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Millfield Chronicle 2013



    OLYMPIC HEROESOM gOld Medallists Helen glOver and Peter WilsOn HOnOured On cOMMeMOrative staMPs


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    ICLE 2013

  • 2 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 3

    ContentsINTRODUCTION 4 Letter from the Chairman 5 Secretarys Report 6 News from the Headmaster 7 Diary Dates

    sOCIeTy News 8 OM of the Year 201211 Distinguished Old Millfieldians 12 Millfield Olympian Dinner14 Old Millfieldians at the 2012 London Olympics

    16 Millfield International Association Overseas

    Branch Reports

    19 UK Branch Reports and UK Branch Officials

    20 Overseas Branch Officials22 OMS Careers Convention23 Leavers Presentation24 Trust Fund Reports26 Millfield Professional Groups27 Millfield Foundation Letter from the Chairman

    30 Births and Marriages31 OM News Directory 201236 Obituaries39 Serving the Millfield Community Worldwide

    mIllfIelD UpDaTe41 Bursars Report42 News from the School Development Office 44 Two Schools News

    ReUNIONs aND eveNTs46 Coming Home to Joans Kitchen47 First Summer Tea Party 48 Class of 2007 and 70s Hop49 Chairmans Summer BBQ and The Nissen Club

    51 18th Annual Golf Day and Millfield Golfing Society

    53 Squash: Marian Speed Day 54 Hockey: Chris Mantells Retirement Match

    56 Millfield 21 Club

    mIllfIelD memORIes57 Late Night Tea and Charcoal58 The Tucker Interview with Roland Rudd 60 OMS in the Early Days62 Edgarley Hall: Facts Behind the Faces

    63 Millfield: the Swimming Pool

    spORTs ClUbs64 Old Millfieldian Cricket Club65 Old Millfieldian Golfing Society66 Old Millfieldian Squash Club 67 Millfield Old Boys Rugby Football Club

    Om News70 The Arts74 Sporting News 81 Millfield Miscellany

    Oms sHOp88 Old Millfieldian Society Shop and Photo Service

    Cover picture: OM Olympic Gold Medallists Helen Glover and Peter Wilson were featured on commemorative postage stamps following their victories. Full story on page 14

    OMS Office Staff (left to right): Dick Shilton, Michelle Edwards, John Davies, Marion ONeill and Roger Parsons

    editor: John Davies

    assistant editor: Michelle Edwards

    Office manager: Marion ONeill

    archivists: Roger Parsons, Dick Shilton

    Design and production: Richard


    Contributors: John Graveney, Craig

    Considine, Ian McLean, Rebecca

    Walker-Jones, Amy Taylor, Gary

    Shayler, Louise Lang, Professor RKF

    Clark, Piers Denning, Edward Finley,

    Lawrence Selby, Duncan Goodhew

    MBE, Barry Hobson, Isabelle Westbury,

    Mark Suddaby, Claire Thompson, Kate

    Brown, Mike and Lynsay Mills, Nicola

    Walther, Marie-Louise Manly, Lizzie

    Coates, Peter Martin, Jonah Barrington,

    Richard Champion, Rod Speed, Simon

    Mantell, Bruce McLean, Malcolm Tucker,

    Laura Boardman, Nick Brothers, Steve

    Illingworth, Alan Burns, John Brake,

    Tom Acland, John Mallett, Giles Legg,

    Andrew Bunbury, Ian Cole

    Old Millfieldian Society,

    Millfield, Street, Somerset BA16 0YD

    Tel: +44 (0) 1458 444368

    e-mail: [email protected]





    OM gOld Medalli

    sts Helen glOve

    r and Peter

    WilsOn HOnOure

    d On cOMMeMOr

    ative staMPs


    S CH


    ICLE 2013

  • Introduction

    John Graveney (1961*-67; Hollies)

    I took over as the Chairman of the OM Society in March last year and, firstly, would like to thank Rod

    Speed for his sterling efforts, time and continued enthusiasm in this role over the past three years. It was an incredibly hard act to follow, due to his extensive knowledge of the school and OMS, but I have enjoyed the task immensely and hope that I can continue in the same vein in this privileged role, and I am very much looking forward to the remainder of my three-year term.

    The first year has been a very busy one and I have been extremely happy to have attended many events in my capacity as Chairman. The first event was probably the largest, with the

    Olympian Dinner on 30th March, where considerable monies were raised for the Millfield Foundation which will enable us to provide scholarships for underprivileged children. My grateful thanks go to Laurence Davis and Louise Lang, and their compatriots, for organising such a wonderful night and to the 15 Olympians who attended. The last year has also seen the setting up of several professional groups Legal, Marketing and Communications and Property, and the reinstatement of our Midlands Branch.

    I would like to thank the Headmaster, the Bursar and the Development Director for their continued support of the OMS, especially with our attempts to increase funds in the RJOM Fund for scholarships for the children of OMs. Indeed, we were able to assist a sixth former in the past year and this is something we would like to do on a regular basis.

    The summers Olympics and Paralympics were spectacular events and congratulations to Duncan Goodhew, the Foundation Chairman, who played a pivotal role in organising the games. Congratulations to the eight Old Millfieldians and one current pupil who took part, especially Helen Glover and Peter Wilson on their gold medals.

    Finally I would like to thank Marion ONeill and Michelle Edwards for their hard work in the office. Special mention needs to be made of John Davies, whose dedication and passion to spread the wings of the OMS never fails to amaze me.

    I look forward to seeing you at some of the many forthcoming events during 2013, details can be found on page 7.

    MIllfIeld GovernorsSir John Reith, KCB, CBE, Chair

    Mr William J Bushell (1971-73; Walton)

    Mr Richard J R Clark

    Mrs Clare Cripps (ne Swindall) (1965-68; Ashcott)

    Mrs Christobel Flood

    Mr Christopher H Hirst, MA

    Mr John H Jackson

    Mr Atul A Patel (1962-67; Shapwick)

    Mr Michael W Roulston, MBE

    Mrs Anabel Sexton (ne Lewis) (1980*-87; Oaklands),

    Deputy Chair of Governors

    Mr Marc A L Simon (1970-75; Holmcroft)

    Mr Rod Speed (1964-66; Day)

    Mr Oliver Tant

    Mr Timothy Taylor,

    Former Headmaster, Millfield Prep School

    Mr Robert P Thornton

    Mr Roger S Trafford

    Mr David S Williamson

    Mrs Rachel Summerhayes

    Secretary and Clerk to the Governors

    4 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    letter from the Chairman

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 5

    secretarys report

    Having completed my 21st year as Secretary of the OM Society, I am pleased to report that 2012

    has been a very busy year indeed. In March we held an Olympian

    Dinner in London and, in the summer, we watched as eight Old Millfieldians and one current pupil competed at London 2012. We continue to be in touch with more OMs than ever and have held many successful reunions and events, both at home and abroad, where old acquaintances have been renewed and new friendships have been made. A full diary is planned for the coming year.

    In my various travels on behalf of the OMS, I have taken an enormous delight in re-engaging with so many OMs, some of whom I knew when they were pupils here at Millfield. As is the fundamental objective of the Society, we continue to maintain our support in every possible way for OMs and Millfield School.

    With the help and experience of Richard Charnley (1968*-77; Etonhurst), this publication has a fresh and eye-catching contemporary design and I hope very much that you enjoy reading it.

    We look forward to seeing you at one or other of our reunion events in 2013.

    Board and advIsory CoMMIttee BoarddirectorsJohn Graveney (1961*-67; Hollies) Chairman/Treasurer

    John Davies Former Staff/Secretary

    Judith Balding (1970-73; Southfield)

    Robert Clark (1960-65; Etonhurst)

    Andy Kemp-King (1963*-71; Day)

    Rod Speed (1964-66; Day) Governor Representative

    Malcolm Tucker (1961-65; Millfield)

    officialsJonathan Ebsworth (1977-79; Walton)

    Andrew Jackson (1982-86; Day)

    Louise Lang (1995-97; Day) Chair, London Branch

    ex officioCraig Considine Headmaster

    Ian McLean Development Director

    advIsory CoMMIttee Sarah Bailey (1974-76; Day) Chair, South West Branch

    Julia Burton (1970-74; Johnsons) Chair, Midlands Branch

    Sarah Champion Former Head, MPS

    Stuart Crawford (1972-73; Day) Chairman, Scottish Branch

    Laurence Davis (1974-77; Hollies)

    Nikki Della Valle (1986*-94; Day)

    Vince Douglas (1975-81; Day)

    Duncan Goodhew (1970-75; Walton)

    Kate Griggs (1974*-79; Day)

    Amy Taylor (1992*-99; Oaklands)

    Hayley Thompson (1997*-2005; Warner)

    Tony Williams (1958-61; Day)

    ex officioAnabel Sexton (1980*-87; Oaklands) Deputy Chair of Governors

    Shirley Shayler Head, MPS

    Members of the OM Society Board and Advisory Committee 2012: left to right, John Davies, Amy Taylor, Vince Douglas, Louise Lang, Nikki Della Valle, Sarah Bailey, Andy Kemp-King, Rod Speed, John Graveney, Sarah Champion, Andrew Jackson, Bob Clark

  • 2 012 has been an incredible year for the Millfield community with much to celebrate. It was wonderful to see so many Old Millfieldians at the Olympic Dinner in March, heralding a special year. It is impossible to refer to 2012 without first mentioning the Olympics and Paralympics. They saw outstanding achievements by Old Millfieldians and current pupils with Millfield as the most represented UK school participating at the Olympics.

    Millfield 2016 Our Strategic Vision sets out the changes we want to see within the Millfield community by 2016, the year of the Rio Olympics.

    The plan has seven goals (see diagram, right) that provide the framework to achieve our Mission statement.

