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Orion eSolutions offer the best and the most reliable Hybrid, Native, Mobile Application Development services using the latest platform. To know mobile app development stages and usages visit


<ul><li> 1. Mobile Application Development Orion eSolutions Pvt. Ltd. </li></ul> <p> 2. Platform For Mobile Technologies Developing mobile applications is an important part of IT related services nowadays. As most of the people on Earth use mobile phones and as modern mobile phones are no less than computers, a proper mobile application that clients would be able to use if the key to success for any business at present. Orion eSolutions offers the best mobile application development services. Orion uses the latest platform to develop mobile applications so that they can cater to the need of the clients. It uses platforms that are suitable for Windows OS, iOS as well as Android. The experts at Orion eSolutions can handle different projects with equal dexterity and clients can expect the best from them. 3. Types of Mobile Applications 4. Types of Mobile Applications With mobile applications becoming more and more widely used, Orion eSolutions offer comprehensive software development services to clients. It is quite obvious that different clients would have different requirements and so the experts at Orion offer services in different types of mobile application development. These Applications are: Native Application Web Applications Hybrid Applications 5. Native Application Typically a native application is designed for being used on a single platform or a device like Smartphones. The main advantage of native applicants is that they are fast and some features do not require internet connection in order to function. In fact, Native Application is the commonest form of mobile phone applications found nowadays. Orion eSolutions has a special team for developing Native Applications. As its priority is on client satisfaction Orion eSolutions always takes extra care to deliver what clients want. 6. Web Applications A Web Application is generally stored on a server far away and is delivered to the client through the internet on request. These applications are more like websites, but look like Native Applications in more ways than one. In most of the cases Web Applications are developed in HTML 5 language to make them easily navigable on phone. The experts at Orion eSolutions are qualified and trained to develop best in class Web Applications for mobile phones so that clients can get exactly what they want. Through face to face discussion with clients the experts understand what they want and start working on the project accordingly. 7. Hybrid Applications Hybrid Applications resemble Native Applications but are actually written in JavaScript, CSS or HTML 5. These applications are designed for individual platforms like Smartphones but can also enhance the browser engine on the phone. With the increasing demand for Hybrid Applications, Orion eSolutions brings the latest and the most reliable services to clients. The services are available at an affordable price and clients from different economic backgrounds can avail it. 8. Mobile App Development Stages Depending on the individual requirement of clients the experts at Orion eSolutions takes a professional approach towards mobile application developments. The stages in the development process are: 9. 4 Basic App Development Stages 1. Designing: This is the most crucial phase in the entire process. In this phase the application is designed as a draft and then the clients is asked to check whether any change is needed. 2. Selecting The Framework: Mobile applications can be developed on different frameworks and platforms and so in the next phase the experts, with careful consultation with the clients select the framework that would serve the purpose best. 10. 4 Basic App Development Stages 3. Targeting Group of Devices and Supported Platform: In this phase the devices and platforms where the application is to be used are identified. 4. Testing The Web App on Emulator: The final step is to test the application on the emulator in order to check whether it is functioning properly. 11. Design Phase 12. Design Phase In this phase the design of the intended application is drafted. It is needless to mention that a mobile application has to be properly designed in order to create the desired impact. Experts at Orion eSolutions formulate more than one design and present them to the clients for selection. The designs are made after consulting with the clients in order to have a proper understanding of their requirement. 13. Selecting The Framework 14. Selecting The Framework Selecting the ideal framework is the most crucial factor in the mobile application development. Different frameworks have different benefits and so the selection should be made very carefully depending on the individual requirement of clients. The experts at Orion eSolutions are well trained and have years of experience in this field. As a result, they know which framework would be best for which application. 15. Targeting Group of Devices and Supported Platforms 16. Targeting Group of Devices and Supported Platforms By targeting the devices and platforms on which the application is intended to be used, experts can formulate the modus operandi of the applications. Different types of platforms require different types of applications and so it is essential to choose the platform in order to formulate the application accordingly. At Orion eSolutions the experts can identify the right platform. 17. Testing the Web App on Emulator 18. Testing The Web App On Emulator Before delivering the application to clients it is checked on the emulator. Orion uses the Google Android Emulator in order to test the applications from different aspects. The emulators help the experts get an idea of how the applications would perform on real life scenarios and what changes are needed. This helps clients develop a flawless mobile application at ease. 19. Importance of App Design From User Prospective 20. Importance of App Design From User Prospective With mobile applications increasingly becoming a medium of communication, entrepreneurs should take the initiative to use them for their benefit. Users of mobile applications can do a lot of things at ease that would otherwise not have been possible with simple mobile phones. Nowadays right from chatting with friends to placing an order for a desired product, from sending messages without any cost to finding weather updates, everything is possible through mobile applications. In the world of digital communication, everything is just a click away. 21. Conclusion Orion eSolutions offer the best and the most reliable mobile application development services to clients. These services are designed to cater to the needs of clients in the best possible manner and so clients can be rest assured that they are going to get the best service if they choose Orion. Orion eSolutions------------------------------------------------------------------ Web and Mobile Software Development Company 22. Contact Us F-335, Phase 8-B, Industrial Area, 160055, Mohali, Punjab, India. India: +91-172-4668170, US: +1-209-257-4648 Follow Us: @OrioneSolutions For More Contact Us Follow Us On Twitter </p>