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Does Think Global Work For Mobile Apps? Is your app going global? What are your chances to succeed on places as different as Eastern Europe and Latin America? Should you evaluate localization strategies? Based on LATAM and Brazilian market hits and misfires, this presentation will provide an overview of the opportunities available for app on local LATAM markets. Terence Reis, Partner- Grupo.Mobi


<ul><li> 1. Should I stay or should I go? When going global means going local. </li> <li> 2. Some quick notes about myself I work with mobile since 2004 Im on my 3rd start-up - so far, its a tie: a draw, a failure, and now, it seems, a hit I set-up the MMA LATAM Chapter, as their Managing Director I change my mobile each 6 months And I dont use the beard anymore - at my daughters request </li> <li> 3. And about Grupo.Mobi Founded in 2007 Brazils largest mobile marketing and advertising group 190 employees, 5 offices in Brazil, 1 in London, upcoming: Buenos Aires and Miami (or New York, were still not sure) What we do: Mobile web and apps - Fingertips ( Mobile advertising network - Hands ( Mobile games - Monster Juice ( Mobile marketing platforms - Aorta ( </li> <li> 4. Mobile Inventory </li> <li> 5. Mobile Inventory Amount of advertising impressions available </li> <li> 6. Mobile InventoryAdmob used to tell us how much each month </li> <li> 7. Mobile Inventory Now they just couldnt care less </li> <li> 8. Well, I care. </li> <li> 9. Mobile inventory = Local + Originated at </li> <li> 10. Can you guess the ratio of gringo/local in Brazil? </li> <li> 11. As my daughter would say... </li> <li> 12. Its infinite times! </li> <li> 13. Now, why is that? Angry Birds? Cut the Rope? Echofon? Oh, I know, (insert big app here)! </li> <li> 14. Now, why is that? No, no, no and no. Well, they do help. But its the long tail and the not so long tail e-Buddy, Nimbuzz, Echofon, AntSmasher, and most of whats free and fun. And helpful. </li> <li> 15. And then Apps I never heard of started talking to us about their local inventory (Brazil/LATAM) </li> <li> 16. Do these guys had a global strategy? Did they had a global/local strategy? Were they doing the right stuff? </li> <li> 17. Should you have a global strategy? Should you have a global/local strategy? I hope youll do the right stuff. </li> <li> 18. Customizing or localizing content forspecific markets and cultures will multiplythe desired effect </li> <li> 19. Its about familiarity </li> <li> 20. EA localized car racing games in Russia: 600% ROI over the English version LUG (online games distributor in BR): A game localized in Portuguese yielded 15X more revenueSource: </li> <li> 21. Should every app have a localization strategy? </li> <li> 22. Are you any of these? </li> <li> 23. A global app </li> <li> 24. A localized app </li> <li> 25. A local app </li> <li> 26. Meanwhile, at the App Store Games are king But less so, when it comes to free apps Free: Entertain Help Search Boost </li> <li> 27. Meanwhile, at the App Store US App Store: Paid Apps: Games are 75-80% of top 300 Free Apps: Games are 35-40% of top 300 More apps to compete (social apps) </li> <li> 28. Meanwhile, at the App Store LATAM App Stores (BR/MX/AR): Paid and Free Apps: Games are ~30% of top 300 </li> <li> 29. How many of them are local/localized? LATAM App Stores BR/MX/AR: Local: ~12% of apps (excluding games) Localized: ~25% of apps (excluding games) </li> <li> 30. Those numbers, I calculated them myself. </li> <li> 31. Feeling local makes a difference Sky Night X Star Walk: Sky Night (localized) Outfit 7: apps in local language get more downloads Weather: local apps are more downloaded (even though they might not be as good or complete) Flight tracker apps: local or localized got more downloads Medical apps: local or localized apps Tools in general: localized apps And even games - Gameloft and Disney localize their games </li> <li> 32. What does it mean going local? You have the local apps: you have to be local... </li> <li> 33. What does it mean going local? You have the partially localized apps: Thats easy - translate your presentation texts at the App Stores And thats it. Just doing this will get you more downloads </li> <li> 34. What does it mean going local? And you have fully localized apps: Thats hard - you need everything translated. And it needs to be right But you will make yourself a local! (People dont know whos local. They just assume.) </li> <li> 35. Paid or Free? LATAM: people dont like to pay. They do. But its harder. A partially localized version should be a 1st choice. Advertising: you will need a local partner and a lot of impressions - a fully localized app is the best option. </li> <li> 36. Which platform? Apple outnumbers all others in terms of downloads You need to check each market for other options (Blackberry still rules in Colombia and Venezuela, for instance) </li> <li> 37. And how should I do some noise?Total downloads over time Mobile Media Earned Media Paid Media Own Media Time </li> <li> 38. That chart, I calculated it myself too. </li> <li> 39. A few more rules </li> <li> 40. Universal Rules The MVA (Minimum Viable App) </li> <li> 41. Deciding Check your numbers Check the app stores (there are a lot of apps for that) Research the market when you find one </li> <li> 42. Preparing Run tests to identify localization readiness Real estate limitations: languages different than English may break the layout A style guide and a glossary will help </li> <li> 43. Go for it Translate Find local partners for localization, distribution and monetization Have someone in charge </li> <li> 44. Thank you. Terence </li> </ul>


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