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M E RR Y C H R I S T M A Don't Forget G. O. Dance Keep I t Up Team Vol. XXVNo. 7 Port Was hi ngt on Seni or High, Friday, December 15, 1950 PRI CE 10 CENTS G . 0. C h r i s t m a s Dance To mo rr o w Ni g h t Li tt leJohn Pl ac es I n Hist ory Contest On Thur s day, Nov e mb e r 16, t he J our nal Ame r i c a n s pons or ed an Ame r i c a n Hi s t or y cont es t for h i s - t or y s t ude nt s of N e w Yor k Ci t y, Long I sl and, and We s t c he s t e r Count y. Onl y t hr ee s t ude nt s f r om Por t Wa s hi ngt on e nt e r e d i n t he Long I s l and d i v i s i o n a nd o n e of t h e m c a me out a wi nn e r . Di ck Li tt l e j ohn pl aced s econd i n t he cont es t aft er t y i n g for fi rst i n t he o b j ec t i v e part but l os i ng i n t he e ss a y p a r t He c ompe t e d agai nst boys and gi r l s from all over Long I sl and. Por t Wa s h - i ngt on Hi g h Sc h oo l i s honor ed to ha ve s u c h an "hi st or i an. " The ot her t wo b oy s wh o e nt e r e d thi.s cont es t are Elli ott Manaker and He r ma n J acobs . Student o f Week Phot o by Price Two wee k s ago, o n e of our Seni or s, J oa n Lambl e, ha d t h e honor of b e i n g pi c ke d by Mrs. J ohns on t o appear on WQXR i n a Ne w York Ti me s s pons or ed panel di scussi on. The t opi c of t h e f or um was "The St a t e of Yo u t h i n t he Fut ur e, " and t he r e we r e f our t oy s and one ot her gi r l pr es ent besi des J oa n. Kn o wn and li k e d by e v e r yo n e , J oa ni e has a hand i n ma n y of our s chool aff ai r s; her ma i n i n - t er est s ee mi n g to be dr amat i cs. She i s Vi ce - P r e s i d e n t of Red Domi no and as such i s advi s or to t he n e w Sophomor e s ' J uni or Red Do mi n o. S h e i s al s o P r e s i - dent of The a t e r Gr oup, Tr easur er of Ce l e r i t y, and Tr eas ur er of H. R. 205. All t h e s e a c t i v i t i e s , pl us s chool wor k, ar e e n o u g h t o k ee p Xmas Assembly Pr ogr am "Doc" Ehr e' s e i g h t h per i od dr amat i c cl ass i s ha ndli ng t he pr ogr am f or t h e Chr i st mas a s - s e mb l y t hi s year . Th e y are s t r i v - i ng t o pr e s e nt t h e o n e - a c t c o me d y by Fr e de r i c k G. J ohns on e nt i t l e d "The Chr i s t mas That Bounced. " Thi s a d e li g h t f u ll y wr i tt e n pl a y about a gr oup of yo un g marr i ed wo me n wh o h a v e a we a kn e ss for pa l mi ng off t hei r wh i t e e l e ph a n t Chr i st mas p r e - s e nt s o n o n e anot her . Thi s can, and does , c a us e s ome hil a r i ous l y embarr ass i ng mo me n t s . The c l a ss i s doi ng a ve r y good j ob on de s i gni ng and ma ki ng t hei r s e t s t o be used i n t he pl ay. The me mb e r s of t hi s a mbi t i ous cl ass wh o are wo r k i n g v e r y hard to g i v e us a good s h o w ar e: Ba r - bara Bl anchar d, Dwi g h t Ot i s, Mi chael Sa l omi t a , Sandra Fi t z, Ca t he r i ne Mont our i , Pat r i ci a Cooper and Be r t e i n J acobs . •UONOQ R O LL anyone' s head s pi nni ng, but J oa ni e i s j us t t h e gi r l t o ha ndl e it all . Ri ght n o w, s h e has no pl ans be yond c o ll e g e , but w e are sur e t hat s h e will go far, wh a t e v e r s he does . The Por t Wee k l y e x t e nd s i t s congr at ul at i ons t o J oa n for her l e a de r s hi p and i nt er es t i n our s chool . As The Por t Wee k l y we n t t o pr ess w e obt ai ned t he na me s of t hose pe opl e wh o ha ve made t he Honor Roll for t he s econd ma r k - i ng per i od. Room 201, Mr. K e - zar' s, i s hi gh scorer wi t h f our honor s t udent s . Congr at ul at i ons . 