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These slides contain excerpts of some of my favorite quotes from wisdom teachers who bring mindfulness and self compassion together.


  • 1. MINDFUL SELF COMPASSIONIn gratitude for the great wisdom available to us allSusan Penn/Founder/ReInventure Consulting
  • 2. Out beyond ideas ofwrongdoing and right doing,there is a field.Ill meet you there.When the soul lies down in thatgrass, the world is too full totalk about.Rumi
  • 3. You are the sky.Everything else is justweather.Pema Chodrun
  • 4. :The only reason we dontopen our hearts and minds toother people is that theytrigger confusion in us that wedont feel brave enough orsane enough to deal with. Tothe degree that we look clearlyand compassionately atourselves, we feel confidentand fearless about lookinginto someone elses eyes.Pema Chodrun
  • 5. The most fundamentalaggression is to ourselves,the most fundamental harmwe can do to ourselves is toremain ignorant by nothaving the courage and therespect to look at ourselveshonestly and gently.Pema Chodrun
  • 6. My mind is a neighborhood. Itry not to go in it alone.Anne LaMott
  • 7. But you cant get into any ofthese truths by sitting in afield beautifically, avoidingyour anger and damage andgrief. Your anger, and damageand grief are the way to thetruth. We dont have muchtruth unless we have gone intothese rooms and closets andwoods and abysses that wewere told not to go into. Whenwe have gone in and lookedaround for a while, justbreathing and finally takingin, then we will be able tospeak in our own voice andstay in the present moment.And that moment is home.Anne LaMott
  • 8. I do not understand themystery of grace- only that itmeets us where we are anddoesnt leave us where it foundus.Anne LaMott
  • 9. A quiet mind is all you need.All else will happen rightly,once your mind is quiet. Asthe sun on rising makes theworld active, so does self-awareness affect changes inthe mind. In the light of calmand steady self-awareness,inner energies wake up andwork miracles without anyeffort on your part.Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
  • 10. No Water, No MoonIn this way and that I tried tosave the old pailSince the bamboo strip wasweakening and about to breakUntil at last the bottom fell outNo more water in the pail!No more moon in the water!101 Zen Stories
  • 11. In the end, just three thingsmatter:How well we have livedHow well we have lovedHow well we have learned tolet go Jack Kornfield