    Driven by clear principles of nurturing life-long learners, our ambitions are:

    Embracing LearningMillfield has always been an innovator in education and over the summer 2012 we embarked on a Mobile Learning Project that involves the delivery of high-bandwidth Wi-Fi across the campus.

    6 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Millfield 2016 Looking Forward Without Losing Sight of What Has Come Before

    Full Wi-Fi has been in place at the Senior School boarding houses since September 2012 and is already being used by pupils on their own devices. The on-campus installation of Wi-Fi in classroom areas is almost complete and teaching staff have a programme of training and technological familiarisation.

    Introducing mobile devices in the coming year will connect Millfield with the local and global community, ensuring our continuation as an exciting learning provider, realising the potential new technologies bring to learning.

    A School for AllAge appropriate initiatives and differentiation of learning motivate future developments at Millfield. These include a unique educational Year 9 Programme specifically designed to meet the academic and developmental needs of 13-14 year olds.

    Following comprehensive consultation with staff and MPS parents in the Autumn Term, Governors have approved the introduction of the programme from September 2014. We propose to create a Year 9 neighbourhood at the heart of the campus, with Year 9 boarders living in three Year 9 houses.

    In preparing our Sixth Form pupils for a changing life of study and work, we will continue to develop our bespoke programme supported by professional and social networking opportunities with the Old Millfieldian Society.

    Developing Positive RelationshipsIn helping each pupil to discover and develop their potential we will introduce a Positive Education curriculum which will be fully in place by 2016. This programme will help to develop emotionally aware and astute young people, promoting character strengths while developing leadership skills.

    Personal BestSport, Music, Drama and the Arts

    complement a rigorous academic framework in developing the whole person. Our Director in Residence programme and the increase of staff accommodation on campus provides the opportunity

    for access to facilities during evenings and week-ends for

    the Millfield community. In January 2013 we look forward to

    welcoming our new Director of Sport David Faulkner.

    News from the Headmaster Craig Considine


    7Management,Governance &

    Support Services





    Discover and develop the potential within each



  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 7

    January Shapwick House Reunion* (to be held in the Spring Term)

    FebruarySaturday 2nd SW Branch visit to Stratford upon Avon to see The Winters Tale

    MarchSunday 3rd Rugby: Old Millfieldians v Millfield Leavers 12.00 noon at Millfield Rugby: Old Millfieldian Vets v Butleigh Vets 1.15pm at MillfieldWednesday 6th Nissen Club Luncheon at MillfieldSaturday 16th Warner House Reunion

    April Abbey House Reunion*Friday 19th Class of 2008, Hotel Russell, London

    MaySaturday 11th Class of 2003 Ten Year Reunion, LondonSunday 19th Mill House Reunion, WindsorTuesday 21st OMS Presentation to School Leavers at Millfield

    JuneSaturday 15th OMS Careers Convention at Millfield OMS Summer Tea Party at Millfield OMS Major Summer Reunion at Millfield

    July10th-14th OMCC FestivalSaturday 13th is a six-a-side cricket competition with six teams competing. Interested? Contact Nick Brothers

    OctoberFriday 25th OMS 19th Annual Golf Day, Castle Combe

    NovemberFriday 22nd Old Millfieldian of the Year Awards 2013

    *Note: Some of the above dates are still to be confirmed and several other proposed events are under consideration

    Leo Charmantas (left) will host the Mill House reunion at his Windsor restaurant

    Shapwick, Warner, Abbey and Mill House are all arranging reunions during the year

    OMS Summer Tea Party on 15th June, 2013; all OMs and their families are invited

    A British School in a Global ContextThe need to be globally aware and culturally adept has never been stronger. Our network of Old Millfieldians brings benefit to both staff and pupils, providing a world-wide society to connect with. I have greatly appreciated the warm welcome received from OM Society Branches during overseas trips this year to the Middle and Far East.

    For some time we have been exploring the possibility of opening a Millfield school overseas and during 2013 we will continue to develop a feasibility study for this project.

    Building for the FutureTo ensure that Millfield continues to be at the forefront of contemporary education Governors have approved a number of major projects outlined in our Campus Master plan. These include: The Millfield Centre, a 5m project

    to build a new and striking building providing additional classroom space. This is planned to commence in 2014

    Indoor Cricket and Golf Centre at Millfield

    A sports pavilion at Millfield Prep, to be built in 2013/14

    Replacement of the astro turfs on campus (2013) and at Butleigh (in 2015/16)

    Annual green energy investmentsFundraising for the Millfield Centre,

    Indoor Cricket and Golf Centre and the Millfield Prep Sports Pavilion will be undertaken during 2013. If any members of the Millfield community would like to discuss any of our ambitions in more detail, I would be delighted to provide more information on how we can all work towards continuing to provide outstanding facilities for young people at Millfield.

    I look forward to seeing you when you next visit the school or at an Old Millfieldian function.

    News from the Headmaster Craig Considine

    OM Society 2013 Diary

  • OM of the Year 2012

    8 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    This award was instituted in 2000 to acknowledge and reward Old Millfieldian excellence of achievement in a wide range of fields: service, academic, business, the arts, sports, etc in the UK and abroad. There are 20,000 OMs on the OM Society database and in 12 years only 43 OMs have received this honour: authors, international sportsmen and Olympic winners, media personalities, West End and film directors, gardeners, musicians, national and industrial leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, pioneering doctors and charity and humanitarian workers. The list is long and impressive, full details of which can be found on our website,

    Ali Allawi

    (1961-64; Etonhurst)

    After leaving Millfield in 1964, Ali attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from which he graduated with

    a BSc in Civil Engineering. He went on to obtain an MBA from Harvard University in 1971.

    Following a period as a consultant to the Arab Fund in Kuwait, he co-founded in 1978, Arab International Finance, a merchant bank in London. Between 1999 and 2002, he was a Senior Associate Member at St. Antonys College, Oxford University, at its Centre for Middle Eastern Studies. In September 2003, Ali was appointed to be the Minister of Trade of Iraq under the Iraq Governing Council. In April 2004, he was appointed to be Iraqs first post-war civilian Minister of Defence.

    In January 2005, he was elected to Iraqs Transitional National Assembly as a member of the United Iraqi Alliance. In April 2005, he was appointed to be the Minister of Finance in the Transitional Government, holding that post until May 2006 when he returned to private life.

    He has served on a number of international political and economic panels including at the World Economic Forum in Davos, at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and at the IMF and World Bank annual meetings. In February 2007, the Independent newspaper, devoted its full front page in presenting Alis plans for a comprehensive settlement for Iraq.

    As an author, he has published two books (see Authors section), both of which have been well received by critics and the reading public. In January 2007, he was presented with the Robert and Joanna Bendetson Global Public Diplomacy Award by the Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University.

    Ali is affiliated with St. Antonys College, Oxford University, where he is a Senior Associate Member. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter University. In 2008-09, he was elected a Senior Fellow at Princeton University. In June 2009, he was elected a Senior Visiting Fellow for the 2009-10 academic year at the Carr Center, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

    AwArdEES iN 2012 Ali Allawi Iraqs first post-war civilian Minister of Defence in 2004

    Mary Bignal rand in 1964 became the first ever British female to

    win an Olympic Gold Medal in

    a track and field event. Lifetime

    Achievement Award

    Pam Cookey Captain of England Netball Team which won World

    Netball Series in 2011

    Helen Glover Great Britain Olympic Gold Medallist 2012

    Womens Rowing Pairs

    Paul Lister Founder of Alladale Wilderness Park in Scotland

    and eco-projects in Carpathian


    Chris robshaw Captain of England Rugby Team 2011/12 and

    Aviva Premiership Player of the Year

    Peter wilson Great Britain Olympic Gold Medallist 2012

    Mens Double Trap Shooting

  • OM of the Year 2012

    Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 9

    Tony Williams (1958-61; Day) presents the OMS Lifetime Achievement Award to Mary Bignal in the Millfield Library

    Mary Bignal Rand

    (1955-58; day)

    In 1957, Millfield boys and girls were largely instrumental in Somerset winning the Bradford Cup, the athletics

    championship for smaller counties, which was presented to Mary Bignal and Jack Archer by Countess Mountbatten. Their photos reached a few papers and Mary was noted as having set a new record in the Senior Schools high jump. She was then aged 17 and a half.

    Coached by Brom, EJC Bromfield, Mary had moved to Millfield from the local school, her family having been encouraged to approach Boss, when she was 15 years old.

    Concentrating on the high jump she was selected to represent Great Britain at the end of the 1957 season against Germany and Poland. She won the event. Subsequent publicity noted that she also, from time to time, had taken part in sprints, hurdles, relays and the long jump, as well as playing hockey for the Somerset Junior XI.

    Leaving school the following year she turned to long jumping as her main event with such success that she travelled to the Rome Olympics in 1960 carrying Britains highest hopes for a gold medal. A series of no jumps ruined her performance but encouraged her to train for the Olympics in Japan in 1964 with even greater determination. The long jump remained top priority, but she now added the pentathlon to her training schedule.

    As in Rome, she took part in three events, but this time she won the gold medal in the long jump while setting a new world record, the silver medal in the pentathlon, and a bronze in the 4 x 100 metres relay. At the end of 1964, Mary was named the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

    Pamela Cookey

    (2001-03; Martins)

    Netball was an integral part of Pamelas life from an early age and, at Millfield, she was a surprise inclusion in the

    England squad for the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games as an uncapped 17 year old. Sadly, Pamela had to withdraw from the squad two weeks before the Games suffering an injury whilst training with the England team. Pamela showed determination to battle her way back into the senior England set-up, making her international debut against Australia in 2004. She was a member of the University of Bath team that won the British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) title for the first time in 2005,

    and she helped England under-21s win silver at the World Youth Netball Championships in Florida in 2005.

