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  • ADP Digital Advertising Marketing Requirements for:


    In order to be most effective and ultimately provide the highest lead conversion rate for our dealers, we should consider offering a set of standardized (template) micro-sites for a set, lower fee. However, if a dealer would like a custom micro-site outside of the list of standards, we will be able to accommodate them for a higher fee.

    The following are a list of baseline requirements or navigation offerings that should be available with each micro site:

    1. Consumers are brought here either by display ads listed on the previous page, or as a result of registering the micro sites root domain URL with search engines such as Google and Yahoo for indexing and subsequent ranking.

    2. Micro Sites must be designed to support the use and hosting of unique URLs as the root domain on the server where the sites will be hosted.

    3. URL acquisition and DNS hosting requirements will be configured in a manner that allows either the dealer or ADP to supply the root domain for the micro site by simply transferring DNS hosting to ADP specified DNS server addresses. This will accommodate dealers who register specialized vanity URLs through vendors such as Network Solutions, GoDaddy.com and PowerPipe.com.

    4. Micro sites will make use of XML form submission in the industry standard ADF format containing properly tagged source field identifiers. This requirement allows leads generated by the micro sites to be identified and tracked within industry standardized lead management tools, as well as in the NetTrack/BuzzTrack lead management tool.

    5. Should be site-agnostic meaning, the dealers other websites do not have to be supplied by BZ in order for the dealer to buy a micro site from us.

    6. Inventory micro sites will be developed in conjunction with support from our current data provider, HomeNet. Non-BZ clients who sign up for inventory micro sites must first be enrolled as a BZ client so that we can pull the data using HomeNet for presentation on the site.

    7. Micro-sites will be built in a hybrid of Flash and HTML format 8. Micro-sites will be designed to facilitate indexing by search engine spiders or

    bots. This design requirement will improve their value proposition to dealers and will set the stage for search engine optimization services from ADP Digital Marketing.

    9. Each micro-site template will be designed to contain highly focused content relevant to specific subjects that are associated with key words and phrases that retail automotive consumers typically search for online.

    10. Micro-sites will deliver relevant content highly specific to the consumers desired search results. The micro-sites will deliver to the value proposition of the search engines themselves, while providing ADP with the Digital Advertising Campaign landing pages that will drive up quality scores, reducing participating dealer Cost Per Click (CPC) marketing costs and further increasing the support for a robust gross profit model.

  • Digital Advertising High-Level Marketing Requirements

    We have identified seven common consumer behaviors during the automotive shopping experience. Those behaviors are driving the product offering of standard micro sites be will be offering in our digital marketing solution (first release). The list includes the following:

    1. Consumers looking to browse available new and used inventory 2. Consumers who want to know the value of their trade-in3. Consumers who are looking for a deal or offer4. Consumers looking for a price quote on new or used vehicle5. Consumers who want to kick the tires in a virtual test drive6. Consumers seeking photos, specifications and information on a specific

    make/model of car, or an upcoming new model introduction that a dealer wants to attract attention to. (ie: www.BayAreaAccord.com)

    7. Consumers seeking alternative sources of auto loan credit, or special auto financing consideration due to previous events in their lives that led to negative or derogatory credit bureau reports and their being labeled as less than desirable credit risks.

    10/8/2012 2 ADP Confidential

  • Digital Advertising High-Level Marketing Requirements

    Microsite Type #1: Find a Car: New and Used Inventory Micro Sites These micro sites will provide a direct feed of current inventory pulled and presented by HomeNet. (NOTE: During the September 5-6 strategy meetings, there was a discussion around having HomeNet develop the page on our behalf based upon our design requirements.)

    The following URL provides a good example of best practices in providing inventory micro sites today:

    http://sheehyfordlmrichmond.com/Pages/v2/Virtual2/UsedDetails.aspx? c=718&p=3&v=108079&engine=froogle (ClickMotive example)

    Whether the consumer comes in from the new or used option on the relating digital advertisement, or directly from a search engine, they will be asked for the following information:

    Make Model Year

    o If coming in through the new option, they should be served up current and future model years (ie. 2007 & 2008)

    o If coming in through the used option, they should be served up the standard list of years)

    Once they fill in the information there will instructed to click on the Next button where:

    If there are no vehicles available that match their description, they should be prompted to either try again with altered requirements or prompted to click on the go to dealer website now where they will be delivered to the appropriate vehicle inventory section of the dealer website.

    If there are vehicles available, they will be served up with a live list of vehicles currently available from the dealership.

    They should then be able to select a particular vehicle in the list to get drill-down information on the vehicle in stock, which actually links them deep within the dealer website, where standard website navigation can take over.

    The navigation options offered with this site would include the following:

    Go to dealer website now Quit (take consumer back to website that brought them here) Descriptive text hyperlinks to all other ADP supplied micro sites for the individual

    dealership franchise served by this individual micro site

    10/8/2012 3 ADP Confidential

  • Digital Advertising High-Level Marketing Requirements

    Microsite Type #2: Trade In ValueThe purpose of this micro site is to serve the needs of those who would like to know what their current vehicle is worth upon trade in at the dealership. The ultimate goal of this micro site is to get the consumer to describe their car and then give their contact information so someone can call them with the value. As an add-on, we can offer an embedded link (navigation button) to the Kelley Blue Book site to get a valuation. (This option may require an up-charge to the dealer?)

    Example sites to review for best practices include the following:

    http://webuychevys.com/ (Paglia designed, Fresh Start Studio hosted example) http://kbb-value.com/ (BZ example, Requires partnership with KBB, additional

    dealer spend. This would be available only as an option button on the Trade-in microsite)

    This micro-site consists of 3 pages (NOTE: Can we simplify this down to 1 or 2 pages?) each representing a step the consumer needs to go through in order to get their trade-in value. These three pages can be described as follows:

    Page One: Step One Capture the consumer high-level information on the vehicle they want to

    trade in (year, make, model) Ask them if the want: trade-in value, cash value, or both Next button

    Page Two: Step Two Check options and conditions Next button

    Page Three: Step Three Collect contact information:

    o Nameo Email addresso Confirm email addresso Phone

    Next button

    Once they get to the end of page three/Step Three, an email should be sent to the dealership and the consumer be delivered to the dealership web site.

    The standard navigation options for this site available on each page should include: Go to dealer website now Quit or Exit takes them back to the serving website

    The following are all optional (bottom of the page) navigation accessories for this site if the dealer has developed relationships with third parties who provide the back-end functionality:

    Call me now (CallSource link) KBB value (Kelley Blue Book link)

    10/8/2012 4 ADP Confidential

  • Digital Advertising High-Level Marketing Requirements

    Descriptive text hyperlinks to all other ADP supplied micro sites for the individual dealership franchise served by this individual micro site

    Microsite Type #3: Coupon OfferIt is simply human nature to go for the bargain; we all love coupons and freebies. This micro suite opportunity will provide a little something for the effort of actually stepping into a dealership and taking a test drive or better yet, buying a car. A couple of example sites to review include the following:

    http://yougotgas.com/ (BZ prototype) http://freegmoilchange.com/ (Paglia designed, Fresh Start Studio hosted)

    The layout, data entry requirements, and ultimate number of pages of this micro-site depend on the offer presented in the companion digital advertisement that brought the consumer to this location. For simplicity and ease of template development, perhaps we should limit the coupon micro sites available to a handful, with a custom option available for an up-charge to the dealer. Recommended offers include:

    Free gas Free oil change $$ coupon upon purchase Special interest rate the actual percentage is at the discretion of the dealer