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  • 1. Modern Dance

2. Early Dance ~Religion Based ~Entertainment ~Structured 3. Ballet Minuite 4. Modern DancersMeredith Monk By Genna DankisIsadora Duncan By Gabby DonleyMartha Graham By Milan Hayes 5. ~Born in 1942~Training in Dalcroze Eurhythmics,~Crossover ArtistMeredith Monk 6. ~Voice with dance~Simple~RepetitiveHer Dance 7. Inspiration~Delcroze Eurhythmic~Bessie Schoenberg~Ruth Lloyd~Shambhala Mediation 8. minute 9. ~Childhood~Mothers Influence~Influence on OthersIsadora Duncan 10. ~Feelings toward Ballet~Whats she thought dance should be~Early career/Small shows/Daly company~Separation from small career to popularcareer~Influence on others/dance schoolsIsadora Duncan 11. ~Classsical Music~Costumes/Tunics~Stage Set-Up~Nature influenceIsadoras Techniques & Styles 12. 13. ~Denishawn school in Los AnglesRuth St. Denis~ translationTed Shawn~First debut in New York in 1926Martha Graham 14. Martha Graham Own language of movements Basic human movements Human emotions Insght on human conditions 15. Martha Graham~Focus on center of the body~Coordination between breathing andmovement~Focus on the movement of the pelvis 16. Inspiration~Greek mythology, the early Americanfrontier, Emily Dickinson poems, Joan of arcPlayed .~Dances had emotional and spiritual themes~Contraction and release 17. 18. Modern Dance Today~Modern, Lyrical, and Contemporary~More Structured~Emotion Driven~Best Picture You Can Make 19. 1 minuite Dance 20. Entertainment Today 21. Quiz~Which dancer focus on nature?~Which dancer focus on human condition andcontraction and release?~Which dancer focus on combining her vocalswith her dance?