101 Ke i t h Bull ar d 103 C. Bott i nge r , W. Bo wma n , H. Candel a 105 C. Cr i saf ulli 106 J e nn i e Fr ommj a, J e a n Ga n - cher . 108 J a ne t Kuhl , Br enda Lu F o r - man 109 J oy ce Nys t r om, Dor i n Ol t ar sh 110 Ol ga Os t er hol m 111 J ill Tanger man, Dor ot hy T i e - man, Ann e Tuck 201 Na n c y Cr owl , Barbara Bl anchar d, Car ol e Dunn e ll s , Mar j or i e Ec kbe r g 203 Fr ank Har di ng 204 Sandra Ma de he i m 205 J oa n La mbl e 206 P a t Ly n c h 207 Bobby Mill ma n 208 Mar yl ou Roper, Pr i s c ill a Spa ul di ng, J o hn Wi ng 209 J a n e Pe nn y, Pr e s t o n Humph- r e y 211 S y l v i a Tr oi ano, Mary Wanser G-2 Ni c k i e Garment , J a ne t Co m- pe r e G- 3 Be tt y Ni c hol s on, Ka t he Quar k Tomorr ow ni ght , f r om e i g h t - t hi r t y t o t we l v e mi dni ght , t he n e we s t not i ons about dances will hi t Por t Was hi ngt on Se ni or Hi gh. Not o n l y ma y t he gi r l s ask t he boys , but bot h may come st ag if t hey so des i r e. Don' t h e s i t a t e to ask a boy becaus e yo u won' t be st uck wi t h h i m a ll ni ght . As t he r e will be a l a r ge numbe r of s t ags t her e will be a l o t of c utt i ng i n . To e nc o ur a ge t hi s , t h e G. O. i s off er i ng a pr i ze t o t h e boy wh o can pr ove h e has danced wi t h t he mos t gi r l s . All a boy has t o do i s get t he aut ogr aphs of t he gi r l s h e ha s danced wi t h . Pr i zes Gi v e n Spe a ki ng of pr i zes, t he r e will be a door pr i ze, an e li mi n a t i o n da nce pr i ze, and a pr i ze for t h e first gi r l wh o kn o ws Sant a Cl aus' name. Our Sant a i s s o me one w h o i s s ee n ar ound s chool r e gul a r l y. He or s he i s over f our t ee n and st ands over f i ve f eet . Sant a will make hi s gr and ent r ance at about t en o' clock and from t he n on t he gi r l s ma y gue ss wh o h e i s . Each gi r l s may ask Sant a t hr ee di r ect que s t i ons r equi r i ng " ye s " or "no" a ns we r s . Then s h e ma y wr i t e her choi ce on a s li p of p a - per and hand it t o a hel per . Th e name of t he wi nn e r will not be di s c l os e d t ill t he and of t h e e v e n i n g. Ha ve you e ve r hear d ' of a dance wh e r e t he c oupl e s h a v e danced t o a movi e ? Well , t hat is j us t wha t will happen t o mo r - row ni ght . You will hear and see f amous name bands on a screen at one end of t he caf et er i a. All e n t e r t a i n me n t will be g i v e n by such s t ude nt s as, Mar il e Ma r - zo, J udy Wesst r om, J o e Gr eco, and Al La Per a. Chr i st mas car ol s will be s ung, f ood will be c o n - sumed, and e v e r yo n e will h a v e a wonde r f ul t i me . The Mast er of Ce r e mo n i e s i s J o hn Wi ng, w h o will act on b e - hal f of t he G. O. So c ome one and all ! He l p ma k e t hi s da nce a whoppi ng s u c - cess. It' s not t oo l at e t o get dat es, gi r l s ; boys of t en wa i t t ill t he l as t mi nu t e . We hope to s ee yo u at t h e G. O. Chr i st mas Dance, D e - ce mbe r 16th.