    Rated as one of Englands most exciting young attacking netball players, Pamela played a key role in helping Team England to win bronze at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. She also played in the Australasian ANZ Championships in 2009. She gained a second bronze medal in the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, and later that year won a silver medal at the World Netball Series. She was a member of the England team which won the World Netball Series in 2011. In May 2012, Pamela captained the England team who were crowned champions of the Netball Europe Open Championships.

    In domestic netball, Pamela has played with Team Bath in the Netball Superleague since the competitions inception in 2005, and has featured in all four of Team Baths winning Superleague campaigns. In September 2011 Pamela left Team Bath to join Surrey Storm, but has returned to Team Bath for the 2013 campaign.

    Pamela now has to balance her netball with a full-time career. She gained her degree in Business Administration at the University of Bath and now works for Airbus as a Site Services Manager.

    Helen Glover

    (2002-04; Martins)

    On leaving Millfield, Helen went on to the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, where she studied Sport and

  • 10 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    Exercise Science, and then studied for a PGCE at University College Plymouth St Mark and St John, intending to teach PE to infant school children.

    As a junior she ran cross-country internationally, and was part of the England Satellite Squad for hockey. Helen only began rowing four years ago when her mother saw an advertisement in a newspaper calling for tall people to take up the sport. Despite her lack of experience, she was fast-tracked by UK Sports landmark Sporting Giants programme, which groomed the future giants of British sport to compete at the London 2012 Olympics.

    While teaching PE in Bath, Helen began competing having never picked up an oar or sat in a boat before and, two years later in 2010, earned a place in Team GB where she won silver at the World Rowing Championships in New Zealand, with her rowing partner Heather Stanning.

    In 2011, they won the British rowing trials. They then went on to become World Cup winners and achieved a further silver medal in Slovenia. On 1st August Helen and Heather won the Olympic gold medal for the womens coxless pairs.

    This was Team GBs first gold medal of London 2012, and a first ever Olympic gold medal for British womens rowing. Royal Mail printed a stamp depicting the rowing pair and painted a post box gold, in Helens home town of Penzance, to commemorate the event.

    Paul Lister

    (1971*-1977; Keinton)

    After 20 years in the furniture business, Paul Lister, whose passion is the environment, conservation and

    education, founded and endowed The European National Trust (TENT) in 2001 and purchased the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands all 23,000 acres of it in 2003. His vision for the reserve is a unique and pioneering ecological and social regeneration programme that benefits local wildlife, landscape and communities.

    The Reserve has received much coverage on television and in the press. Pauls longer term vision for the Highlands is to see wolves, bears and possibly lynx living within a 50,000 acre fenced reserve allowing for natural processes rather like those which have evolved in South Africa. TENT has bestowed many grants on projects designed to address the protection of the wilderness. Their recent, high profile co-venture was the production of Wild Carpathia, a documentary highlighting Romanias beautiful yet deeply threatened landscapes and cultural heritage.

    Prince Charles was interviewed as part of the programme which was shown in 110 countries in 20 languages worldwide. Paul remains deeply involved in his international eco-projects and especially in Romania. See

    Chris Robshaw

    (1997*-2004; Butleigh)

    Chris began his rugby journey at the age of seven when he started playing for Wallingham RFC, before going to

    Millfield Prep. At Millfield he captained the 1st XV.

    Chris played for England Schools U18s and subsequently England U21s. At the start of the 2007-08 season, he made his Premiership debut against London Irish where Harlequins were victorious 35-27. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, winning the Guinness Premiership Player of the Year in 2009 and being awarded his first England cap versus Argentina later that year.

    As the current captain of Harlequins, when he was named as England captain for the 2012 Six Nations tournament, few outside club rugby had heard of the flanker. However, by the end of the tournament he had made the position his own and was seen as a key part of coach Stuart Lancasters rebuilding after Englands poor showing at the 2011 World Cup. He was awarded the Aviva Premiership Player of the Year.

    Peter Wilson

    (2000-05; Holmcroft)

    On leaving Millfield, Peter went on to study Graphic Design at The Arts University College at Bournemouth.

    Initially, at Millfield, he took up shooting at his fathers suggestion after he suffered nerve damage to his shoulder in a snowboarding accident which left him unable to play squash and cricket.

    Within four months of trying shooting at the Bisley Ranges, Peter became the 2006 European Junior Champion. In 2008 he was invited to the Beijing Games as part of GBs Olympic Ambition Programme.

    As a result of his early success, Peter benefitted from UK Sport funding until that was cut in 2008. He tried to raise money himself by working as a waiter, but that affected his training. Fortunately his parents supported him financially until he was back on the funding programme.

    2012OM ofthe Year

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 11

    His fortunes then took a turn for the better when, in 2009, Athens gold medallist Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum agreed to coach him without charge. The results began rapidly improving in the years that followed. Peter finished the year top of the British

    rankings, before excelling on the international stage with gold medals in the World Cup.

    He collected team silver in the European Championships last year, and in 2012 set a new world record in the double trap with a remarkable score of 198 out of 200 at the

    World Cup held in Arizona. On 2nd August 2012 Peter won a gold medal in the double trap; it was Britains first Olympic shooting medal since 2000.

    As with Helen Glover, Royal Mail printed a stamp depicting him shooting and painted a post box gold, in his home town of Sherborne.

    Jennifer Barraclough, OBE (1954-55; Billet) Film and Television

    Producer, Chairman of

    LEPRA and the Grierson Trust

    Jon Bentley (1972*-78; day)Television Producer,

    Presenter and


    Russell Chambers (1971*-79; Millfield) Senior Advisor, Credit

    Suisse UK

    William Chang (1970-74; Kingweston) Technology, Sports

    and Entertainment

    Entrepreneur, General

    Partner/Owner of DC United, Tokyo

    Machida FC and San Francisco


    Galahad Clark (1983-94; Shapwick) Co-founder and

    Director of Terra Plana

    James Disney-May (2005-10; Butleigh) Great Britain Olympic Swimming 2012

    Chutima Durongdej (2002-04; Abbey) Miss Thailand Universe

    2009, Miss Photogenic


    Julian Fryett (1977-81; Joans Kitchen) President, Ricoh

    (Thailand) Limited,

    Director, Ricoh Asia

    Pacific Region

    Helen Glover (2002-04; Martins)Great Britain Olympic Gold Medallist

    2012 Womens Rowing Pairs

    Charles Godfray, CBE, FRS (1969*-75; Shapwick) Professor of Biology at


    Ian Haley (2001-02; Keens Elm) South African Olympic Hockey

    Team 2012

    Arthur Lanigan OKeeffe (2008-10; Holmcroft) Ireland Olympic Modern Pentathlon 2012

    Tobias Mews (1990-95; Orchards) Top British finisher

    in the 26th Marathon

    des Sables

    Carl Myerscough (1996-98; Georgian Cottage) Great Britain Olympic Mens

    Shot 2012

    Christina Schutze (1999-2000; Southfield) German Olympic Hockey Team 2012

    Sophie Williams (2007-09; Martins) Great Britain Olympic Fencing Team 2012

    Peter Wilson (2000-05; Holmcroft) Great Britain Olympic Gold

    Medallist 2012 Mens Double

    Trap Shooting

    Andrew Wright (1986*-91; day) Theatre


    Olivier Award Nominee

    To view a full list of DOMs please go


    The following were made Distinguished Old Millfieldians in 2012 in recognition of the excellence of their achievements across a wide range of fields.

    distinguished Old Millfieldians 2012

  • Millfield Olympian Dinner

    12 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Where: InterContinental London Park Lane

    When: 30 March 2012

    Who: Hosted by Lord Coe, Chairman of LOCOG and Duncan Goodhew, MBE,

    (1970-75; Walton), Chairman of Millfield Foundation. This amazing evening

    brought together Millfields Olympians, OMs, parents and friends to celebrate

    the schools sporting heritage and to raise valuable funds for scholarships. The

    evening raised approx 80,000. Thanks to all who attended and gave generously.


    os: B

    ill B




    Auctioneer Guy Bennett (1987-89; St Annes), above, oversaw the bidding for lots, including a signed England rugby apron from captain and OM Chris Robshaw (1997*-2004; Butleigh)

    Society News

  • Above: Sue Woods, Senior Mistress, bidding for Lionel Ritchie tickets, with Jeremy Hallows, Senior Master, willing her on

    Left: Event Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Millfield Foundation Laurence Davis (1974-77; Hollies) with OMS SW Branch Chair Louise Lang (1995-97; Day)

    Left: Olympic medallists Duncan Goodhew, MBE (1970-75; Walton), John McFall (1994-97; Orchards) and Mary Bignal Rand, MBE (1953-58; Day) with Millfield parent Lord Coe

    Below: Compere Michael Hayman (1983-88; Joans Kitchen), with Sir John Reith, KCB, CBE, Chairman of the Governors

    Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 13

  • 14 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    previouS om olympiaNS Cortina 1956Peter Torrens (1947-52)

    rome 1960Mary Bignal Rand (1953-58)

    Michael F S Bullen (1950-54)

    Adrian Jardine (1945*-52)

    Stuart Jardine (1945*-52)

    Gordon Miller (1952-56)

    Tokyo 1964Mary Bignal Rand (1953-58)

    Michael F S Bullen (1950-54)

    Adrian Jardine (1945*-52)

    Stuart Jardine (1945*-52)

    Giorgio Jegher (1954-56)

    Gordon Miller (1952-56)

    mexico 1968Adrian Jardine (1945*-52)

    Stuart Jardine (1945*-52)

    Yvonne Tobis (1956-67)

    munich 1972Ford Dennis (1965-70)

    Nigel Johnson (1969-72)

    Sue Jones (1970-72)

    Peter Marsh (1967-71)

    montreal 1976Joanne Atkinson (1973-77)

    Robert Bruniges (1974-75)

    Duncan Goodhew (1970-75)

