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Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas

Christmas 2014


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Before you agree to buy that game, make sure you understand the environment your child is going to be playing in for the next few weeks… visit for more information to make an informed decision. Sometimes even the most innocent games may have features that will allow your child to mix with anyone else in the world.


Please call the absence

line on 0161 921 1361 if

your child is going to be

off school. This is a 24

hour absence line so

school can be contacted

anytime, day or night.

E Safety and Video Games Technology and the online world are a major part of our young people’s lives, especially at this time, with many children getting new video games for Christmas. What is safe? When is the

right age to go online and

play with others? Which video

games should I allow them to

play? How can I make sure

they are not

taking big risks that could

harm them?

Tips for keeping children safe with video games Consider the availability of parental controls. For younger gamers, setting parental controls can help. Limit the amount of time spent online. Manage the content your child can see including disturbing graphics like bloodshed etc. Limit the age rating of the games they can play. Manage who they can play with online. Some, like the Xbox 360, can set up profiles for different gamers in the family. Many of these setups are password or pin protected which is not entirely suitable nor secure for older players. Video game ratings All video games sold in the UK are age and content rated. Look for the PEGI rating system: this uses reliable age ranking and content symbols that are easy to understand. CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER

Mrs M Howard 0161 921 1343

Gaming is a great activity that is fun for all the family, especially at Christmas. But be aware that extended periods of individual gaming online is not healthy for young developing bodies and brains. Research shows that boys are twice as likely as girls to game online and for longer periods.

Happy Christmas and Happy Gaming!


If you have any

concerns text this number



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House House

Pankhurst PanthersPankhurst Panthers

Community A number of our Year 9 students including Holly Gerrard, Jack Williams, Briana Martin and Ellie Allcock were recently selected to participate in a project at Key 103 Radio Station. During this visit the students were given a tour of the studios and were invited to get involved with a range of exciting and inspiring activities such as writing commercials, recording podcasts and learning interview techniques. What a fantastic experience for all involved!

young people to become more involved in decision making within school, and to have a voice in matters which they feel passionately about changing to enhance the day to day experiences of students. I was very pleased by the number of students who showed an interest in applying for a role on the student council, and would like to say a massive well done to those who produced some well thought out and ambitious statements and video campaigns. In the end the votes were very close, and all those involved should be very proud of their achievements.

prefects from all houses to work together and have experience of organising an event and developing leadership skills for the future. It was also lovely to see a number of our Year 7 and 8 Pankhurst students involved in the recent MFL inter-house competition, putting a lot of energy and effort into winning Pankhurst some house points. I would also like to mention that in the most recent inter-house event on Numbers Day, our Pankhurst students were the winners! In addition to these organised inter-house activities, our students continue to collect house points on a daily basis through their attitude, effort and commitment to learning. Congratulations to some of our students with the highest number of house points so far: Eunice Krasinska, Kiana Soleimani, Leia King, Megan

Linney and Elle Platt.

WHAT A YEAR SO FAR What a wonderful start to this academic year; we have so many great things to tell you about. Overall, Pankhurst is second place in the house league, this is a credit to the hard work and dedication of our students and staff, who have made a fantastic effort with attendance, inter-house activities and collecting house points. However, we have high expectations and we are aiming for first position next time!

Attendance As Pankhurst House we have the second highest percentage attendance for the school year so far, and I hope our students will continue to strive to be first. A huge well done to 8P1 Miss Barnard’s form who currently have the highest percentage attendance of all the Pankhurst forms with a very impressive 97%. Let’s see whether any other Pankhurst forms can beat this total next term.

So, as we continue to move through this academic year I look forward to sharing more great news with you from Pankhurst House. Miss Wainwright House Coordinator - Pankhurst

Student Council In school we have recently had elections for our new Student Council, and I would like to congratulate our newly voted in members David Flitcroft Year 7 and Lewis Gregory Year 10. The student council represents a fantastic opportunity for our

House points and activities There have been a number of exciting activities to get involved in, and there will be many more to come. Earlier on in the year a number of our Pankhurst students volunteered to represent our house in a Prefect Takeover event where our Pankhurst students competed in activities such as a treasure hunt and a fashion show. We also had a basketball challenge which was an enjoyable experience for all who took part (and a great chance to earn extra house points) this event was also a valuable opportunity for

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House House

Lowry LionsLowry Lions

Community Several of our Lowry Lions

took part in a fantastic

project ran by Key 103 radio

which involved our pupils

becoming Journalist and

DJ’s for the day and creating

their very own radio session.

Courtney Clarke, Ellie

Curran, Zac Gorst and Josh

Gorst learnt various

activities including writing

commercials, recording

podcasts and other media

skills which all contribute to

their AQA award in

Introduction to radio

production. I was lucky

enough to escort the pupils

on this trip and I was

extremely impressed with

the pupil’s hard work and

the finished product was

amazing! The lovely staff at

Key 103 were also

extremely impressed with

the pupils and are eager to

continue to work with Buile

Hill pupils in the future.