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Page 1: MERRY CHRISTMA · Sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy Neiv Year WOMRATWS BOOKSHOP WARD BOOKS INC. 147 Port Washington Blvd. POrt Washington 7-2760 Clublicily CAIMERA

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A Don't Forget G. O. Dance

Keep It Up Team

Vol. XXV—No. 7 Port Washington Senior High, Friday, December 15, 1950 PRICE 10 CENTS

G. 0 . Christmas Dance Tomorrow Night Little John Places In History Contest

On Thursday, November 16, the Journal American sponsored an American History contest for his-tory students of New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County. Only three students from Port Washington entered in the Long Island division and one of them came out a winner. Dick Littlejohn placed second in the contest after tying for first in the objective part but losing in the essay part He competed against boys and girls from all over Long Island. Port Wash-ington High School is honored to have such an "historian." The other two boys who entered thi.s contest are Elliott Manaker and Herman Jacobs.

Student of Week

—Photo by Price Two weeks ago, one of our

Seniors, Joan Lamble, had the honor of being picked by Mrs. Johnson to appear on WQXR in a New York Times sponsored panel discussion. The topic of the forum was "The State of Youth in the Future," and there were four toys and one other girl present besides Joan.

Known and liked by everyone, Joanie has a hand in many of our school affairs; her main in-terest seeming to be dramatics. She is Vice-President of Red Domino and as such is advisor to the new Sophomores' Junior Red Domino. She is also Presi-dent of Theater Group, Treasurer of Celerity, and Treasurer of H. R. 205.

All these activities, plus schoolwork, are enough to keep

Xmas Assembly Program

"Doc" Ehre's eighth period dramatic class is handling the program for the Christmas as-sembly this year. They are striv-ing to present the one-act comedy by Frederick G. Johnson entitled "The Christmas That Bounced." This a delightfully written play about a group of young married women who have a weakness for palming off their white elephant Christmas pre-sents on one another. This can, and does, cause some hilariously embarrassing moments.

The class is doing a very good job on designing and making their sets to be used in the play. The members of this ambitious class who are working very hard to give us a good show are: Bar-bara Blanchard, Dwight Otis, Michael Salomita, Sandra Fitz, Catherine Montouri, Patricia Cooper and Bertein Jacobs.



anyone's head spinning, but Joanie is just the girl to handle it all. Right now, she has no plans beyond college, but we are sure that she will go far, whatever she does.

The Port Weekly extends its congratulations to Joan for her leadership and interest in our school.

As The Port Weekly went to press we obtained the names of those people who have made the Honor Roll for the second mark-ing period. Room 201, Mr. Ke-zar's, is high scorer with four honor students. Congratulations. 101 Keith Bullard 103 C. Bottinger, W. Bowman, H.

Candela 105 C. Crisafulli 106 Jennie Frommja, Jean Gan-

cher. 108 Janet Kuhl, Brenda Lu For-

man 109 Joyce Nystrom, Dorin Oltarsh 110 Olga Osterholm 111 Jill Tangerman, Dorothy Tie-

man, Anne Tuck 201 Nancy Crowl, Barbara

Blanchard, Carole Dunnells, Marjorie Eckberg

203 Frank Harding 204 Sandra Madeheim 205 Joan Lamble 206 Pat Lynch 207 Bobby Millman 208 Marylou Roper, Priscilla

Spaulding, John Wing 209 Jane Penny, Preston Humph-

rey 211 Sylvia Troiano, Mary Wanser G-2 Nickie Garment, Janet Com-

pere G-3 Betty Nicholson, Kathe


Tomorrow night, from eight-thirty to twelve midnight, the newest notions about dances will hit Port Washington Senior High. Not only may the girls ask the boys, but both may come stag if they so desire. Don't hesitate to ask a boy because you won't be stuck with him all night. As there will be a large number of stags there will be a lot of cutting in. To encourage this, the G. O. is offering a prize to the boy who can prove he has danced with the most girls. All a boy has to do is get the autographs of the girls he has danced with.

Prizes Given Speaking of prizes, there will

be a door prize, an elimination dance prize, and a prize for the first girl who knows Santa Claus' name. Our Santa is someone who is seen around school regularly. He or she is over fourteen and stands over five feet. Santa will make his grand entrance at about ten o'clock and from then on the girls may guess who he is. Each girls may ask Santa three direct questions requiring "yes" or "no" answers. Then she may write her choice on a slip of pa-per and hand it to a helper. The name of the winner will not be disclosed till the and of the evening.