    Peter Lerpiniere (1972-76)

    lake placid 1980David Cargill (1963-67)

    moscow 1980Robert Bruniges (1974-75)

    Duncan Goodhew (1970-75)

    los angeles 1984Stephen Batchelor (1975-79)

    Suki Brownsdon (1982-84)

    Robert Bruniges (1974-75)

    Ian Collins (1977-81)

    Bill Davidson (1980-81)

    Neil Harper (1979-84)

    Paul Howe (1983-86)

    Chris Law (1967-71)

    Michael Mumford (1969-74)

    Amin Shahin (1978-82)

    Seoul 1988Stephen Batchelor (1975-79)

    Helen Bewley (1982-85)

    Suki Brownsdon (1982-84)

    Andrew Castle (1976-81)

    Caroline Foot (1979-84)

    Mark Foster (1983-86)

    Neil Harper (1979-84)

    Paul Howe (1983-86)

    Dominic Mahony (1977-82)

    Leslie-Anne Skeete (1983-85)

    Kirsty Wade (1978-82)

    Calgary 1988Hugo Allen (1974-78)

    Barcelona 1992Stephen Batchelor (1975-79)

    Martin Bettum (1986-89)

    Mark Foster (1983-86)

    Rob Hill (1981-86)

    Paul Howe (1983-86)

    Jason Laslett (1982-87)

    Hilary Wells (ne Dresser)


    Simon Wainwright (1985-89)

    atlanta 1996Caroline Foot (1979-84)

    Mark Foster (1983-86)

    Jason Laslett (1982-87)

    David Luckes (1980*-87)

    Nick Shackell (1991-93)

    Nick Jones (1977-81)

    Sydney 2000Tom Bertram (1987*-95)

    Sian Brice (ne Pilling) (1985-88)

    Julie Dibens (ne Ricketts)


    Joanna Fargus (1992*-97)

    Mark Foster (1983-86)

    David Luckes (1980*-87)

    Nick Shackell (1991-93)

    Ed Sinclair (1994-99)

    Sarah Winckless (1990-92)

    athens 2004Tom Bertram (1987*-95)

    Julie Dibens (ne Ricketts)


    Amir Shah (2002-04)

    Ed Sinclair (1994-99)

    Sarah Winckless (1990-92)

    Tim Collins (1990-93)

    Beijing 2008Gemma Simpson (1997-2002)

    Richard Mantell (1992*-99)

    Simon Mantell (1994*-2002)

    Euan Dale (1997*-2004)

    Mark Foster (1983-86)

    Andrew Hunter (2002-04)

    Julie Dibens (ne Ricketts)


    John McFall (1994-97)

    old millfieldians at the 2012 london olympicsAfter just one week at the Olympic Games in London, Millfield had the distinction of having been awarded more gold medals (2) than Australia (1)!

    peter Wilson (2000-05; Holmcroft)Peter won

    Team GBs



    medal of the London Olympics in

    the double trap shooting, scoring

    188 out of 200. It was Britains first

    Olympic shooting medal since

    Sydney 12 years ago. Peter went

    into the event as world record

    holder and was ranked world

    number two he was the youngest

    man in the final.

    Helen Glover (2002-04; martins)Helen,




    Stanning, secured Team GBs first

    gold medal of London 2012 in the

    womens rowing pairs. The pair

    set a new Olympic record time

    in their heat. The favourites then

    dominated the race to kick start

    the British gold rush, the first ever

    medal of any colour for British

    womens rowing at an Olympics.

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 15

    GoldeN iNCeNTive for malaySiaN Team Malaysia started competing in the Olympic Games in 1956, their national

    sport being badminton. For the country, the last 56 years of the sport had

    yielded two silver and two bronze medals. During the London Olympics,

    the Daily Telegraph reported that Andrew Kam, a badminton lover and

    gold producer in Kuala Lumpur, offered the enticement to the team of a

    12.5 kg gold bar. This was for Olympic Gold and to be the best in the

    world as Andrew (1979-81; Holmcroft) explained. The gold bar was worth

    400,000. Alas, in a thrilling 3-game mens singles final, Lee Chong Wei fell

    agonisingly short at Wembley Arena, to win a silver medal. The search for

    gold goes on for Malaysia, Andrews gold incentive being unlikely to roll

    over to Rio!

    michael absalom (1993-98; Hollies)Millfield has been represented at every Olympic Games since Melbourne

    in 1956, boasting a total of 54 Olympic athletes among its alumni. Our

    school was the highest represented British school at the 2012 Olympic and

    Paralympic Games, with a total of nine representatives spanning seven

    sports, a massive achievement which made me incredibly proud to be an

    OM. But heres another Olympic tale, from a slightly different perspective.

    During the Olympic Games, I and fellow TV presenter Abi Griffiths (1992-97;

    Southfields), were lucky enough to be working at a couple of the venues. I

    was based at the Riverbank Arena, which was the home of Hockey for two

    weeks. Abi popped in occasionally to keep me company, but spent most of her

    time posted at Horse Guards Parade for the Beach Volleyball. Nice!! Our main

    role was to ensure the crowds at our respective venues were having the time

    of their lives.

    It was a total pleasure to be involved and to have the opportunity to interact

    and interview so many wonderful people. My personal highlight was getting

    the 16,000 crowd down at The Riverbank Arena involved in a sing off. Stand

    versus stand, then all four stands joining in together. WOW! Its probably the

    closest Ill every get to becoming a rock star!

    In true Millfield style Abi and I were both incredibly competitive about finding

    celebrities and sports stars to interview, but I have to say Abi absolutely rinsed

    me by chatting to the likes of Torvill and Dean,

    Dame Kelly Holmes and Lord Coe, just to name a

    few. It was a wonderful experience.

    oms presenting at the london olympics

    Abi Griffiths (far left) and Michael Absalom (right) pose pitch-side at The Riverbank Arena with Sebastian Coe and Phillipa (one of the 70,000 volunteers at the Olympics)

    How our otHer old Millfieldian olyMpians did James disney-may (2005-10; Butleigh)

    GB, Swimming: swam

    a good time in Heat 1

    of the Mens 4x100m

    Freestyle Relay but

    Team GB failed to qualify for the final

    after finishing sixth.

    ian Haley (2001-02; Keens elm)South Africa, Hockey:

    South Africa went out of

    the Olympic competition

    at the group stage.

    Christina Schutze (1999-2000; Southfields)

    Germany, Hockey:

    Germany bowed out of

    the competition at the

    group stage.

    Sophie Williams (2007-09; martins)GB, Fencing: went out of

    the Womens Individual

    Sabre in the first round.

    Carl myerscough (1996-98; Georgian Cottage)

    GB, Shot: went out of the

    Mens Shot at the

    qualifying round stage.

    arthur lanigan oKeeffe (2008-10; Holmcroft)

    Ireland, Modern

    Pentathlon: finished an

    excellent 25th out of 36


    and our current pupil morgyn peters

    Team GB Paralympian in

    the L6 at Millfield, Morgyn

    finished fifth in the S9

    100m backstroke final.

  • 16 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    Millfield International Association: Overseas and UK Branches

    Return to California Following the restructuring of both branches, enthusiastically led by Tania Anderson (1966-70; Ashcott) and Elliot Lewis (1959-63; Shapwick) in Los Angeles, and Elizabeth Monnet (1967-70; Grange) in San Francisco, John Davies and Ian McLean made a special trip to help host September reunions in both cities.

    On 9th September, Old Millfieldians met at Dukes restaurant in Malibu, where guests were serenaded by a traditional Hawaiian lap steel guitar player, whilst overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This reunion took place in a unique venue, in a most beautiful spot.

    The Headmaster with guests at SoHo House in New York attended by 47 OMs and friends

    Reunion at Dukes restaurant in Malibu overlooking the Pacific in September 2012

    persuasions to become Secretary of the new Northern California Branch. Liz, with husband Bill, had organised the evening wonderfully well so that canaps and drinks were enjoyed in the fire-lit lounge as well as linked dining-room. There were 27 present, including Sidney Lanier (1968-70; Mill House), who had come from Big Sur, and Ruwan Punchihewa (1969-74; Kingweston) and Martin Squibbs (1980-82; Butleigh Wootton) both from San Jose.

    New YorkIn New York, on 20th December, in the sophisticated environment of SoHo House, 47 OMs and friends enjoyed a dedicated room, a splendid buffet-meal and first-class service. A very good time appeared to be had by all, with Old Millfieldian contemporaries reunited, some not having been in touch since they left the school many moons previously. Chairman of the Branch, Behdad Alizadeh (1975-79; Holmcroft) is now in discussions regarding the future of the East Coast Branch, with more reunions and events planned.

    USA A series of OM drinks parties was held just before Christmas 2011 at splendid venues and these were encouragingly well attended. Headmaster, Craig Considine, Director of Development, Ian McLean, and OM Society Secretary, John Davies, attended the trip being the Headmasters first visit to America. At all three events, John welcomed guests, speaking briefly about the OM Societys expanding overseas branches (the Millfield International Association) and introduced Craig, in his fourth year as Millfields Headmaster, who brought everyone up to date with current developments at Millfield.

    Southern California In Los Angeles on 16th December, the Southern California Branch event was held at Shutters on the Beach, in Santa Monica, a wonderful hotel nestling against the sand and just a few hundred yards from the famous pier. A total of 37 OMs and others enjoyed a lively reunion, in a dedicated room, which was continued, later, in the hotel lounge bar into the early hours.

    Northern California The Northern California Branchs San Francisco venue, on 18th December, was even more special, the prestigious Sausalito Yacht Club, thanks to the membership there of Liz Monnet (1967-70; Grange), who, on the night, succumbed readily to John Daviess

    Northern California Branch reunion took place at the University Club in San Francisco

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 17

    Ian McLean Director of Development

    With a number of current Millfield pupils from both Saudi Arabia and Oman, my June 2012 visit combined meetings with parents and also OMs.