Lowry House has also had some pupils competing in outside of school competitions and excelling in their sport. Ethan Evans in year 8 continues to work hard with his Swimming and we wish him luck as the swimming competition’s season starts. Jade Taylor and Nicole McStravick competed in Wales recently and finished 1st and 2nd in morris dancing. Chloe Pope also took part in a morris dancing completion and came 1st and 3rd in two separate events. Our very own Miss Burrows has also been competing outside of school with her cheerleading squad. Miss Burrows is part of the England team and will be competing in the world championships very soon. Good Luck Miss Burrows! Well done Lions!

Lowry Lion’s are ready and roaring! It has been a great year for Lowry House so far. Although we are finishing bottom of the leader board for ‘best house’ we have still done extremely well in most areas of the house competitions including our outstanding attendance record and finishing top in several of the inter-house activities.

Student Council The pupils have been practicing their politics this term with the introduction of the Student Council. Several of the Lowry Lions Rachel Edwards, Coral Burges, Eugene Uzaraga, Jack Franks, Zach Finlay, Alex Gaylard, Maisie Bond and Neda Naser all took part in the Student Council elections which involved the pupil creating their own manifesto which was then delivered to the rest of the house. Lowry pupils then voted for the students they thought best represented their views. The pupils chosen were Eugene and Neda. Well done to everyone who took part!

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House House

Eccleston EaglesEccleston Eagles

Community Some of our Eagles had the

fantastic opportunity to

spend the day with Key 103

radio station. Our year 9

students spent the day

trying their hand at being

radio DJs and Journalists.

All showed great creative

flare whilst proudly

representing Eccleston.

Matthew Osinibi Yr 9 said

the experience was really

exciting and he felt

‘privileged to be a part of the

radio station he listens to’.

The Eccleston staff have also contributed and been victorious in both the MFL fancy dress and family fortunes house activities. The enthusiasm from the students and staff has been amazing, well done and thank you for all of the support.

Student Council In recent weeks there has

been a real buzz around the

school surrounding the

student council elections.

Those who applied all put

forward a very strong

campaign via video which all

of Eccleston viewed and

voted on. All candidates

showed a real enthusiasm.

Congratulations to both

Cameron Wright Year 8 and

Joel Hancock Year 10 who

are now representing

Eccleston on the student


Eccleston continue to fly high after a very successful start to the school year. Our Eagles have spread their wings excelling in house points, inter house activities and making great improvements with attendance.

House points and activities We have participated in a

record number of House

activities this year winning

the treasure hunt, harvest

festive tin collection,

basketball, family fortunes

and coming joint-first in the

MFL treasure hunt. Joel

Hancock, Year 10, deserves

a special mention for his

outstanding commitment to

Eccleston, bringing our

house to victory in the

harvest festive tin collection

by donating a staggering

200 tins!

Our Eagles have also shown

their commitment and

passion to learning across

all subjects within school.

This is demonstrated in the

number of house points

students have earned;

9,785. Eccleston are

currently third on the house

point leader board and I am

more than confident we will

be flying even higher in the

coming New Year! Keep up

the hard work!

Attendance Year 11 Eccleston came top of the attendance leader board this week with 95.9%. As we approach the New Year I am more than confident improvements will be made in regards to Ecclestons attendance, with Year 11 leading the way forward. We can do it Eagles! Merry Christmas Eagles, let’s make 2015 a great year, lets fly even higher!

Miss Collins House Coordinator.

Page 6: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

This term Kingsley students

have achieved a record

number of house points,

demonstrating commitment

and enthusiasm for house,

lessons and learning. Mollie

Tucker in year 7 amassed

97 points just this week!!!!

Keep up the good work

Cobras!! There is never a

shortage of Kingsley Cobras

when it comes to

participation in House

activities and again this term

we are doing really well. We

came second in the MFL

Inter House Competition earning 100 points - and a number of our Year 8 students were spotted running enthusiastically, racing to get the competition items in on time!! Well done and keep up the competitive spirit!

demonstrated real enthusiasm for the post.

