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  • Gateway server for multiple networking

    A US Ethernet networking manufacturer has entered the broadband LAN market. The gateway server known as GSI6 permits communication be- tween up to 255 Ethernet net- works over a single 6MHz broadband channel. The broadband channel acts as a central backbone into which the separate Ethernet LANs connect in order to connnuni- cate.

    Bridge Communications, which now has an office in the UK sees the market for the GS/6 in large sites such as universities, corporations and government establishments. It would especially be of interest to companies whose buildings are spread out over a large area and who need to communicate to each other.

    The gateway server features a modular architecture which incorporates an Ethernet con-

    troller card, a 68000-based CPU executing XNS high- level protocols, and a very high speed HDLC controller card to provide CSMA and address recognition.

    As an internetwork router, the GS/6 filters network traffic to ensure that a message is sent only to its intended destina- tion. An integral network management facility is in- cluded to provide traffic statis- tics, line-error monitoring and remote loopback diagnostics. The price for the GS/6 server is approximately &lo 500. (Bridge Communications Inc., I345 Shorebird Rd, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Tel: (41-Y) 969 4400. UK headquarters: Bridge Communications Ltd, Lloyds Bank Building, 56 High Street, Marlow-on-Thames, Bucks. SL7 IAJ, UK. Tel: (06284) 74728) 0

    More powerful lap top

    Hewlett Packard has launched its second lap top computer for the executive market, and this model promises to be bigger and better.

    The Portable Plus has a flip up 25 line 80 character LCD readout which is a larger dis- play than the original HP110 launched in 1984. It can address up to 896 kbyte of RAM, doubling the capacity of the HP110 and it has a wider range of applications software which includes an electronic disc. Consequently the HP110 will be phased out during the next year.

    Applications packages, run- ning under MS/DOS are avail- able separately for the Portable Plus as plug in ROM cart- ridges or on 3.5 in discs. Soft- ware available in ROM in- cludes Lotus l-2-3, MS Word, and other terminal emulation packages.

    Although the portable lap top computer is marketed at

    the executive on the move, most orders will come from salesmen looking for quick data analysis.

    The compatibility of the new system is a key element. According to Hewlett Pack- ard, the Portable Plus is BIOS- compatible with the IBM PC which means that a number of standard applications packages can run off the shelf on the HP portable. Also it has a com- munications capability to link into a range of mainframes, minicomputers and personal computers including the HP15011 and the IBM PC. The RS232 interface allows a range of peripherals to be con- nected up including Hewlett Packards ThinkJet Printer which is also battery powered. The Portable Plus is available worldwide and is priced at &2395. (Hewlett Packard Ltd, Miller House, The Ring, Brack- nell, Berks RG12 IXN, UK. Tel: (0344) 424898) 0

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