    Saudi Arabia In Jeddah, Sheikh Al Maamoun Zahid very kindly hosted a dinner. We were treated to very fine hospitality and a wonderful meal. It was most generous of Maamoun and his wife Mona and the very enjoyable evening provided a good blend of OMs, parents and friends. My visit was very much appreciated and the feeling was unanimous that such visits and gatherings of OMs should be more frequent. There was an overwhelming sense of loyalty to Millfield and it reaffirmed the strength of our OM community in Saudi Arabia.

    Sultanate of Oman In Oman, Paris Norriss (2001-03; Walton) and Qais Al Said (1993-97; Ivythorn) were equally motivated by the thought of a Millfield visit and they arranged drinks and dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel with the support of Hani Al Zubair. I was able to

    Left to right: Mohammed Bin Laden (1990-93; Shapwick), Bakheet Aldosari (current parent), Sheikh Al Maamoun Zahid (1967-69; Glaston Tor), Jihad Iqbal (1997-99; Shapwick), Ian McLean, Sultan Ghalib Al-Quaiti(1962-66; Shapwick), Amr Al Amawi (1977-80; Shapwick), Ahmed Mehelmy (former parent), Ali Hashim (current parent)

    On 12th September the University Club in San Francisco was the venue for another splendid Northern California Branch reunion. A committee has now been established to plan future events, and a number of good ideas were suggested to cater for a variety of interests.

    The enthusiasm from within both Californian Branches bodes well for the development of a most active programme and continued link with the school.

    Southern States Reunion Rebecca Walker-Jones

    (ne Curl) (1980-82; Kernick)

    The Ritz Carlton at Reynolds Plantation in Georgia was the sublime setting for our December 2011 Southern States reunion. Set beside Lake Oconee with a stunning championship golf course it was the perfect venue. I had decided to organise the reunion because I found out that there are more than 40 OMs living in the Deep South and OM events are usually held on the East and West coasts.

    The festivities began on the Friday evening with Justin (1972-77; Keinton) and Andrea Wilson hosting drinks at their lakeside home at Cuscowilla followed by dinner at Justins golf club. The next evening, after a round of golf (for the men) and a visit to the spa (for the ladies) we all enjoyed a glass of bubbly in the hotel lounge followed by dinner at Gabys by the Lake.

    OMs told stories of their time at Millfield and by the time dessert was served we all felt like wed known each other for ages. The whole evening was really lovely and we agreed to meet up again for breakfast the next morning before more golf and, for a few of us, a four mile hike around the plantation.

    Later that afternoon we lingered over drinks at Justins home and none of us was eager to leave the tranquillity of the lake to return to our everyday lives.

    Arabian Peninsula provide the group, of a dozen or so, with an update of news including the possibility of a Millfield international school in the Middle East and the development of a Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship programme at Millfield. Everyone was enthused by these proposed developments and it was clear that there remains a great sense of pride for Millfield.

    As in Saudi, they look forward to regular visits and contact from the school and future OM reunions. OMs who attended were, Basim Habib (1998-2003; Keens Elm), Salim Mohammed Saud Bahwan (1976-80; Joans Kitchen), Said Al Wahaibi (2009-10; Joans Kitchen), Hani Al Zubair (1978-81; Butleigh), and Nick Cartwright (1983*-87; Holmcroft).

    For those of you that werent able to make it this time around I sincerely hope that you can come to our next event. It was amazing to me how being an OM in the USA gave us all a shared history and united us in friendship.

    Thanks to everyone who helped make the event so special, especially Justin and Andrea Wilson for being such gracious hosts, and also to John Davies, Secretary, Old Millfieldian Society for his encouragement and help in getting connected to everyone.

    Left to right, standing: Carolyn Kiss, Julian Morton, Christopher Jones, Rebecca Walker-Jones, Christopher Quist, Anita Kauka, Craig McIntyre, Stephanie Morton. Seated: Justin Wilson, Emmy McIntyre, Joe Conn, Andrea Wilson

  • 18 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    20 Old Millfieldians, some with their children (also OMs), attended the November Brunei reunion

    OMS UK branch reports

    Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and AustraliaIn November, John Davies visited Brunei and went on to meet the Headmaster, Craig Considine, and Development Director, Ian McLean, at events in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

    Together with Colin Atkinson, Millfields then Headmaster, John had visited these three countries in 1988, 24 years earlier, to hold reunions and establish the very first overseas branches of the Old Millfieldian Society. There are now 39 of these in 31 different countries worldwide.

    BruneiIn Brunei Darussalam, on 19th November, 20 Old Millfieldians, several with their children, now also OMs, joined John at the splendid Dynasty Restaurant for a reunion dinner, the first in Brunei for a great many years.

    All first generation OMs present had been among a group of young Bruneians selected to attend Edgarley and Millfield by the Government in the 1950s and 1960s. Subsequently, just about all of them had enjoyed extremely distinguished careers in their country. For example, present were the former Attorney General and Minister for Health, as well as the Brunei Ambassador to the United States and members of the royal family.

    These OMs were all over 60 years of age and, thus, qualified for the OMSs newly formed Nissen Club, exclusively for those of that age. JHD suggested that the Brunei Nissen Club could become the first overseas branch of this popular group.

    A most convivial evening was enjoyed by all and thanks were given to Ewa Selamat (1992-94; Warner) who had organised the memorable event so very well.

    Singapore Two evenings later, at the China Club in Singapore, over 70 OMs, current and prospective parents met at a stunning venue, the room overlooking the port area of the city with a spectacular vantage point.

    Quite unnecessarily, John let all present know of early problems with

    his thinning hair and how this was almost resolved by potent Chinese medicine in Singapore 24 years earlier and with the connivance of Branch Chairman, Beng-Tat Tan (1967-69; Etonhurst) who, alas, was unable to be present. John refused to divulge as to whether the treatment had been effective!

    Notwithstanding all this, he gave way to the Headmaster who spoke about the Millfield of today and of ambitious plans for the future. Exciting stuff! Rizvan Ali Baig (1988-90; Georgian Cottage), Branch Secretary, had organised the get-together and he was thanked warmly for doing so and at such an exciting venue.

    MalaysiaFinally, on 23rd November, 30 or so attended another get-together on the 23rd floor of Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, another spectacular venue, open to the air and with a magnificent view of the Petronas Towers which loom over the city.

    Again, there was a mixture of OMs and current and prospective parents and, again, a most convivial evening was much enjoyed. In attendance was Andrew Kam (1979-81; Holmcroft), President of the Branch, who had put up for any Malaysian winning a gold medal at the summer Olympic Games a 12half kg ingot of gold, worth 400,000.

    His most generous incentive to the Malaysian Olympic Team received much publicity, from the New York Times to Britains Daily Mail. (See report in Olympic section on page 15)

    AustraliaMeanwhile, more than 30 OMs attended a reunion in Sydney, Australia, organised by Peter Breed (1958-62; Orchards) and attended by Ian McLean.

    Headmaster Craig Considine addresses more than 70 OMs and parents at the China Club in Singapore

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 19

    UK BRANCH OFFICIALSLondonLouise Lang (1995-97; Day) ................................................................................................... Chair

    South WestSarah Bailey (1974-76; Day) ................................................................................................. Chair

    Sarah Champion, Former Head MPS ....................................................................... Committee

    Nikki Della Valle (1986*-94; Day) ...................................................................................... Committee

    Vincent Douglas (1975-81; Day) ........................................................................................ Committee

    MidlandsJulia Burton (1970-74; Johnsons) ....................................................................................... Chair

    ScotlandStuart Crawford (1972-73; Day) ........................................................................................ Chairman

    UK Branches London Amy Taylor (ne Groves)

    (1992*-99; Oaklands) The branch has hosted a variety of events over the last year and numbers attending have been very pleasing. I do thank all the OMs that support us at our three events a year and a massive thank you goes to the Stirling brothers, Duncan (1992*-99; Etonhurst) and Max (1998*-2003; Holmcroft), who have encouraged us to use their array of fantastic venues around London. Moving forward and from 2013, we are looking at exciting new venues yet to be used by us that will hopefully entice many more of you to come back and support these enjoyable reunions, which are open to all OMs in and around London. Do keep checking the Old Millfieldian Facebook page (where we have well over 3000 members) because all details are posted here. As my circumstances have changed somewhat recently, Louise Lang will be taking over as Chair from me in January.

    Midlands Julia Burton (ne Gregory)

    (1970-74; Johnsons) The first Midlands OM reunion took place on Friday 9th September at the Forest of Arden Marriot Hotel near

    Solihull. John Graveney (1961*-67; Hollies), OMS Chairman, and Julia Burton, Chair of the new branch, hosted the event which took the form of a drinks reception and a buffet dinner in a private room. It was an informal evening of chat and nostalgic reminiscences everyone knew at least one other person who was at school at the same time as them and a great deal of catching up was done. The evening was hugely enjoyed by all and there is great enthusiasm for another event in the spring when a game of golf would be included for those interested. Watch this space for dates!

    John Graveney and Julia Burton hosted the Midlands reunion at the Forest of Arden Marriot Hotel

    South WestLouise Lang (ne Gillett)

    (1995-97; Day) Having moved to London, I have handed over the reins of the South West Branch to Sarah Bailey (1974-76; Day), and I am about to take over from Amy Taylor in London in January. The branch hosted a very well attended Dinner over 40 at the Red Lion in Babcary, on 17th November. It was good to see so many OMs and their guests enjoying a relaxed evening. There are more events in the planning, so do keep an eye out for further details from Sarah.