House House

Kingsley CobrasKingsley Cobras It has been a great year for Kingsley House so far, our house won ‘House of the Term’ for September and October. We have made massive achievements in house points, attendance and Inter House activities. In particular we shone in a number of Community projects. Four Yr 9 students became Journalists and Radio D.J.’s for two days when they went along to Key 103 Radio Station. The students had an amazing time and said it was a privilege to be part of such a large media project. They will also receive certificates of accreditation for completing the scheme. Callum Fairbrother in Year 11 has also been out and about in the community, volunteering to help the homeless, we are very proud of Callum and this venture. This term we have been

really busy with the Student

Council elections. The

response and commitment

from our house was

overwhelming with a

massive amount of students

applying for election. I am

proud to announce that

Callum Fairbrother in Yr11

and Ffion Prescott in Yr 8

were the successful

applicants and have

We are making good progress in attendance but as ever there is always room for improvement!! 7K2 are the leaders of attendance in the House at the moment with 96.1%. Come on Cobra’s – beat that!!! Finally..... The points have been counted and verified and Kingsley House are the HOUSE OF THE TERM - WELL DONE EVERYBODY, that’s three terms in a row we really are the COBRA CHAMPIONS

As we swiftly approach a busy new year I am more than confident that as a House we will continue to climb high, set ourselves high targets and maintain our high standards. Have a great Christmas everyone – and here’s to another great 2015!! Mrs Swanton Head of Kingsley House

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In October Miss Braidwood, Mrs Champion and Miss Braha took all year 9 art students to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This was an amazing trip that allowed the art students to see huge sculptures close up. Whilst there they were shown around the sculpture park by two guides who talked to them about why the sculptures were there, how and why the artist made them and encouraged the students to analyse the sculptures and give their opinions. The last part of the trip saw

the students creating their

own sculptures based on the

theme ‘animal machines’

from big pieces of wood,

plastic and found objects.

This is where the students

really excelled, working as a

team to create some weird

and wonderful sculptures.




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St John’s Primary visit Miss Braidwood took five year 10 art students to St John’s Primary School to help with their Art Week. Miss Braidwood and the students taught the children to make wire sculptures inspired by L.S. Lowry, poly-board printed animals inspired by Andy Warhol and melting clay Alice in Wonderland clocks inspired by Salvador Dali. This was an amazing experience for the year 10s to show St John’s Primary what brilliant young artists we have at Buile Hill. They inspired and helped the children to produce some fantastic work. Some of them are even considering a career in teaching!

Page 9: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

Art Art More Able The Art Department are very proud of the fantastic work done by the year 11 boys who have been selected to work with a very successful and famous artist Ian Murphy. He has been inspiring, teaching and showing them his techniques and ways of working. The boys along with Miss Braidwood and Mrs Champion have already visited Castlefield in Manchester with the artist. They have two more Saturday sessions where they will continue to work alongside the artist and members of the art team. We are hoping that with this extra push from the art staff and being inspired by Ian Murphy they will achieve that well deserved A.

A selection of year 11 Art pupils have been working really hard to achieve a higher grade. With late night intervention put in place by Miss Talbot students stayed to develop their projects further. A massive well done to the students who participated, keep up the good work.

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An ex pupil, Miss Braha, returned last year for a one month placement from Huddersfield University. After her months experience she decided that teaching was the job for her and is currently taking a year out to work with the department further. At University Miss Braha is studying contemporary art and illustration and has used her skills to go above and beyond supporting pupils in lessons. In photography she has been using Photoshop, photo deconstruction and scanning. The fashion class have been developing circus artist research. Year 11 textiles have been supported on creating lampshades and year 10’s Urban Garden theme has had help printing with oil pastels.

Page 11: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas


The art department have

been busy creating items to

sell at the Christmas shop.

Gifts include handmade

cards, cups, melted bottles

and tin candle holders.

Pupils from the enterprise

group will run the shop in

the Ellesmere Centre,

Walkden, on Thursday 11th

and Friday 12th December.

The profits will be used to

buy more materials and to

raise money for the charity

‘Help the Heroes’. These

items will also be available

during the last week in

school to buy –

come and select a gift or


The Art and Performing Arts department along with Salford police have teamed up to deliver a very exciting project . Over the past three years Mrs Hill has been developing projects to raise awareness of the impact of gang culture. Helping young people develop and engage with their creativity, Mrs Hill and the Art team have planned activities for local primary schools, providing young students with positive values.

Page 12: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

Maths More Able Mathematicians On Monday 8th December, more able pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 will be taking part in a mastery day, during the day each group will be spending two hours working on a maths project. In small groups, they will be asked to design and create a hat, meeting certain specifications, with a prize for the best hat. This is to help pupils with their resilience, teamwork and problem solving skills and also allows them to try a different kind of activity than they can do in a one hour lesson. Alongside this, our more able pupils in Year 7 are learning strategies to make them more independent learners in their maths lessons, and they now know lots of things they can use or try before asking their teacher for help. 7y1 are also trying GCSE level work in many lessons and they are doing really well with this. Some pupils from 7Y1 attend Maths club each week on a Tuesday after school where they are given further challenging questions and problem solving tasks. A select group of our Year 10 more able have also now started additional maths every Thursday after school. This involves them doing maths work beyond A* at GCSE and will lead to an extra qualification for those pupils at the end of Year 11. Ms S Race More Able Coordinator

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KS4 Maths Year 11 students have been working hard this term preparing for their GCSE exams in June and the next full mock exam in January. They have been staying for extra lessons as part of the extended day on a Monday, they have been coming back for 1-2-1 sessions after school and even doing extra maths during form time! We have even had students from Salford University supporting small groups of students during lesson times. All year 11 students will be bringing home for Christmas an exam paper to complete along with any additional resources they have completed in lessons. Please support them over the Christmas period and put aside some time for your son/daughter to complete the work given.