Have you ever heard ' of a dance where the couples have danced to a movie? Well, that is just what will happen tomor-row night. You will hear and see famous name bands on a screen at one end of the cafeteria.

All entertainment will be given by such students as, Marile Mar-zo, Judy Wesstrom, Joe Greco, and Al La Pera. Christmas carols will be sung, food will be con-sumed, and everyone will have a wonderful time.

The Master of Ceremonies is John Wing, who will act on be-half of the G. O.

So come one and all! Help make this dance a whopping suc-cess. It's not too late to get dates, girls; boys often wait till the last minute. We hope to see you at the G. O. Christmas Dance, De-cember 16th.

Page 2: MERRY CHRISTMA · Sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy Neiv Year WOMRATWS BOOKSHOP WARD BOOKS INC. 147 Port Washington Blvd. POrt Washington 7-2760 Clublicily CAIMERA

Page Two T H E P O R T W E E K L Y Friday, December 15, 1950


VOL. X X V , NO. 7 DECEMBER 15, IB.'iO

E D I T O R I N CHIEF ASSOCIATED EDITORS BUSINESS MANAGER .. NEWS EDITORS FEATURE EDITORS Advert is ing Manager — Copy Editors Gir ls Sport Editors Boys Sport Ed i to r Music Edi tor Camera Editors Exchange Manager Circu lat ion Managers FACULTY ADVISOR

_ Fred Duel l Seymour Goldstein, Ester Thelander. Paddy Fr ied

„ „ _ ^ Preston Pumphrey '„... ^ „ _ - j Nancy Crowl . M a r y l o u Roper

;....„ Margaret Inpley , Joann Ford Bob Sclioeneman

Janet Ackerly, Janet K u l i l F a y Sprat t , Nancy McDonough

Pete Mertz . Joe Greco

D . McLane, C. Price Phylis Lanes

John Dombkowski , A l Dumpson M r . Robert Farson

Published bi-weekly d u r i n g the school year by the students of Port Washington H i g h School staf f of the Port Weekly, Port Washington , New Y o r k . Linotyped and pr in ted by Griscom Publications, Glen Cove, New Y o r k .

* Support T h e Port Weekly * The " P o r t Weekly" serves a double purpose to the

students of Port Washington High School. F i r s t , and fore-most, it conveys news and feature events to the student body, to better acquaint it with the workings and activities of our school. Secondly, it provides an outlet for those students who are interested in journalism, and it gives each student an opportunity to get into an extra-curricular activity with-out special requirements, such as high standing in class.

It is a rather strange fact that few people realize how much work and effort is put into the publishing of this paper. They seem to think it's all done by the printer him-self, not knowing that every bit of the layout must first be done by the students themselves.

The " P o r t Weekly" needs more willing people to work, not only in the writing of articles but in the numerous other jobs that help put out the paper.

The next issue of the " P o r t Weekly" is a special anni-versary issue, celebrating its twenty-fifth year of publica-tion, and we will need many more writers to do the special articles and features for this issue, so, when the giving of assignments is announced over the P. A. , we hope everyone with any writing ambition will sign up for a story.

T E S T W E E K — A t the close of each six weeks w o r k i n g period there is a week in

whi ch tests are given over the work covered dur ing that t ime. Students usually put the most t ime on their subjects the day and

evening preceding the test period. This may be considered con-scientious, but often i t is p la in " c ramming" . Good work cannot be done i n a shortened, overcrowded length of t ime—nor can real ab i l i ty be shown.

P u t t i n g extra study t ime in dur ing test week is a grand habit, but i t must not be forgotten that the person who works equally industr ia l ly over the entire school year is the one who gains the greatest knowledge and final reward.

A R E A L S C H O O L — Schools do not thr ive on study alone, that is the school which

is a real school does not. Basically one attends to gain knowledge of the w o r l d , its history, and its fundamentals. The entire system, however, must be supported i f i t is to succeed.

Student partic ipation i n activities, and spir i t for class and school, are as important as a math or language book. By supporting ac-t iv i t ies and projects yours can be a R E A L school—one whi c h w i l l be admired by a l l competitors, and interesting for its immediate members. Do your part . . your school w i l l go far, and you w i l l go far w i t h i t !

Sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas

and a

Happy Neiv Year


147 Port Washington Blvd. POrt Washington 7-2760

Clublicily CAIMERA C L U B

The Camera Club, although i t only started last year, has come along admirably. A few of the school's photo fiends undertook to start this club two years ago under M r . Leerheimer and was taken over by M r . D immic k last year. I t was a hard t ime starting out for at that t ime the school had no photographic facil it ies. This year the club has obtained a room for setting up a darkroom and has started to equip i t . Some of the members, Chaz Price, W a l -ly Fearon, Walter Wilczech, Claire Marshall , Car l Dahl and Dave McLane — have been asked by M r . D immic k to help i n p u t -t ing out a folder about Senior High School.

* * * L A T E R T U L L V

The Spanish Club is busy pre -paring for its Christmas p r o -gram to be held on December 20. The program chairmen for the meeting are Mar jor ie Peterson and Betty Nicholson, who plan to present a real Mexican celebra-t ion.

A f ter the business meeting, which w i l l be conducted ent ire ly i n Spanish, there w i l l be the tradit ional breaking of the P i n a -ta. The Pinata is a big earthern jar covered w i t h crepe paper. I t is hung f rom the ceiling and some-one of the club is bl indfolded and given a stick, w i t h which he tries to break the Pinata. I f he fails, another tries u n t i l i t is b r o -ken, then f r u i t , candies, and presents spi l l out of i t .

Room 20 should look some-thing l i k e Mexico next week, be-cause various decorations w i l l decorate the room to give i t the desired atmosphere.

* * :̂:

T H E A T E R G R O U P The monthly meeting of the

Theater Group was held on N o -vember 28th. The plays which were voted on to be seen in De-cember are: 1. Be l l , Book, and Candle"; 2. " M r . Roberts"; 3. "The Happy T ime" ; 4. "Season i n the Sun". Also, M r . Schoen-born suggested that a program be held at least twice a year to make the club more wor thwhi le . This w i l l be discussed further at the next meeting. Several members of the group saw "Les Ballets de Paris" December 2, and some saw i t on November 25.

* * *

L A T I N C L U B Last Tuesday the L a t i n Club

met to discuss the big banquet which the members are planning. Things seem to be w e l l under way and the members are a l l very en-thusiastic about i t . Neverthe-less, i f i t is to be a success, the fullest cooperation is needed. A t the next meeting i t is hoped that the banquet w i l l be very w e l l planned. A l l members are urgent -l y asked to attend a l l meetings i n the future .

Life At School I often cringe when I hear

grown-ups te l l me to enjoy m y -self because these are the best years of my l i fe . I f this is a l l l i f e has to offer I t h i n k I ' l l give up r i ght now. Grown-ups are apt to forget that a Teen's l i f e isn't a l l dates, j u k e boxes, telephones, and double malteds; it 's f u l l of problems—especially for us girls. Take, for instance, this th ing called "Higher Education".

"Gett ing up at dawn for school Almost makes me weepy. But come Saturday and then I am never sleepy." By the t ime I drag myself to

school I find I have forgotten to study about half of my subjects. I t completely slipped m y mind . I couldn't concentrate on Lat in when I had that dance on my mind. How hard i t is to remem-ber that I ' m i n school to pursue learning, not to learn pursuing.

History passes very slowly. The first period always does. But why did SHE have to ask for our homework? This was me last n i g h t —

" I ' l l never get my homework done;

I t ' s midnight and I've just be-gun.

Of course, i t had to be post-poned

When Certain Parties te le-phoned.

Then, cope

W i t h Ancient History and Bob Hope.

A n d , by the t ime that Bob was through

I had my hair and nails to do. Oh, evening duties are so

myr iad I n t h i r d period I get a lecture

on Daydreaming. I know it 's rude but crum,

" I cannot memorize French Verbs,

Nor learn the names of plants and herbs.

M y brains are numb and I can't steer 'em

(Continued on Page 3)

too, I simply couldn't

E V E R I T T J. H E H N Real Estate & Insurance

51 Mcdn Street

Port Washington, N. Y .

Phone: POrt Wash. 7-0047

Phone Port W u h i n g t o n 7-2*88

J . H . Bray Prop.

Bray's Furniture Store furniture - bed* • bedding

floor coreringc T*B«tian blinds

& window thadw 146-148 M a i n St. Port Washington , L . . I .

