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2. Mobile/Digital Wallet (eMoney) Submitted By: Muhammad Ashik Iqbal M.Sc. in CSE ID: 092-25-127 DIU [email_address] 3. 4. ePayment System Sender Mobile Receiver Mobile Bank PayPoint 5.

  • Sender Mobile sends request to Transfer Money
  • System checks available balance in Senders A/C from that particular Bank
  • It transfers money from senders A/C to receivers A/C
  • After a successful money transfer it sends a confirmation notification (SMS/Email) to receiver
  • Money can be send and/or receive from PayPoints


  • PayPoints act like ATM booths or branch of a bank
  • eMoney can be send to any subscribers A/C from PayPoints
  • Unbanked people can take the facility of PayPoint to send money from rural area
  • eMoney can be cashed from PayPoints


  • Digital/Mobile Wallet System can help to reduce the Hard Cash flow in the country
  • Electronic payments can be done using this system
  • Simple, hassle free, no hard cash security, faster, cost effective.


  • Already 23 Banks of Bangladesh are connected with VISA network
  • Currently VISA network is used for ATM and POS transactions
  • VISA connects nation-wide and globally and gives the facilities of ONLINE TRANSACTION


  • There is no legal and government issues to implement.
  • Because the intra-bank transactions will be done within VISA network which is already permitted (ATM and POS)
  • Although Bangladesh Bank has signed and permitted the new transaction system of this Mobile/Digital Wallet


  • Digital/Mobile Wallet system is going to implement using existing VISA and Mobile Network to connect all these 23 banks of Bangladesh within this year 2009 as pilot test project
  • After successful test, it will start from 2010