Well done Year 11. Ms Williams KS4 Coordinator

Maths Trips Last half term a small group of students from 10y1 went on a maths trip to Royal Northern College of Music. The trip was a maths inspiration show which showed the real life application of maths and how it is used in many ways we don't even realise. There was even a section completed dedicated to the maths behind juggling and speaking to the students afterwards - that was definitely the most memorable bit!

Maths Homework Update All students Year 7 through to Year 11, receive homework weekly. The maths department alternate my maths homework with a written homework. The written homework is usually exam type questions related to the topics they are learning in class. My maths homework is set every fortnight and the homework set will either be related to the topic they are learning or a booster pack to build their numerical profiles. Research states that the less gaps they have on their profiles they are least likely to underachieve. My maths can be found at Password ‘buile’ and Log in ‘fraction4’. Each student then has an individual log in which they can access their individual homework and profiles. If you have any concerns or

need any additional

information please contact

Ms Sutcliffe or Ms Williams.

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In October it was the return of Year 7 ‘Proud’. Students performed the song Proud by M People as the signature song along with Try by Dolly Parton which made an appearance for the first time this year. As always, each class did their own personal class song 7Y1 performed Let It Go from Frozen, 7Y2 JLS’s Proud and 7Y3 performed an excellent version of We Are the Champions. We also had 7X1 singing You’ve Got a Friend in Me and 7X2 and 7X3 joined forces to perform Reach by the fabulous S Club 7. Amongst the year group, some brave and talented individuals took to the stage in solo acts. Christopher Nixon gave us his rendition of ‘Match of the Day’ on his cornet, Alex Fraser blew us away with his vocal performance of ‘Read All about It’ and Luke Jackson won the keepy-up challenge with his football skills. The MFL department joined in with the singing and students performed a superb Halloween song, in Spanish! A great evening was had by all, especially at the disco afterwards where the students, and parents, busted some killer moves!

It sure has been busy in the music department this term! Proud, Journey’s and Mistletoe and Wine has kept us all busy alongside Rock n Pop graded exams for some of our ‘rock heroes’!

Page 15: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas


In November the year 8s took part in the ‘Journeys’ concert showing what they have learnt to play in their music lessons over the term. students formed class bands and instrumental ensembles on flutes, clarinets and trombones. First up was 8X1 performing followed by 8Y3 performing Mellow Out on the flute, it certainly didn’t make anyone ‘Mellow Out’ as their playing was excellent. 8X2 performed ‘Feel So Close’ whooping the audience up ready for 8Y2’s performance on clarinets of the traditional American song ‘Oh Susanna’.

For the past few weeks a range of students from Y8-11 have taken part in music exams by the ‘Rock School’ examining body. We are exceptionally proud of all the students who were entered for their commitment to their exam and for their dedication to their instrument and progressing in music. Cameron Rea

Grade 2 Guitar - Pass Nicole McStravick Grade 2 Bass Guitar - Merit Sean English

Grade 1 Guitar - Merit Mark Sheilds

Grade 2 Guitar - Merit Kaden Bowman Grade 2 Drums - Results not back

at time of print Nathan McNally Grade 2 Drums - Results not back

at time of print Jack Willets Grade 1 Guitar - Results not back

at time of print

Matthew Goodman wowed the audience performing a solo trombone piece entitled Bright Eyes. 8X3 performed Just Dance followed by 8Y1’s Forward March on Trombone. Finally to finish off the concert Alisha Eckersley, Chloe Darby, Kate Keating, Faye Jones and Amy Kenyon impressed everyone with their superb rendition of Valerie by The Zutons and Amy Winehouse. The students showcased their work from other subjects throughout the evening and we all finished off with a lovely cup of tea and biscuit or two!

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From one extreme to another next with our top clarinettists playing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, followed by the year9 GCSE music class band playing Slade’s classic Merry Christmas Everyone. A bit of drama followed when year 11 performed a play based on toys coming to life and treating an orphan to a fun day at Christmas. Neda Naser sang His Eye is On The Sparrow, the clarity and tone of her voice moved some members of the audience to tears with this exceptional performance. A tough act to follow but year 8’s made light of it performing a medley of Do You Want To Build A Snowman, Frosty The Snowman and Santa Claus is Coming To Town on clarinets, trombones and flutes. The penultimate act was the year 11 chamber choir performing a beautiful three part harmony version of When A Child is Born before year 10 rocked out Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! and Winter Wonderland. The evening was a superb success with all students excelling in their performances and wowing the audience once again with their unbelievable talent. Congratulations to all involved.

