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  • 1. Strategic Projects - February Content: Financial Model
  • 2. Financial Model Report February 2013
  • 3. Goals of the project 1. Reallocation and redistribution of costs/ sales 2.Incentive for increased performance 3.Risk reserve building 4.Enabling Expansions & Investments 5.Growth in operations and impact 6.Financial sustainability mindset 7. Fairness towards every Local Commitee 8.Transparency of Finances in whole @PLAD
  • 4. Milestones of the project Collecting data from LCs 09.09.13- Done Analysis done by FD 30.09.13 - Done First WG meeting 11.10.13 - Done Checking data and looking for holes October December - skipped Collecting yearly data from LCs 12.12.2013 - done 2nd Meeting with WG Jenuary ( creation of model ) Creating booklet, wiki and presenting to the network Jenuary-March Feedback by LCPs NPM in Jenuary Virtual meeting with LCPs - March Voting model 09.05.2014 Implementation of model - 01.07.2014
  • 5. Overall Factors (positive or negative factors that influenced the performance) Posi%ve Nega%ve - Commi&ed WG - Plan and overall look of model is created - LCPs joining WG
  • 6. Financial Model in February 2013 Key Achievements: Creation of a draft Great work done by working group Key Non-Achievements Output from WG work
  • 7. Financial Model in March Key strategies for next month: Creation of output Presentation to the network Key challenges for next month:
  • 8. Financial Model Contribution Needed (who & what) MC team for feedback