRituals & Habits

@Patrycja_NYCBest morning ritualsMiracle Morning:MeditateExerciseReadWrite@Patrycja_NYCBest morning ritualsWillpower: Dan Ariely - 2hrsMusic = brain stimulation Exercise = antidepressantStart with ONE@Patrycja_NYCThe Scientific 7-Minute Workout

+ bilateral movements@Patrycja_NYCMorningStart with WHY?Emotion > motivating that goalsEat that frog - the willpower effectURGENCY + timeframePrioritize | Visualize3 MITsShip itThe science of little wins@Patrycja_NYCWired for distractionFocus time : 45 minADHD: 25 minPomodoro MethodIntentionThe War of Art@Patrycja_NYCMake Epic Sh*t Happen

@Patrycja_NYCThank you!To learn

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