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<ul><li>1.Cost of Livingin Minneapolis <br />Tao He<br />Sophia Ziogas<br /></li></ul> <p>2. About the City<br />Minneapolis, MN<br />Population: 382,578<br />Average household income: $44,478<br />Unemployment: 4.7%<br />3. Financial starting point: Sophia<br />Gross Income:$60,000 per year<br />Federal income tax: $8,838<br />State Income Tax:$4,665<br />FICA:$4,590<br />Net Income: $41,907<br />4. Financial starting point: Tao<br />Gross income: $40,000 per year<br />Federal income tax $4,475<br />State income tax: $2,800<br />FICA: $3,060<br />Net income $29,665<br />5. Healthcare: Sophia<br />Blue Cross Blue Shield individual coverage<br />$67.50 per month<br />$10,000 annual deductable<br />$810.00 per year<br />6. Healthcare: Tao<br />Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota<br />80% individual coverage<br />$5500 deductible<br />$85 per month<br />$1020 per year<br />7. Housing<br />Ulyssess Manor <br />1835 Ulysses Street Northeast Minneapolis, MN 55418 (2 beds, 1 bath, 755 square feet)<br />8. Housing Expenses<br />Rent $750 per month<br />Deposit $750<br />Furniture: $1200<br />Refrigerator: $700<br />TV: $340<br />Total Expenses:$2,990<br />Total rent: $375 per person per month<br />9. Utility Bills<br />Water and Electric bills: $72.86 per person per month<br />Waste fee:$23.00 per person per month<br />Cell phone: Go-phone $300.00 per person per year<br />Internet: DSL, $29.00 per month<br />Total Fees: $135.35 per person per month<br />10. Transportation<br />Metro-pass for Trains and buses $76 per month<br />$912.00 per year per person<br />11. Food for Sophia<br />$120 per week for Groceries<br />$70 to go out per week<br />Total Food Expenses: $9,120 per year<br />12. Food for Tao<br />Groceries /eat at home: $3600 per year<br />Restaurant Dinning $1000 per year (Avoid mostly)<br />Food related supplies (paper towels, eating utensils): $200 per year<br />Total food Expenses: $4800 per year<br />13. Extracurricular Activities: Sophia<br />Netflix: $95.88 per year<br />Clothing: $2000<br />Cycling: $200<br />Cross Country skiing: $90 for skis, $60 for boots, $20 poles<br />14. Extracurricular Activities: Tao<br />Video Games: $400 per year<br />Clothing: $1000 per year<br />Movies: $200 per year<br />General Shopping: $600 per year<br />Special Occasions: $300 per year<br />Costco Membership: $100 per year<br />15. Sophias Financial overview per year <br />Net Income: $41,907<br />Healthcare: -$810<br />Annual Rent: -$4500<br /> Housing Fees: -$1495<br />Utility Fee: -$1624.3<br />Public Transportation:-$912<br />Food: -$9,120<br />Extracurricular: -$2460.88<br />Money Left: $20,985 = Total Savings<br />16. Sophias Savings<br />$20,985 left<br />Savings account: $10492.5<br />Bank of America interest: 1.9%<br />Checking account:$10492.5<br />17. Taos Financial overview per year<br />Net income: $29,665<br />Healthcare: -$1020 <br />Annual Rent: -$4500<br />Housing Fees: -$1495<br />Utility Fee: -$1624.3<br />Public Transportation:-$912<br />Food: -$4800<br />Extracurricular:-$2600<br />Money left:$12713.7 = Total Savings<br />18. Taos Savings<br />Money left: $12,713.7<br />Savings account: $6,356.85<br />Bank of America interest: 1.9%<br />Checking account:$6,356.85<br />19. Work Cited<br />"Bank of America | Please Select Your State." Bank of America | Home | Personal. Web. 01 June 2011. . <br />"Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Questions." Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. Web. 01 June 2011. . <br />"City of Minneapolis: Recreation." City of Minneapolis, Minnesota - Official Web Site. Web. 01 June 2011. .<br />"FICA &amp; SECA Tax Rates." The United States Social Security Administration. Web. 01 June 2011. . <br />"Minneapolis See Do: Things to Do in Minneapolis: Minneapolis Nightlife: Details, Information, Directions, Maps, Hours of Operation." Minneapolis Convention &amp; Visitors Association. Web. 01 June 2011. . <br />Minnesota Department of Revenue. Web. 01 June 2011. . <br />"Passes &amp; Go-To Cards - Metro Transit." Home - Metro Transit. Web. 01 June 2011. . <br />"Prepaid Phone Deals and Packages - Shop - Wireless from AT&amp;T." Cell Phones, Cell Phone Plans, &amp; Wireless Accessories - from AT&amp;T. Web. 01 June 2011. . <br />"Ulysses Manor in Minneapolis, MN." Apartments for Rent &amp; Homes for Rent - Rent.com Apartment Finder. Web. 01 June 2011. .<br /></p>