Sal's Frosted Foods ISA Haran Avanua

Port Wachington. N. Y . P. W. 7-2990

Sullivan C. De Mar, prop.

One Day Shirt Laundering

Service Klix Same Day

Dry Cleaning Serrice

C L E A N E R S INC. A L L T Y P E T A I L O R I N G & A L T E R A T I O N S

OUR S P E C I A L T Y Port Wash 7-3131 — We CaU & DeUver ' — 9 MUn S L

Page 3: MERRY CHRISTMA · Sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy Neiv Year WOMRATWS BOOKSHOP WARD BOOKS INC. 147 Port Washington Blvd. POrt Washington 7-2760 Clublicily CAIMERA

Friday, December 15, 1950 T H E P O R T W E E K L Y Page Three


After a rather qujet week, things started poppink around Port this weekend.

There were a lot of bouples at the game at Sea Cliff Friday night to witness our ^ smashing victory. Seen there were Pat Haron and Eddie Musselwhite, Barbara Wheeler and Stretch Smith, and Sally Enscoe and Dick Finnali. After the game Al La Pera had a smasharoo of a party with host and Nancy Mc Don-ough, Joyce Weber and Eric Jude, Janet Oswald and Stan Cutler, Brian Mulligan and Lee Ann McGrath, Dwight Otis and Fay Spratt, Gerry Volpe and Marilyn Moore, Eleanor McPher-son and Bill Jankowski, Norman Delan and Betty Nicholson, and Nick Teta and Jean Whyte.

Things were hot at the Sozzi's Friday nite since Connie had a small but noisy slumber party. The chief noise makers were Connie, Elaine Nielsen, Pat Mc Cormack, Jean Mc Gregor and Janet Kuhl.

Attention A. Nonny Mouse! You shouldn't be reading and copying old Port Weekly's.

Jean Volpe had a small riot at her house Saturday nite. Seen milling around were Aldo Mura-tori and Rose DeVoe, Bar'Bara Mattocks and Tommy Cosolito, Marie De Santo and Bart Cosolito and lots of others, Gerry and some of his friends dropped in later.

The movies did quite a busi-ness last Saturday night. Those enjoying the show (?) were Pat Haron and Ed Musselwhite, John Wing and Margie Peterson, Mac and Marge Hazard, Al Bilanski and Annabelle Sloane, and Nancy Nern and Joop Mossel. Every-body congregated at Bob Eck-ardt's after the movies. Some of the couples were host and Dot Breska, Joyce Weber and Eddie Sloane, Fay Spratt and Dwight Otis, and Nancy Mc Donough and Al La Pera.

Lots and lots of girls were at Jean Whytes Saturday night.

JOHN M. MAMNO Port's Friendly Jeweler

103 Main Street Port Washington 7-0079

ALECK Hair Stylists Specialists

in Hairshaping POrt Washington 9-1933

91 Main Street

Tel. P. W. 7-2450 DUELL'S

MEAT MARKET 74 Main Street

Port Washington, N. Y.

A Port player leaps for the ball during —Photo by Price

the Sea Cliff-Port game. Port won Ti-i».

LIFE AT SCHOOL (Continued jrom Page 2)

To memorize Binomial Theo-rum.

I keep forgetting history dates. And how my Latin conjugates; But I remember—once they're

played— Every song on the Hit Pa-

rade." Finally lunch rolls around.

I'm always starved— "The scales keep a-warning New pounds I've stacked. I'm round, not so firm. All too fully packed. But so good's this malted I cannot deny it; I'll drink and be merry— Tomorrow I diet." The "Port Weekly" adds in-

terest to 7th period. Naturally I turn first to the dirt column—

"When our school paper links my name

With one boy or another. My anger loudly I proclaim And gossip try to smother. I fly into a righteous rage, I tell friends not to heed it; Then show them the offending

page— To make quite sure they've read

Also, Lots of noise and lots of boys.

Myrna Harowitz was also host-ess to a group of girls Sunday night. Pat Haron, Elaine Nielsen, Suzi Blair, Eleanor Mac Pherson, Le Ann McGrath, Dot DeMeo, Winnie Mayo, Judy Westrom, Nancy McDonough and Dot Breska.

How was the Bridge game, Chaz Price and Joan.