  • 20 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    Arabian Peninsula His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan bin

    Mabarak al Nahayan 1968*-75; Kingweston President

    Simran Gandhi 1990-95; Portway Honorary Secretary

    Hayley Thompson 1997*-2005; Warner Honorary Secretary

    Australia East David Prestwich 1970*-80; Orchards Honorary Secretary

    Australia West Richard Notley 1962-68; Shapwick Honorary Secretary

    Bahrain Hala Hajjar 1974*-81; Lakes Honorary Secretary

    Bermuda Alan Gamble Former Parent Honorary Secretary

    Brunei Nuralia Abdul Rahim 1992-94; Walton Honorary Secretary

    Sita Ewa Selamat 1992-94; Warner Committee

    Canada Richard Glanville-Brown 1956-57; Chindit Honorary Secretary

    Channel Islands Michael Kenney-Herbert Former Parent Chairman

    Sandra Beaton Former Parent Honorary Secretary (Guernsey)

    Cyprus Kratinos Socratous 1978*-86; Butleigh Honorary Secretary

    Egypt HRH Prince Abbas Hilmi 1957-61; Millfield Honorary Secretary

    France Charles Turner 1989*-97; Etonhurst Honorary Secretary

    Germany Michael Cole 1968-73; Mill House Honorary Secretary

    Greece George Pothitos 1978*-86; Holmcroft Honorary Secretary

    Hong Kong William Louey 1972-77; Chindit Chairman

    Chung Shing Ho 1982-86; Holmcroft Honorary Secretary

    India Ajit Singh 1957-59; Chindit Chairman (Mumbai)

    Mukul Raja Former Parent Honorary Secretary (Mumbai)

    Vinu Baig Former Parent Honorary Secretary (Delhi)

    Indonesia Dennis Sakiris-Korompis 1985-87; Joans Kitchen Honorary Secretary

    Ireland Mark Jeffries 1990-92; Millfield Honorary Secretary

    Japan Orlando Faulks 1985*-89; Orchards Honorary Secretary

    Jordan Feda Al-Yousef 196872; Southfields Honorary Secretary

    Kenya Yolanda McIntyre (ne Brooke-Edwards) 1970-75; Southfields Honorary Secretary

    Overseas Branch Officials

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 21

    Malaysia Dato Andrew Kam 1979-81; Holmcroft President

    Tengku Reza S Shah 198790; St Annes Honorary Secretary

    Nigeria Chuka Mbanefo 1965-67; Kingweston President

    Seni Williams 1968-73; Tor/Ashcott Chairman

    Abimbola Ogunbanjo 1977-81; Etonhurst Honorary Secretary

    Ebele Nduka-Irabor (ne Egbarin) 1979-84; Acacia Honorary Treasurer

    Dr Richardson A Ajayi 1980-83; Etonhurst Committee

    Pakistan Aftab Adamjee 1978-83; Shapwick Chairman

    A Sattar Pirazada 1994-96; Orchards Honorary Secretary

    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah HRH Prince Turki Bin Saud Abdul Aziz 1968-69; Etonhurst President

    HRH Prince Alwalid Bin Saud Abdul Aziz 1970-75; Etonhurst Vice President

    Abulaziz Q Kanoo 1949-52; Kingweston Chairman

    Sheikh A Al Maamoun Zahid 1967-69; St Annes Honorary Secretary

    Sultan Ghalib Al Quiaiti 1962-66; Shapwick Committee

    Sheikh Ghassan Abdul Jawad 1966-70; Tor/Ashcott Committee

    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh Farid A Khalifeh 1975-77; Joans Kitchen Honorary Secretary

    Singapore Beng-Tat Tan 1967-69; Etonhurst Chairman

    Rizvan Ali Baig 1988-90; Georgian Cottage Honorary Secretary

    South Africa Nicola Heger (ne Imrie) 1991*-2001; Day Honorary Secretary

    Spain Richard Golding 1966-68; Chindit Chairman

    Elena Polo Aguirre Former Parent Honorary Secretary

    Sri Lanka Ana G G Punchihewa 1967-71; Kingweston Chairman

    Simon Lourensz 1984-86; Etonhurst Honorary Secretary

    Sultanate of Oman Ahmed A Al Araimi 1978-84; Ashcott Honorary Secretary

    Thailand HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajirolongkorn 1966-70; Millfield President

    Greg Pitt 1968-71; Rotherslade Chairman

    Nuanlaong Choochai 1998-2000; Overleigh Honorary Secretary

    Turkey Sashah Khan 1982-86; Butleigh Honorary Secretary

    USA East Coast Michael Partington 1981-83; Butleigh Wootton Honorary Secretary

    USA Southern California Elliot Lewis 1959-63; Shapwick Honorary Secretary

    Tania Anderson 1966-70; Ashcott Committee

    USA Northern California Elizabeth Monnet (ne French) 1967-70; Grange Honorary Secretary

    USA Southern States Rebecca Walker-Jones (ne Curl) 1980-82; Kernick Honorary Secretary

    USA New York Behdad Alizadeh 1975-79; Holmcroft Honorary Secretary

    Branch officials list as at November 2012 * denotes dates at Edgarley Hall/Millfield Preparatory School

  • 22 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    budding journalists to write attractive articles and invited them to discuss ideas on how to gain entry to celebrity parties in order to get the hot gossip. Ruth Pell (ne Posnett) (1981-83; Kernick) returned again to invite a group of students to try their hand at designing and improving their UCAS statements. Laura Zaky (1977*-83; Oaklands) returning for a fourth year, demonstrated how to create an interesting portfolio of pictures and how to publicise work. Sandy Strallen (1969-71; St Annes) gave an energetic description of the tough opportunities in the dance and entertainment industries.

    James Keeton (1984*-92; Day) appearing for the first time enthralled his audience with the importance of becoming a chartered accountant and how this linked into becoming an MD of a top 100 FTSE company. Chris Lord-Smith (1966-73; Old Rectory High Ham), fielded questions on how to take advantage of the renewable energy market. John Mallett (1983-88; Orchards) and Lisa Rendell (1983*-

    Gary ShaylerFormer Head of Careers

    and Higher Education

    The highly successful fifth Lower Sixth Old Millfieldian Careers Convention took place in June with the participation of 28 OMs who had generously given up their weekend to give presentations on a range of careers. Before giving their seminars on Saturday morning, most of them attended a social evening in the Cricket Pavilion on the Friday evening a valuable opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old acquaintances.

    The students were able to choose from such diverse areas as: Psychology, presented by Rachel Cole (1990-95; Day), the daughter of current Head of Lower Sixth Steven Cole, and Jane-Catherine Stanhope (1993*-99; Portway); Media by Duncan Wilde (1988*-99; Holmcroft) and Alison Bradburn (1985-87; Day); Engineering explained by Elizabeth Fielder (1986-92; Johnsons); and Banking by Naomi

    Crawford (1994-96; Acacia). Diplomacy and Government was illuminated by Harriet King (ne Lewis) (1992-97; Warner) and Tim Decamp (1991*-2001; Day), son of the current Deputy Head.

    The money laundering and corruption investigation seminar proved a popular choice for some students who learnt about this area from Emma Christie (1987-92; Abbey) and Neil Marshman (1974-77; Walton). Piers Doggart (1983-87; Millfield), now making his fifth appearance, teamed up with former Chair of Governors, Judith Derbyshire (1968-73; Day) to explain Law and how he was trying hard to extradite Abu Qatada. Nicholas Ames (1997-2002; Orchards) and Samuel Clague (1999-2004; Holmcroft) also teamed up to present aspects of Law and recruiting good lawyers.

    Oliver Thomas (1997*-2004; Day) and Emma Berryman (1996*-2004; Warner) invited potential medical students to guess the possible uses of a range of sharp objects. Sarah Gibbings (1972-74; Great House) challenged

    OMS Careers Convention 2012

    Left to right: James Brittain, Ruth Pell, Mr Pell, Rupert Gibbings, Sarah Gibbings, Sandy Strallen, Piers Doggart, Martin Stevens, Naomi Djnomski, Richard Exley, Tim Decamp, Samuel Clague, Duncan Wilde, James Keeton, Alison Bradburn, Dr Elizabeth Fielder, Chris Lord-Smith, Nick Ames, Emma Christie, Neil Marshman, Laura Zaky, Simon Whitehead, Harriet King, Rachel Cole, Jane-Catherine Stanhope, Major Bayard Barron, Dr Emma Berryman, Lisa Rendell, Oliver Thomas, Gary Shayler and John Mallet

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 23

    Society News

    The RJOM Scholarship Fund AppealProfessor R K F Clark

    (1960-65; Etonhurst)

    The RJOM Scholarship Fund was set

    up in tribute to Boss at his funeral. Its

    purpose is to provide scholarships

    for the children of Old Millfieldians

    to study in the sixth form at Millfield.

    Although some scholarships

    have been awarded in the past,

    unfortunately, there have never

    been sufficient funds to operate as

    originally hoped.

    The Old Millfieldian Society Board

    is determined that the Fund should

    Louise Lang (1995-97; Day)

    On Tuesday 24th May 2012 the OMS gave its annual presentation to school leavers, explaining to pupils, primarily in the Upper Sixth, about how the Society continues to support OMs once they leave Millfield.

    After a welcome from Headmaster, Craig Considine, and introduction by Head of Year, Steven Cole, Louise Lang (1995-97; Day) spoke about the benefits to OMs of being part of the OM network, and the positive impact that this can have on careers and future personal and professional development.

    Being an OM confers a privileged status, and means that we can tap into a network of individuals who have shared the same formative experiences;

    Leavers Presentationthats a very powerful thing, regardless of age, class or ethnicity.

    As an added bonus and example of OM networking in action Adam Norris (1980*-89; Day), entrepreneur and angel investor, offered one audience member the chance to spend a couple of hours at his HQ in Somerset. This opportunity was won by Oliver Rashid (2010-12; St Annes) from Bath who used his time with Adam to pick his brains and gain some insight into the world of this hugely successful self-made Millfield businessman.

