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IT project 2013


  • 1. MEXICO

2. (by Tamara) J3M. Location It is a country located in the south of North America. Bordered on the north by the United States of America, the south by Guatemala, to the east by the Gulf of Mexico and to the West by the Pacific Ocean. 3. Language The official language is Spanish. 67 indigenous languages are national languages, but they are not officially recognized languages. 4. Population The population is over 117 million inhabitants. 5. Government Politically, Mexico is a democratic, federal, representative and composed of 32 states: 31 states and the Federal District. 6. Currency The currency is the Mexican peso. 7. Tradition The Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration also is celebrated in some Central American countries, and in many communities in the United States The origins of the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico predate the arrival of the Spanish. In rituals celebrating the life of the ancestors it was common to keep skulls and show them during the rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. The celebration of the Day of the Dead, was established in Mexico as a date of visit and homage to deceased loved ones. Two days a year, graves and burial sites are arranged and the return of the spirits to the place of the living is celebrated. 8. The Trip You can get there by plane The trip lasts 9 hours The price of the ticket is $ 7,000 If you are Argentinian, you don't need a VISA to enter this country. 9. Food The typical Food of Mexico are the Tacos 10. Drinks The typical drink of Mexico is Tequila 11. Cancn 12. Isla Mujeres 13. Chichn Itz Chichn Itzisoneofthe principalarchaeologicalsites oftheYucatan Peninsula in Mexico.Initsgoldenyearsit wasfortheMayapeoplethe political,economicand religiouscenter,themost Importantofthepeninsula. Chichn Itz wasrecently namedoneoftheNew 7 Wonders of the World,and ConsideredbyUNESCOasa World Heritage Site since 1988.


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