See you two weeks from today!

it." Finally we get out of the

"Prison". After about three meetings I go home—

"As I open the door, And step into the hall, The first thing I say Is, 'Did anyone call?' " No such luck. Oh, well, who

cares anyway? Back to my headache—HOMEWORK!!

Cash Award For

B & L Athletic Supply Inc.

Xmas Coming Use Your G. O. for Discount 935 Port Washington Blvd. Phone: Port Wash. 7-0426

Best Short Story Here is an opportunity for all

the students in Port High to de-monstrate that hidden talent for writing. The Port Weekly is now sponsoring a short story contest in which every student is eligible to win prizes and to have his story published in the Port Weekly. These prizes are 1st prize, $10; 2nd prize, $5; 3rd prize, $3; Each story must contain about 1000 words, being about any subject of the author's choos-ing. It is due on January twelfth after the Christmas vacation, during which we expect the bril-liant students of Port High to work hard. If anyone is in doubt about what sort of story to write, they can consult the "Collier's" short shorts or the "American" storiettes. The stories must be either typed double space or written neatly on white com-position paper in ink.

This week the Port Weekly is focusing the spotlight on Miss Campbell, Port High's red-haired American History teacher, who is generally found in Room 209".

Miss Campbell was born in Minneapolis, Minesota, and also grew up there. After, finishing high school, she attended the University of Minnesota and then did graduate work at John Hop-kins in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned her Master's Degree in American History at Columbia University, in the meantime teaching in a public high school in Connecticut.

From Connecticut she went to a girl's junior college in Wash-ington, D. C. for one year. Her next job was here at Port where she taught English for half a term, and has been teaching Am-erican History for the remainder of eight years.

Miss Campbell said that she has never been present at any world-shaking events, and that the most catastrophic thing that has happened to her was a ticket for speeding (to school). She had discovered that her clocks were slow, and she was afraid she would be late. She also said that she now drives practically all the time in second gear and she leaves for school at 7:30.

Miss Campbell has many hob-bies, among the travelling, read-ing, fishing at Bar Beach for flounder, playing the piano, and dabbling in oil painting. As to pets, her landlord won't allow them, but she is considering get-ting a cuckoo clock for Christ-mas.

The Port Weekly thanks Miss Campbell for her cooperation and wishes her a very special Merry Christmas!

SLANGUAGE Drape—girl Ether Waves—radio Hide Beater—drummer

Funera l Des igns Wedding Bouquet*

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Page 4: MERRY CHRISTMA · Sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy Neiv Year WOMRATWS BOOKSHOP WARD BOOKS INC. 147 Port Washington Blvd. POrt Washington 7-2760 Clublicily CAIMERA

Page Four T H E P O R T W E E K L Y Friday, December 15, 1950



Tues.-Sat. Dec. 19-23

" T O P L E A S E A L A D Y " " H A P P Y Y E A R S "

Sat., Dec. 23 Matinee

" T H E W I Z A R D O F OZ"

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Students save time and money by early enrollment in Long Island University's February—September Class Plan. You can begin your preparation for the Professions, Business and Indus-try and complete your four year de-gree course by June, 1954 by enroll-ing in the Feb. 1951 class, studying during the summer, and qualifying as a Sophomore next September.

Plan Your Career Mow VETERANS registering under this Feb.-Sept. Class Plan can qualifv under the GI Bi l l of Rights before the deadline of July 25,1951. Th i s is the finaldate for tak ing advantage of the educational benefits under the G l B i l l .

Coeducational Day and Evaning

High Scbool_ Date of Birtb_

P Secretary to the Dean, ! L o n g Island Univers i ty , I 380 Pearl St., B r o o k l y n , N . Y . I Please send me f u l l in f o rmat ion regardins i U U ' s Feb.-Sept. Class Plan. I Name

I City

• Veteran ?_

J . V . Basketball The J . V. basketball team com-

prised of Bialobrzeski, Booker, Bowman, D'Elia, Epaminonde, Cichanowski, Gaska, Jankowski , Olley, Palawsky, Walters, and Zahn, played its f irst game against Hicksvi l le on Friday.

When the f i n a l buzzer had sounded the Port team was on top by a 61-57 score. I n the t h i r d period Port had b u i l t up a 19 point lead, but late i n the f i n a l period that lead cut to one point, and i t looked as if we might blow the opener. The coach, M r . H o r -ton, th inks the main cause for this was sloppy bal l h a n S l i n g . He was especially pleased w i t h the way Pete Walters played the boards and the shooting of B i l l Jankow-ski, who scored over 20 points. He also remarked afterwards that the reserves looked a l i t t l e green, but the f i r s t stringers seemed l i k e coal under a f i re .