    If you would like to attend next year,

    offer mentoring to a leaver or even

    speak at next years presentation,

    we would love to hear from you.

    Please email [email protected]

    87; Grange) worked together to help stress the importance of an agent and a comprehensive contract in professional sport and how to run a personal development coaching business.

    Major Bayard Barron (1984*-95; Holmcroft) gave a robust account of serving in the armed forces and the amazing opportunities it presented. Simon Whitehead (1984*-93; Keens Elm) and Martin Stevens (1987-90; Day) shared a seminar on Architecture and Urban Design.

    The enthusiasm of OMs for this event and their desire to give something back to Millfield continues to be very striking. Most OMs enjoyed making new business contacts; Duncan Wilde and Alison Bradburn also discovered that they lived in the same street in Bristol! I am exceptionally grateful for all the offers made and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the OMs over the past few years. Although I shall still be attached to the department I am stepping down as Head of Careers. James Brittain will be running the 2013 convention which will be on Saturday 15th June. Please contact him at [email protected] or 01458 444338 if you are interested in taking part.

    be built up so that it can do justice to

    the name and benevolent reputation

    of our schools founder. As a result,

    the Old Millfieldian Society has

    re-launched the RJOM Scholarship

    fund appeal by establishing the


    further information please contact

    [email protected]

    For every 100 of us that join in

    at 10 a month, an amount that

    approximates to the annual cost of a

    50% scholarship would be collected.

    Beyond that we can give immediate

    help, and start to build up the capital

    of the fund. Of course, some may

    wish to give more than a tenner a

    month and some may wish to help

    but only be able to afford less. Every

    penny will help!

  • 24 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    Trust Fund Reports

    through the intricate passes at their feet. This was highlighted by the infamous Robinson Pass, a dreaded 900m vertical climb tackled on the third day. However, the family of baboons providing their support did offer a brilliant photo opportunity and a very much welcome break.

    Five days, 300 miles, two punctures and a lot of unwanted inclines later we rolled into Cape Town. While the expectation of a grand finishing line

    and thousands of cheering fans could be considered slightly optimistic, being greeted by a slightly disgruntled bus driver exclaiming that we were 20 minutes late after cycling 75 miles after four days of hell was possibly not the most idyllic finish.

    These three weeks in South Africa proved to be the most challenging, yet rewarding, experience of my life and money was raised for my worthy charity,

    The OM Society has a small fund to assist young OMs, fundamentally those seeking to do good deeds in third world countries or elsewhere under the auspices of responsible organisations. It is not available for the extension of educational studies.

    Piers Denning

    (2000*-11; St Annes)

    The Western Cape of South Africa has a wealth of incredible views from its many hills, all set against the incredible backdrop of Table Mountain. So, in retrospect, when in an offhand comment I mentioned to a friend at university we should cycle 300 miles of its coast in five days for charity, I probably should have taken a second to actually gain a bit of perspective on what I was undertaking the biggest physical struggle of my life to date. Nonetheless I began the task of raising 2,400 for the charity Hope for Children.

    We arrived in Cape Town with a day to rest and at 7.00 am the next day my feet clipped into the pedals for the first stage of this 300 mile, five-day journey along one of the most scenic routes in the world. Averaging 60 miles a day and up to 9 hours in the saddle on the longest day, morale soon drained from the 20-strong cyclists undertaking the challenge. The pain provided by the high cadences and never-ending roads was nothing in comparison to the astonishing views and towering mountains we witnessed as we weaved

    Piers with the Boardman Team road bike that carried him through five days of serious climbing on rough roads, including an ascent of the dreaded Robinson Pass, before returning to Cape Town

    Cycling the Capein South Africa


  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 25

    Millfield Challengers: Michelle

    White (1994-99; Grange), Anna

    Cooper (1991*-99; Day), Laura

    Mantovani (1997-99; Grange), Emma

    Bandara (ne Boyle) (1994-99;

    Abbey), Sasha Handover (1997-99;

    Johnsons) and Georgina Hayes

    (1991*-97; Acacia)

    In February this year, these six OMs took on the challenge of scaling Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and managed to raise an incredible 25K for Kids Company in the process.

    Our flight from Nairobi to Tanzania provided us with our first glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro. It was a spectacular sight and punctured the sky high above the cloud level. At 20,000ft it towered 2,000ft above our plane. Our route gave us eight chilly nights on the mountain.

    Six OM girls were among a group of 20 walkers, accompanied by more than 60 porters, guides and chefs, who raised 25,000 for the charity Kids Company by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

    Kili for Kids 2012


    The first few days went smoothly, as we walked up through rain-soaked foothills, mossy forest and onto the Shira Plateau. Going to bed under a carpet of stars and waking to spectacular views of the mountain at sunrise, our spirits were high. We were part of a large group of 20 walkers (17 fundraisers), accompanied by more than 60 porters, guides and chefs. We neednt have worried about the food as we were spoilt with nutritious three-course meals, hot chocolate and popcorn whilst enjoying our evening games of Uno in the mess tent.

    Day four brought with it our first realisation of the seriousness of our adventure. Two members began suffering from AMS. Thankfully, as we were circumnavigating the mountain the next day and since our route gave us plenty of time to acclimatise to the high altitude, they both managed to continue.

    Day seven was summit night, and whilst sleeping at 4,700m an electrical storm raged overhead showering us in snow, and postponing our midnight departure. Finally, at 3.00 am, we set off in the pitch dark, wearing almost

    every piece of clothing we had with nothing but head torches to light our path through the snow and rock. Our incredible guides sang traditional mountain songs to motivate us, and we marched along in rhythm with them.

    Finally about seven hours later, after beating the battle against the hill of hell (a seemingly endless slope with a zigzag pathway), we were standing on the edge of the crater of one of the most famous dormant volcanoes in the world. There are three summits on the Kilimanjaro Crater; Gilmans Point at 5,681m, Stella Point at 5,739m and finally Uhuru Peak at 5,895m.

    When we finally reached Uhuru, it was an amazing feeling. Laughing, crying, hugging each other, taking photos and a few swigs from a hipflask, we had made it to the Rooftop of Africa! After a gruelling two-day descent, we treated ourselves to a well-deserved luxury safari retreat... except Coops, who flew home early to get to a hockey match... crazy girl!

    For most of us, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro has definitely been the most memorable and incredible experience of our lives. But our adventure was not only life-changing for us, since, as a group of 17, we raised over 80K for Kids Company, a UK charity which supports over 17,000 children in Greater London alone.

    Our funds will be going towards the construction of a new rehabilitation centre called Heart Yard, which will be a much needed safe haven for many abused, underprivileged and troubled children.

    how To help

    To find out more please visit or sponsor us at

    team/GirlsOnTopOf Kilimanjaro

    Are you up for the challenge? We

    can thoroughly recommend it.

  • 26 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society Newsplayed in getting them to where they are today. It is envisaged that this objective will take several forms, including career advice, work placements and sponsorship.

    The secondary objective, in keeping with the entrepreneurial and innovative ethos of the school, is to provide a platform from which members have the opportunity to develop relationships, network and socialise within the Millfield community itself.

    The MLS held its inaugural meeting on Thursday 6 September 2012, at 9 Bedford Row, London. Headmaster Craig Considine and Development Director Ian McLean were in attendance to meet OMs spanning the generations, from the time of Boss Meyer right through to more recent leavers. Unsurprisingly, given the common bond, there was much talk and laughter as perspectives and stories of school life were shared. Regrettably, Im reliably informed that, for legal reasons, these cannot be printed. If you want to find out more, youll just have to attend the next meeting!

    It is anticipated that gatherings will be held once a quarter, with notifications being posted on LinkedIn (Millfield School Alumni group), Facebook (Old Millfieldian Society group), and members being directly emailed. To guarantee inclusion to our e-mail group, please register your interest with Claire Thompson, Development Officer [email protected]

    Whether you are a former, existing, or potential OM lawyer, we look forward to welcoming you.

    PropertyEdward Finley (1993-97; Butleigh)

    Following its launch in December 2011, the Millfield Property Group (MPG) is celebrating its first

    birthday. In the past year we have welcomed 144 members from all over the UK and abroad. The primary purpose of the group is to generate business among MPG members. However, the group also enables members to recruit, look for jobs and support students and graduates to tap into our members experience.

    The MPG operates through our LinkedIn group, organising breakfasts and evening drinks. In addition, the LinkedIn group is a forum for open discussion between members debating topics and pushing out business.

    We are pleased to say that the group is extremely well represented by different players in the industry and includes the following: commercial and residential property agents, architects, surveyors, insurance

    brokers, lenders, investors, developers, builders, designers, lawyers and stone specialists, to name but a few!

    In addition, we have students and graduates who are considering their career options, and MPG is delighted to be able to support them.

    If you would like to join the MPG the criterion is simple it is open to all OMs who work in, or would like to be involved in the world of property. If you are interested please send a request to join our Millfield Property Group on LinkedIn, or get in touch with Edward Finley [email protected] or Steven Thomas [email protected]

    LegalLawrence Selby (1983-88; Keens Elm)

    The Millfield Legal Society (MLS) was established with dual objectives, the primary being to establish a

    means whereby OM lawyers are able to give something back to Millfield in recognition of the role which the school

    Millfield Professional Groups

    ThE fuTurE of MiLLfiELd ProfESSioNaL GrouPS

    Millfield Professional Groups are fantastic forums for

    networking, socialising and re-connecting. Following

    the success of the Legal and Property groups, plans

    are in place to see the expansion of the Marketing and

    Communications Group, and the launch of Banking and

    Finance, and Sports Management.

    Moreover, the Development Office is keen to support the

    needs of our community, and welcomes all OMs who

    would like to discuss the Professional Groups, their future

    and any additional groups which could be established.

