Metropolitan class is going to a trip. Who is going to a trip?

Download Metropolitan class is going to a trip. Who is going to a trip?

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Metropolitan and Northern class are going together.</p> <p>WELL DONE!</p> <p>Where are we going?</p> <p>CinemaRestaurantZooParkShopsWhen are we going?</p> <p>MondayTuesdayWednesdayFridayThursdayHow are we going?</p> <p>AirplaneTrainMinibusTaxi</p> <p>Students will be with 1 adult during the trip.</p> <p>Bus driverCan you remember what adult are you going with?</p> <p>Lets have a look at Whipsnade Website.</p> <p>VideosWeb picturesWhen children go to a trip with the school, children need to listen the school rules.</p> <p>I walk with an adult all the time.</p> <p>I can ask for break or toilet to an adult. This is OK.</p> <p>I can look and speak softly to the animals.Remember, animals do not like loud noises.</p> <p>I can look at the animals and ask an adult before touching them.Remember animals can bite you.</p> <p>Excuse me, can I touch this animal?I can look at the ponds with the adult.Be careful! I could fall in water and drown.</p> <p>If I get lost, I will not walk.I will wait for my teacher to find me.</p> <p>If I do not do good listening, my teacher will be sad and I will need to leave the zoo.</p> <p>This trip is going to be fun! Children are going to do good listening and look at all the animals.</p> <p>What are we going to do?9.30h - Children leave the school.10.30h - Children arrive at the Zoo.12.00h - Lunch time.13.30h - Take the bus back to school.15.00h - Home time. </p>