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  • Stephen Kenwright | | @stekenwright


  • Build app ???


  • Web = reach? But there are search results like this

  • Apps appear above

    organic in

  • Apps


    Organic x2

  • bingo or poker = I want to play

  • Source: Think with Google

  • 40% of search queries show apps in the top 5

    Source: Search Engine Roundtable

  • Organic


  • football = I want to know

  • Reach depends on query intent. What do you want your app to do?

  • So reach users on mobile web, funnel into app and retain? Careful!

  • Source: Google Webmaster Central

  • Drive app downloads from paid/owned media

  • IHG (Holiday Inn) gives reward points to app downloaders

  • TripAdvisor hides some

    functionality from mobile

    web usersOut and

    about? Read reviews on

    web. Want to write one? Use

    the app.

  • Why not use a CTA in ATL campaigns to push consumers to your app?*

    *(app users more valuable than hashtag tweeters + Google

  • Drive app downloads from the app store

  • App store ranking factors

    Ranking Factors Android iOS


    Short Description

    Long Description





  • Organic Search = longtail opportunitiesApp Store = brand and head keywords

  • Publisher = your brand

    Build consistently great apps, rank better

    Spam the Play Store and risk getting your brand kicked out of all Google properties

    Publisher is important

  • Positive ratings/reviews influenceapp store rankings

  • Ratings/reviews will probablyinfluence Google rankings soon

  • Want to rank higher in the app store? Get more downloads + get them fast

  • PR and SEO must be involved in anapp launch

  • iOS AppStore takes two weeks to approve changes

  • Updating apps frequently does improve rankings


  • Paying to promote apps? Frontload budgets

  • Speak to journalists/bloggers in advance

  • Google has access to the link graph,Apple doesnt you need attention, not links

  • Plan your launch date carefully

  • iPhone Google Trends

    Too late

  • Drive app downloads from social media

  • 80% of Twitters 300M+ active users are on mobile

    Source: Twitter

  • But Twitter = I want to know not I want to play?

  • User doesnt display an immediate needno immediate competition

  • Drive app downloads fromsearch engines

  • Logo = improved CTR

    But affects m. traffic

  • Source: Will Critchlow

  • Source: Will Critchlow

  • Add your app to Google Search Console

  • CTR + position = forecasts!

  • (Part of) what a deep link looks likeYesits a

    separate bot

  • Read this via DeepCrawl:App Deep Linking for Beginners

  • 2/3 installed apps are never used

    Source: Ofcom

  • Apps appearing in search results remind users you exist

  • You can even index content from apps that users havent installed

  • Google + Agawi= app streaming

  • All reach. No retention.

  • So what are the options?

  • Mobile web + mobile app

    Mobile web only

    Mobile app only Not really an option

  • Ignore how many competitors have appshow many are indexed?

  • ROI on apps might never be as high

  • Thank you @stekenwright