Guests to Mistletoe and Wine 2014 were welcomed to the evening with a glass of wine and a mince pie. The evening was kicked off with Detysha Harper, Robyn Duffy Shepherd and Rachael Melody performing as abandoned dolls remembering the past singing Somewhere Only We Know, followed by a rocking bass guitar solo by Nicole McStravick. The year 7 drama group performed a superb performance based on the classic Dickens novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ with Eguene Uzangana as Scrooge. Next were a variety of musical numbers including Christopher Nixon’s Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on trumpet, a jazzy rendition of Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire by the year10 sax ensemble, Silent Night played by Jaydene Whelehan and sung by Neda Naser and Jack Williams, Jonathon Nixon and Jemma Davison performing Once In Royal David’s City on clarinet. The new year 7 instrumentalists dazzled audiences with their version of Jingle Bells, considering they had only been playing for 5 weeks was recognisable and in tune!

Page 17: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas


On Thursday 11th December we hosted our first ever community luncheon. The afternoon started at 12.00, and was attended by more than fifty people aged 60+ from our surrounding community. The guests were welcomed with a glass of sherry and entertainment from our cheeky year 11 dancing elves! Mrs Ainley and the year10 catering class had cooked up a storm in the kitchen and guests were offered a choice of starters, from homemade leek and potato soup with a freshly baked bread roll or mackerel pate with melba toast. Between courses we had more dancing and drama performances based in Santa’s workshop. The main course of stuffed turkey breast, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy was eaten quickly with many good comments and praise for our chefs. Before the sherry trifle and homemade filo pastry mince pies were served we had more performances of friends reuniting at Christmas and toys coming to life! Finally we concluded the afternoon with bingo and a raffle, our guests went home with a variety of hampers filled with gifts from our superbly generous staff. A brilliant time was had by all and there were lots of requests for the event to return next year!

Community Christmas Luncheon

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The first half term’s charity was Salford Loaves and Fishes which is a charity who support and feed the homeless and poor in our city. The charity, which runs from Chapel Street, sees hundreds of people each week offering bathing facilities, warm clothing and a hot meal. We rallied as a school and supported this excellent cause by bringing in tins and toiletries, we collected nearly a thousand items. The charity wrote to the school thanking us for our contributions saying that they were overwhelmed by the generosity of our students and the massive impact our donation will have on their organisation.

Last Easter we held an African themed day, with students donating money to wear non uniform, and staff taking part in bush tucker trails eating scorpions and cockroaches just as featured on the famous I’m a Celebrity programme. We were able to donate a whopping £600 to ‘Soft Planet Education’. Olivia Davies, the daughter of our very own Mr Davies, was volunteering for this charity in the summer and headed to Uganda to help. Olivia helped to build the Ngwedo and Nyamitete Primary Schools, building a total of 5 classrooms as well as painting the blocks at Bugoigo Primary School. Our donation went directly into funding this, and children are now in these schools. What an amazing achievement for us to have impacted on children’s education the other side of the world!

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Design & Technology

In Design and Technology

this term Year 7 have been

designing their own shop in

graphics looking at 1 point

perspective and branding.

There have been some

amazing ideas for shops

from nail parlours to

mountain bike shops. In

food, year 7 have been

making tasty dishes such

as fruit crumble, spaghetti

bolognaise and vegetable

ratatouille. They have been

learning about the

importance of including 5

portions of fruit and

vegetables in their daily diet.

Year 8 have been making

steady hand games

soldering their own printed

circuit boards and adding

LED lights and buzzers. In

food year 8 have been

looking at the Mayan

civilisation and trying to

create dishes using some

Mayan ingredients such as

chick peas, kidney beans

and everyone’s favourite

chocolate which was used

as flavouring for Victoria

scones. In addition they

have been learning about

the importance of healthy


Year 9 Graphics have been learning a variety of drawing techniques and using these to practice on professional style drawing boards.

Year 9 Catering have been

really busy learning all the

different methods of cake

and pastry making. They

have made delicious dishes

such as spicy muffins

covered with glace icing, a

decorated Victoria sandwich

cake and last week they

made a spicy Mexican

cobbler. They have also

been learning how to

complete a time plan to help

with organisation.

Page 20: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

Design & Technology

Year 10 Catering have been practicing and then completing their actual GCSE controlled assess-ment where they had to plan and cook 4 dishes within a 2 hour time slot!!!! They have done fantastically as you can see.

