mexico field trip 2004. the institute of biology served as the home base for our visit to mexico

Download Mexico Field Trip 2004. The Institute of Biology served as the home base for our visit to Mexico

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Mexico Field Trip 2004 Slide 2 The Institute of Biology served as the home base for our visit to Mexico. Slide 3 PI Schuh sorted and organized the collections in the Institute of Biology over a period of three days. Slide 4 Pictured from left to right Ella Massie-Schuh, Luis Cervantes, PI Schuh and Harry Brailovsky with our field vehicle. Slide 5 Ernesto Barerra of the Institute of Biology served as our guide in the states of Puebla, Vercruz & Tlaxcala. Slide 6 Cervantes, Schuh & Brailovsky survey a typical volcanic landscape in central Mexico. Slide 7 Field work in central Mexico concentrated on the Miridae fauna of Quercus (oaks). One of several species sampled is shown here. Slide 8 Most species of Orthotylinae and Phylinae are restricted to the catkin flowers of Quercus which are ordinarily produced at the same time as new vegetative growth. Slide 9 Mature catkins with newly emerging leaves on a large- leafed oak. Slide 10 PI Schuh samples a narrow-leafed oak species. Slide 11 PI Schuh aspirates specimens from the beating net. Slide 12 Ella & Toby discuss their catch. Slide 13 Luis searches his net for specimens of Miridae from a large-leafed oak. Slide 14 A species of Reuteroscopus, a diverse genus mostly found in Mexico was collected on Barkleyanthus salicifolius a commonly encountered species Asteraceae in central Mexico. Slide 15 Mexico Trip Results: ~1,500 plant bugs collected ~1,500 plant bugs collected 3 or 4 new species were discovered 3 or 4 new species were discovered ~20 host plants documented ~20 host plants documented Photo taken from Xalapa of Pico de Orizaba