    To get in touch, please find my contact details on pages

    42-43, Claire Thompson, Development Officer.

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 27

    Society News

    Dear Old Millfieldian, I am still basking in the glow of Millfields Olympic successes. London 2012 was inspirational in so many ways, with Mark Foster (1983-86; Millfield) pairing up so brilliantly with Clare Balding as the BBCs dynamic duo fronting the swimming coverage, to Helen Glovers (2002-04; Martins) and Peter Wilsons (2000-05; Holmcroft) gold medals; the crowning glory of our schools incredible Olympic heritage.

    The Millfield Olympian Dinner, held as a precursor to The Games, was a wonderful evening of celebration and generous giving. Thank you to all who attended, pledged or supported by donating a gift to our fabulous auction led by Guy Bennett (1987-89; St Annes) himself a great supporter of scholarships through the Bennett Family Art Scholarship Fund.

    I was honoured to be chosen as a Games Ambassador and Deputy Mayor of the Olympic Village; two amazing experiences, both of which I will never forget. However, it was the chance to nominate a young sportsperson to light the Olympic flame which I will cherish. Jordan Duckett is an extraordinary young man who will contribute massively to the world of sport, and who will, as a Sports Leader, inspire others to achieve and strive for the best.

    Striving for the best that metaphorical gold medal is something that OMs continue to do, and I am proud of the support that Millfield Foundation gives to talented and driven individuals, allowing them to realise their dreams. We are committed to creating opportunity for future young Millfieldians, and continue to seek your help and determination in enabling us to do so.

    This year we look forward to hosting a range of events that we hope will engage and inspire, and raise money for scholarships for our fantastic school! We plan to run an internship scheme for young OMs, giving opportunity after leaving the classroom. Details of this programme and how to apply will be available shortly. If youre able to offer an internship, or know someone/a company who can, then please do contact the OMS Office on +44 (0)1458 444368 or email: [email protected] We would love to hear from you!

    To borrow a phrase from London 2012, we want to inspire a generation of supporters of Millfield Foundation. Thank you for being part of this. With every good wish,

    Duncan Goodhew, MBE (1970-75; Walton)Chairman of Millfield Foundation

    Millfield foundation Letter from the Chairman

  • 28 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Pick the rightteam for yournext constructionproject As an Old Millfieldian and former Wales and Lionsscrum half I know that having the right team aroundyou is crucial for success. And its no different in the

    building industry. I highly recommend Euroclad andEurobond to anyone involved in construction.

    Both companies manufacture and supply leadingproducts for applications as diverse as residentialdevelopments, schools and stadia, to name just a few.And their customer service and product quality aresecond to none.

    Pick a winning team and be sure of success; selectEuroclad and Eurobond.

    Gareth Edwards CBE

    High performance, cost effective metal roofing andcladding systemsEuroclad is the UK's home-grown, independent supplier ofmetal roof and wall products which provide exceptionalacoustic and thermal performance for the life of a building.

    Products are sustainably credible with proven routes forrecycling and disposal. Euroclad listens to the needs of itscustomers and offers high performance, cost effectivesolutions.

    029 2079

    MilfieldAd_Artwork:Layout 1 29/10/12 09:19 Page 1

  • Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 29

    The UK's No.1 supplier ofnon-combustible cored compositepanelsEurobond is the leading designer and manufacturer of non-combustible cored internal and external wall and ceilingsolutions in the UK.

    Manufactured using a fire resistant stone wool insulant with a lowenvironmental impact, the Eurobond range of composite panelsolutions offer the specifier complete assurance in the event ofexposure to heat or flames.

    029 2077

    MilfieldAd_Artwork:Layout 1 29/10/12 09:19 Page 2

    Pick the rightteam for yournext constructionproject As an Old Millfieldian and former Wales and Lionsscrum half I know that having the right team aroundyou is crucial for success. And its no different in the

    building industry. I highly recommend Euroclad andEurobond to anyone involved in construction.

    Both companies manufacture and supply leadingproducts for applications as diverse as residentialdevelopments, schools and stadia, to name just a few.And their customer service and product quality aresecond to none.

    Pick a winning team and be sure of success; selectEuroclad and Eurobond.

    Gareth Edwards CBE

    High performance, cost effective metal roofing andcladding systemsEuroclad is the UK's home-grown, independent supplier ofmetal roof and wall products which provide exceptionalacoustic and thermal performance for the life of a building.

    Products are sustainably credible with proven routes forrecycling and disposal. Euroclad listens to the needs of itscustomers and offers high performance, cost effectivesolutions.

    029 2079

    MilfieldAd_Artwork:Layout 1 29/10/12 09:19 Page 1

  • Society News

    30 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    BirthsTo Amy (ne Groves) and James Taylor, a son, Jack William Anderson Taylor on Wednesday 19th September 2012.

    MArriAGesAmy Groves (1992*-99; Oaklands)

    married James Taylor on 23rd October 2011 at the Church of St John the Evangelist, Herons Ghyll, East Sussex and afterwards at Barnsgate Manor

    Vineyard, Herons Ghyll, East Sussex. Amy is the former Chair of the OM Society London Branch.

    Nicola imrie (1991*-2001; Day)

    married Warren Heger in West Lydford Church, Somerset on 3rd January 2012 (below). Nicola is the Secretary of the OM Society South Africa Branch.

    Peter hildreth (1996*-2005;

    Shapwick) and Kimberley Anne Coombes (2000-05; Martins) were married on 10th February 2012.

    Wout Kalis

    (1970-71; Glaston

    Tor) married Patricia Clare Morgan on 25th April 2012 at Gretna Green, Scotland.

    hannah Croft (1997-2002; Abbey) married Richard Clark on 16th June

    2012 at St Marys Church in Longnor, Shropshire with the reception in a marquee at her parents farm. Jennifer Martin

    (1997-2002; Day) was one of her bridesmaids and wedding guests included former member of staff Nicola (Nik) hawkins (ne

    Kightley). hilary Attfield (ne

    Vince) (1997-2000; Day) was also going to be a bridesmaid but as she was eight and a bit months pregnant, she was unfortunately not able to make it at all!

    James hopkins (1995*-2002; Day) married Kasia Pisarska (they met as students at Lancaster University) on 16th June 2012 at St Marys Church, Hundleby, Spilsby, Lincolnshire. The reception was

    held in a marquee in a field opposite their house in Hundleby.

    Cathy Fang (1998-2003; Abbey) and stephen Kwok (2000-02; Etonhurst) were married at The Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong on 12th August 2012.

    Clare and Malcolm tucker (1961-65; Millfield), on the steps of Chelsea Old Town Hall Register Office, following their wedding ceremony on 22nd September 2012. Best Man, robin Balding (1960-66; Millfield) is on the right of the picture.

    Births andMarriages

  • Society News

    OM News Directory 2012

    1940-1949JAMes, Peter Manley

    (1948-49; Resteholme)

    After Millfield, he completed his education at RMS Sandhurst and joined the Gloucestershire Regiment. He was invalided out of the army at 26 and was a stockbroker for a while; he went on to become a Director of Personnel.

    PhiLLiPPs, Brian Douglas

    (1943-44; Millfield)

    Millfield was his seventh school and he remembers working on the threshing machine near Millfield House. He joined the Royal Marine Y scheme and from there 42 RM Commando, before taking a diploma in Horticulture at Reading University. He went on to develop fruit farms in Sussex and Surrey before retiring to Jersey in 1978.

    rUtter, John Fenton

    (1939-40; Millfield)

    From school he went to Cambridge University, where he graduated in Law. During the war he served in Europe, the Far East and the Pacific. A solicitor, he was County Coroner for Somerset for thirty two years: two sons, Kelvin and Charles, are also OMs.

    1950-1959BLANCh, James roger

    (1953-55; Edgarley)

    After studying Agriculture at Hartpury College, he built up a 200 strong herd

    of Friesian cows and heifers over thirty five years. Now retired, he is a campsite owner, has been a jazz musician all his life, and plays the organ at five Masonic lodges.

    BrOUGhAM, Michael

    5th Baron Brougham and Vaux

    (1952-1957; Walton)

    Succeeding to his fathers title in 1967, he has been Deputy Speaker of The House of Lords since 1995 and is currently Vice-Chairman of The Association of Conservative Peers. He has been President of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, President of Safety Groups UK, and Chairman of the Tax Payers Society. In 1995 he was awarded the CBE.

    GODFreY, Nigel

    (1956-57; Millfield)

    From 1965 to 1997 he served in four departments in the Canadian Civil Service, the last eighteen in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, receiving a Merit Award in 1998. He now lives on Vancouver Island, doing volunteer work, taking on business projects overseas, gardening and enjoying sharing the lives of his children and grandchildren. In 2001 he was awarded the Vice-Regal Commendation for Service to the BC Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

    hOLLOWAY, John Patrick CBe

    (1948-50; Restholme)

    He has devoted a life of great

    Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013 31

    Please help us to keep up to date with your own activities and the achievements of fellow Old Millfieldians by completing the enclosed questionnaire and returning it to us here at the OMS office. Contact the OM Society online at or send us an email to [email protected] with the details.


  • 32 Old Millfieldian Society Chronicle 2013

    Society News

    distinction to the police service. He served in the former Northern Rhodesia, and the Solomon Islands, being appointed Commissioner in 1975; from 1983 to 1987 he was Commissioner to the Vanuatu Police Force, before becoming Police and Security Adviser to the government. Having received several medals for distinguished service, he was awarded the OBE in 1977 and CBE in 1989 before retiring to Queensland in 1993.

    MAttheWs, Michael

    (1954-57; Millfield)

    After a career in the luxury end of the hotel business on four continents, he is now semi-retired in Tucson, Arizona. He has written a regular column on hotels for and is a contributor on CBS radio. In 2010 he sailed a 42-foot sailing boat from San Diego to Honolulu, a journey of 28 days.