Year 11 Graphics have produced menus, t shirts and point of sale displays for their coursework and are now starting to revise their drawing skills for their exams.

Year 10 Graphics have been working on their coursework that is to create packaging and branding for a takeaway in a particular theme. These themes range from castles to space to

Year 11 Catering have

excelled this term producing

their final GCSE

coursework. They each had

to plan , make and serve

a 2 course meal for

2 people. This included

laying the table and

producing their own menus.

The results were superb as

you can see.

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Students and staff took some time out to learn about Famous Salfordian dramatist and screenwriter Shelagh Delaney on 25th November. Best known for her work A Taste of Honey, Delaney was born in 1938 in Broughton and wrote her first play at the age of eighteen. Students in year 8 and 10 enjoyed reading extracts from her play and also did some research work about her influence as a "kitchen sink " realist.

Page 22: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

English On December 18th , students and staff will attend a performance by the National Theatre of Mark Haddon's Curious Incident in the Night-time. This is part of GCSE English Literature study and the reviews so far suggest a memorable event for all.

Promoting HE Together As part of the ‘Gateways’ programme, the English department recently offered the more able pupils in Year 10 the opportunity to visit a local university campus for a taste of university life. So far, we have been overwhelmed by the response from our students. It is a real pleasure to see that aspirations at Buile Hill .are rising and that students are putting some serious thought into Further Education. The trip is currently in the planning phase, but hopefully it will be a very positive and beneficial experience.

Star Form of the Week 7K1 were crowned star readers of the week recently, which is a huge achievement. As a form, we have borrowed and read a large amount of books over the past few weeks. It is refreshing to see young Buile students enjoying reading and making good use of the library facility. As a reward, we were treated to a lovely breakfast by Mrs Gillaspy in the library as well as house points as an extra bonus! It really is important to read as often as you can. This can be independent, guided or even volunteering to read for your class in lessons. The more you read, the better your reading will become. Encourage members of your form to read as much as possible and it could be you enjoying a warm, delicious and free breakfast next time! Miss Charles-Brown

Page 23: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas


We have received some amazing pieces of homework throughout this term. Pictured are

some of our year 7 and 9 students, who were presented with a Head teacher’s Award for

their efforts. Well done!

Page 24: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

MFL Here are a few photos from the Year 7 Christmas Markets Trip to Lille, France, which the MFL Department ran recently. It was a huge success and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We travelled by coach on Thursday night to Dover and took the short crossing to Calais, France. Upon arrival in we travelled to one of the oldest bakeries in France ‘Boulangerie d’Escoeuilles’ where the pupils watched how the French baker used age old baking techniques to make baguettes. Pupils were challenged to translate what Bruno (the baker) was saying as he described how he made the bread. Our pupils were singled out for special praise and congratulated on their conduct throughout this exercise. We then got to try some of our very own ‘Pain au Chocolat’ which many of our year 7 pupils described as ‘Delicieux!’ After the bakery visit, we travelled onwards towards Lille and the Christmas Markets. The pupils had a ball during at the markets and many of them explored the cultural side of France. One of note was Jack Morgan, who tried the traditional Lille dish known as ‘La Raclette’ (Fried potatoes/ Cheese/ Ham). He seemed to think that it looked awfully similar to Fish and Chips, however found the flavour to be somewhat wanting. Nevertheless, he was glad that he tried it and encouraged others to do the same. Many of the pupils were found congregating around the magic stall at the Christmas Markets, trying to learn the trade. Indeed many of them returned to England with their new found skills and were seen to be practising this with their friends on the first day back at school. After the Christmas Markets we had a go on the huge ferries Wheel which offered some breathtaking views of the City of Lille. Those who chose not to go on the Ferris Wheel had a quick chat (in French) and a photo with Santa Clause in front of a huge Christmas Tree.

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Lille Gallery


Page 26: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas


Lille Gallery

Page 27: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas


Lille Gallery

Page 28: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas


Lille Gallery

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7x3 French creating human sentences this term in Mr McAlister’s French lessons. They were very enthusiastic!

An exciting development in the MFL department has been the new Italian Club, which has been running for the past month. Pupils have had the chance to learn how to have basic conversations in Italian and have also been researching cultural traditions like dancing and the Venetian carnival. The pupils have especially enjoyed the traditional Italian food like tiramisu and panettone. The club has been run by trainee Miss Cunliffe, who also assisted Miss Tirmarche

Rebecca practising her Italian outside the


in organising the MFL treasure hunt this term. The hunt was an after-school competition which helped KS3 pupils develop their language skills and practise using foreign-language dictionaries. Treasure hunters represented their houses and worked in groups to find stars hidden around the school. We are pleased to announce that the winning house was Eccleston! Congratulations to all who attended and took part so enthusiastically.

