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Mick Featherstone was a great motor bike racer. If you are interested to know about the thrilling and exciting motor bike racing facts of Mick Featherstone then view this slides


<p>TITLE</p> <p>THRILLING AND EXCITING SPORT MOTOR BIKE RACING -MICK FEATHERSTONE</p> <p>Motorcycle racing (also known as moto racing and bike racing) is a motorcycle sport involving racing motorcycles. I think Motor Bike racing is the craziest and most impressive form in the world. Fans love to see their favourite bike racer in the championship competition. </p> <p>These bike racers have an amazing style to build the fan following.Mick Featherstonewas an ultimate bike racer who has an amazing and different style with his bike. Due to his amazing style he won many championships.</p> <p>But the style these racers build is not easy. Lots of practice and passion is required for motor bike racing. Secondly, it is difficult due to changing surface conditions and poorly placed trees. Not only do you have to know all the theory of racing-lines, position, braking distances, track theory- but the bikes performance depends on the physics of your own body. </p> <p>Cars require deft steering input and pedal control, but on a bike, moving your ass half an inch changes the stability and ability of the bike, and to me, that is just incredible. Thats why I think bike racing is a thrilling sport.</p> <p>For Watching!To Know moreVisitMick Featherstone</p>