The second game w i t h Roslyn was a different story. A l though the Blue and Whi te won by more, our game wasn't so good. The outcome would have been doubt-f u l if Joe Cichanowski hadn't chipped i n 17 points. The very bad bal l handling on Port's side kept the score down to 46-36.

The J . V. has out-scored the varsity i n both of t l ie ir encoun-ters. To our knowledge, B ia lo -brizeski set a new record i n the first game by foul ing out i n six minutes.


135 Main Street Port Wash. 7-0073

BERKEm N E W Y O R K 1 7 , N . Y .

4 2 0 l e x i n g t o n A v e .

M u r r a y H i l l $ - 3 4 1 8

W h i t i P l a i n t . N Y . C3 G r a n d S t .

E a s t O r a n g e . N J . 22 P r o s n e c t S t .

r r c p a r e now f o r a p r e -ferred secretarial position. Berkeley - tra ined secre-

t a r i e a are associated w i t h a wide var iety o f business or-B a n i r j i t i o n s . Courses f or h i g h -school graduates and college w o m e n . Distinguished faculty . Effective placement service. Cat-alogue. W r i t e Assistant Director .

Termit F e b . , J u l y , Sept.

Insure it udth

Charles E . Hyde Agency 277 MAIN STREET

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Vol leybal l has been in f u l l swing for several weeks. The f i rs t practice was on Tuesday, N o -vember 28, w i t h di f ferent class groups competing against each other. The two teams that came cut on top after the two f o l l o w -ing practices were Senior 1, w i t h six wins, and Senior 3 w i t h f ive wins. These two teams played off at the tryouts on December 7, Senior 1 w i n n i n g by one point. Miss Fohrenbach remarked that the teams were very evenly matched.

Three teams were chosen at the tryouts—sophomore, junior , and senior. The sophs are: Pat O'Brien, Thelma Knoblach, M a r -garet Dlugolecki , A r l i n e A n -schutz, Louise Kramer , Carol Spenard, Barbara Colon, Judy Neely, Nib ia Nataloni , Glenda Christiansen, Annabelle Sloane, Anna Salerno, and Charlotte Bo t -tinger. The juniors are: Pat Mc Cormack, Anne McElwaine, Dag-nia Antmanis , Mary Natale, Bar -bara Mattocks, Rose Lamazzo, Margery Hazard, Dot Bottinger, Myrna Horowitz , Carol Carpen-ter, Sue Tiley, N i ck ie Carment, Jean Volpe, and Dot Breska. The seniors are: Carol Copp, Shir ley Cocks, Jacqueline Mletzko, N a n -cy Crowl , Carole Dunnells, Anna May Hirsch, Anne von Boetticher, Eloise Hyde, M u r i e l Bode, C y n -thia McCormack, Betty N i c h o l --son, Barbara Sozzi, Kathe Quarck, and Prisci l la Spaulding. The refs are Joan Salerno, Joan Hildebrandt , and Mary lou Roper. The scorekeepers are Ester The-lander, Mar i l e Marzo, and Pam M o r i . Time w i l l be kept by Jane Penney and Dolores Mauser. Jo -landa Osborg is the Lady Para-mount.

S L A N G U A G E Bone Box—mouth Sky Juice—water Slab—a sandwich Ameche—telephone Percolater—automobile

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FREE LIFETIME PLACEMENT SERVICE Morning. Afternoon or E v e n i n f C l a s ses

C a l l . Wr i te or Phone for Booklet 45

G&MPTOMETfK^SGHOOL O n r a t e d b y F e l l a n d T a r r a n t M f g . C o .

MtNHtTTtN . 11 West 42ml St . BR 9-9434 8R00KIYN • 186 Jonlemon St . TR 5-3595 NEMPSTEIO • m Fulton ««e. . HE 2-8736

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No wonder so many members of the class of '51 are looking forward to a good job with the Metropolitan.

COME IN T O D A Y — c o m e to Room 1 on the first floor, Monday through Friday, any time from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.


1 Madison Avenue at 23rd Street

New York 10, N.Y.

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