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The Harry Potter Club Calling all fans of Harry Potter!! Come and join us on Wednesdays from 2.30pm to 3.30pm and Thursdays at lunch time in the Learning Resource Centre. All students and staff are invited to become members of our brand new club. Activities will include reading the books and watching the films, writing book and film reviews, taking part in quizzes, discussions, crafts and much more.

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Geography Over the last few weeks our Y8 students have been learning all about the weather. 8X2 and 8X3 have been using their skills to create really interesting weather forecasts for different parts of the world using maps, geo information systems and data from weather satellites. The students have really enjoyed the opportunity to use our fantastic ICT resources in their lessons. In 8X2 Georgia and Ebony forecast the weather for Cancun in Mexico and were very surprised at how hot the weather is, but how much rain they get too. Very different from Manchester! Kyle and Damien have been forecasting Christmas weather for Salford and the boys think we have a chance of enjoying a white Christmas. Fingers crossed. 8X3 focussed on Manchester and Salford and tried to explain why we get so much more rain than places on the east coast of England. Kyle and Bradley did an excellent job of explaining that it is because our main wind direction is from the south west. This brings warm air from the equator, but as it travels over the Atlantic Ocean it evaporates lots of water from the sea making huge rain clouds. Kyle explains ‘When the rain clouds reach the Pennines they are too heavy to blow over, so they release their rain to make them lighter. Sadly, it means we get wet a lot!’ History In Y7 students have been completing their History tests based on our new ancient history topic. They have studied Neolithic man, the Iron Age, the Celts, the Romans and the Vikings. A favourite historical fact was that Caligula, a Roman Emperor, was so crazy that he sent his men to collect shells from the coastline rather than focus on invasion of Britain! We look forward to collecting in the final scores to find our top Y7 historian. The teachers have been really impressed by the superb knowledge the students have and are looking forward to hearing more of their weird and wonderful facts about life in the past.

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ICT Computer Science

The remaining pupils within year 10 are showing their enthusiasm and commitment by engaging with the ICT GCSE, developing their own knowledge of how society interacts in a digital world, many engaging with the ever popular online shopping! Year 11 are now entering the most important final stages of their education at Buile Hill, developing their own skill sets in order to provide a safe and secure future, whether that be at college or employment. The ICT department are working very hard with your children to ensure that by the end of the year, all make expected progress, or better. After school catch up sessions are being run on a Tuesday in order to help pupils achieve their best, we thank you for your support in encouraging your children to attend these sessions. In the new year, year 11 will be refining their knowledge ready for the big examination in May, engaging revision sessions and ways to help your child to develop their ICT knowledge are already being planned. The ICT and Computing faculty are very excited with what the future holds at Buile Hill, in the new terms look out for more exciting opportunities for your children, including extra curricular Computing clubs. We wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. The Computing Faculty Mr Simcox, Mr Wills and Mr Taylor

It has been an exciting and different start to the year for the ICT faculty at Buile Hill. To meet the demands of an ever changing curriculum, many changes have been made to make learning more engaging and fun for our learners. ICT has been removed from the curriculum and in its place is the more exciting and dynamic Computer Science. Learners have been introduced to many exciting topics from creating Pixel Art to designing their own video games and animations. years 7 and 8 were the first pupils to be introduced to this new curriculum, already this year they have discovered how to search the internet effectively, design computer based sprites using Pixels, show their mathematical and language knowledge by learning about binary & algorithms and some have even become skilled programmers using Python. Currently they are finishing the term creating their own animations using industry standard software. The next terms will include further topics such as game design, video and sound editing and much more. Year 9 and part of year 10 have been recently introduced to the more demanding yet rewarding Computer Science GCSE, many have taken to it showing their skills as game designers, creating games from initial ideas to ensuring they are playable by other users. In the new year, Buile Hill hopes many will become skilled programmers from introducing Python programming as well as other exciting topics.

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We have three very hardworking students in year 10, Joel Hancock, Leah Cripps and Loen Underwood who are studying triple science. These students are sitting three science GCSE’s in two years which requires a lot of extra work at home and commitment to the subjects. They have already bagged GCSE Core Science grades at a Grade B and above and we are very excited for their results at the end of the year. We are currently selecting a cohort of Year 9 pupils that are showing the necessary skills and work ethic to be chosen to study triple science.

Team Science have had a fantastic first term. Our new Assistant Heads of Department (Mr. Piri and Mr. Brokenbrow) have settled in well along with Miss Barnes and Miss Forshaw. We have also had the pleasure of having two trainee teachers in the department, Miss Parden and Mr Greenwood and we wish them every success in their next placements and their teaching career.

Mo and Bolt (hamsters), Harley (guinea pig) and Kylie (rabbit) have all visited us this term for the children to study and play with as a reward for their excellent behaviour. All of the children have been very caring towards the animals and because of this Mr. Piri now has four mice in his lab that his form class help to look after.

This term we have focused on practical based learning. Mr Piri’s lab is regularly turned into an operating theatre and the pupils have had chance to dissect lots of biological specimens from whole rats to brains and hearts! The children have told us that they are enjoying science and some even rate us as their favourite subject which we are very pleased about!

STEM club with Miss Barnes and Miss Forshaw has been going from strength to strength and the children are now designing a clothing range for use in arctic condition. It is great to see pupils staying behind for the club on a Thursday night and we would like to thank the children for their commitment.

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Science Mr Piri and Miss Parden are now well underway with planning the trip to Iceland, we have had a large number of children (and staff!) sign up and we are very excited to announce more information about the trip in the near future. If you have any questions about this trip please contact Mr Piri.

Year 11 have been working extremely hard this term, revising well for their Mock exams and attending extended day every Tuesday to carry out their coursework which counts for 25% of their overall GCSE grade. Keep up the good work guys... Only four months to go until the exam season starts! We believe in you! Team Science would like to say a huge Thank you to all students this term, you have shown us a very responsible attitude and we can’t wait to carry out even more practical experiments with you next term! Also we would like to say thank you to all parents for their continued support with providing the best education and opportunities for your children in Science.

On behalf of Team Science we wish you a very happy, relaxed estive period! Year 11, don’t forget to revise for your January exams!

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Children who eat well during the day concentrate

better in lessons

One child in four doesn’t get a hot dinner in the


7% of school children don’t eat breakfast

70% of UK parents say there is too little time to

prepare meals and then enjoy eating them as a family

so the school meal is the only opportunity many

children have to enjoy eating as a social activity

UK pupils eat 4 times as much confectionery as green


In an average class of 30, 6 pupils will not eat any fruit

in a week

If you are claiming Housing

and/or Council Tax Benefit,

your application and renewal

can be processed over the

phone, please call

0161 909 6508

However, if it is not possible to

process over the phone, apply

in person at one of the


Unity House

Civic Centre, Swinton

8:30am (10:0am Wed) to


Eccles Gateway

28 Barton Road, Eccles

Pendleton Gateway

1 Broadwalk, Salford

Walkden Gateway

2 Smith Street, Walkden

If you think your child may be

entitled to free school meals

you can obtain further

information from

Buile Hill Visual Arts College

on 0161 736 1773

or by calling the Free School

Meals Team

on 0161 909 6508

Information on free school

meals is also available on

Directgov and Teachernet

Please remember, it is of benefit to you and your child’s school to claim your free school meal

In England, 21% of pupils are

eligible for free school meals. Parents or guardians do not

have to pay for school lunches if they receive any of the


Income support

Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

An income related employment and support allowance

The guarantee element of State Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit

Support under PartVI - Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

Children who receive Income Support or Income –Based Job

Seekers Allowance

Around 1.8 million UK children are entitled to free school

meals but more than 330,000 pupils don’t apply for their

entitlement. For some children, the social stigma even

teasing attached to “being on free dinners” puts them off.

Often parents don’t realise they’re entitled or are


How to apply

Does it matter? YES

Who qualifies?

Need more information?

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Sport The PE department have had a very busy term with competitions and fixtures being played in a number of different sports. The junior girls’ football team have been playing in the Salford Schools football league and have successfully made it through to the play off finals which are being played on the 10th December at Irlam. All year groups have been playing regular netball fixtures throughout the term and have played extremely well. Year 11 and year 7 have made it through to the play off final and year 8 only just missed out on goal difference. The boys have also had a very successful term. The year 9 and 11 rugby teams have made it through to the Championship finals which will be played in May 2015 at the Salford Red Devils Rugby stadium as well as winning the Salford Schools 7 aside competition. (Year 7, 8 and 10 will start their fixtures after Christmas) All boys year groups have been playing regular football fixtures and all teams have made it through to the Quarter finals of the Salford Schools Football League. The School was given a fantastic opportunity to take 4 year 8 students on a football development day at Manchester College which was run by Coaching staff and retired players from Valencia Football Club. The day consisted of a number of football coaching workshops for both children and staff and ended in a tournament. Mr Nelson and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and brought back some new coaching ideas which will now be implemented in the pupils PE lessons. There is a wide range of extracurricular activities afterschool and participation levels have been good throughout the term. We would like to see as many pupils as possible next term taking part in these sessions and developing their skill and fitness levels as well as having lots of fun and meeting new people.


Year 7/8 Rugby Netball (all years) Gymnastics (all years)

Handball (all years) Netball finals

Year 7/8/9 House competitions Football (all years)

Year 7/8/9 House Competitions GCSE Step aerobics Trampolining (all years)

Fitness (all years) Badminton (all years) Horse Riding (All years see Mrs Duncan) GCSE PE Revision