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Mercedes V-Class 4MATIC - Press Release


  • 1. The new VClasswith permanent allwheeldrive: VClass4MATIC celebrates its debut atthe Paris Motor Show V 250 BlueTEC with 4MATIC allwheeldrive available to order from December Extremely efficient, exemplarily safe and superbly comfortableStuttgart. In early October, MercedesBenzwill present its VClasswith 4MATIC allwheeldrivefor the first time at the Paris Motor Show. The V 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC will be available to orderfrom dealers starting in December 2014. MercedesBenzis thus adding an allwheeldrivevariant to its new VClassmodel range.V 250 BlueTEC with 4MATIC allwheeldrive available to order from DecemberThe 4MATIC system, already proven in many MercedesBenzpassenger car models, providespalpably more traction and driving stability in all driving conditions. Regardless of whether it's ona potholedstreet, a muddy track or a snowy or icy road the V 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC copeseffortlessly with every driving surface. The allwheeldrive also improves the way the vehicle pullsaway and accelerates, particularly on poor surfaces or in bad weather.The 4MATIC permanent allwheeldrive system is based on the proven 4ETS Electronic TractionSystem working together with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). 4ETS distributes powerto the front and rear axle in a 45:55 ratio. If one or more wheels lose traction, 4ETS slows themdown in a fraction of a second and automatically distributes power to the wheels with betterroadholding. Conventional mechanical differential locks are therefore not needed. Thistechnology, which is also deployed in MercedesBenzSUVs and offroadvehicles, saves onweight and at the same time increases driving safety and comfort.A doublediscclutch is fitted to the central differential. This achieves a basic locking torque ofapproximately 50 Nm between the front and rear axle. The clutch pack is permanently preloaded.In the case of spinning wheels on one of the two axles, friction torque is transmitted to the axlespinning more slowly by relative movement of the discs. This variable torque shift improvestraction and driving stability. The traction and stabilising effect of this prelockclutch are clearlynoticeable, particularly in the case of low coefficients of friction between the tyres and the roadsurface.4MATIC permanent allwheeldrive will initially be offered for the VClasswith the topoftherangeV 250 BlueTEC engine variant, which generates an output of 140 kW (190 hp) and a powerful440 Nm of torque. That means it can deliver great pulling power and agility yet at the sametime post commendably low consumption figures. The V 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC requires a mere6.7 l of fuel per 100 km (177 g CO2/km). And thanks to BlueTEC, it is also the first vehicle withpermanent allwheeldrive in its segment to comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard. Poweris transmitted by the 7GTRONICPLUS automatic transmission.

2. The transfer case for the allwheeldrive is integrated into the main transmission. The V 250BlueTEC 4MATIC with body length "Long" is available in Germany from EUR 53,109.70 incl. 19percent VAT.In addition to the topoftherangeV 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC model, other engine variants of theMPV will also be offered with allwheeldrive in the future.Extremely efficient, exemplarily safe and superbly comfortableWith the VClass,MercedesBenzis redefining the MPV. The car combines seating for up toeight persons and exemplary functionality with the typical strengths of MercedesBenzpassenger cars from perceived quality to comfort, efficient driving pleasure and safety. Thismakes the Mercedes among MPVs the perfect vehicle for all those who appreciate greatspaciousness but do not want to sacrifice style and comfort.The VClasshas been available with rearwheeldrive as standard since March 2014. There arethree output levels to choose from: 100 kW (136 hp), 120 kW (163 hp) and 140 kW (190 hp).With fuel consumption from as little as 5.7 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 149 g/km, the 120 hpV 220 CDI is the outright leader in its segment.The level of safety is just as exemplary. There are eleven driver assistance systems available.ATTENTION ASSIST and Crosswind Assist are on board as standard. Optional extras includethe DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control system, together with COLLISION PREVENTIONASSIST, Traffic Sign Assist with the wrongwaywarning function, the LED Intelligent LightSystem and Active Parking Assist, which makes parking an MPV as easy as parking a compactcar. Most of the assistance systems are available for the first time in this vehicle class.The VClassfeatures four rear seats as standard. A twopassengerbench seat,threepassengerbench seat or berth package are also available as options. All bench seats canbe folded down and used as a second loading level. Items can also be loaded beneath them.Highqualitymaterials, a stylish colour scheme, extremely fine attention to detail and a designidiom that is both progressive and sensuous convey a perceived quality that stands out withinthe segment. The feelgoodatmosphere is complemented with the lowest noise level in thesegment.For convenient loading and unloading the VClassis also available with a separately opening rearwindow. It can be opened and closed independently of the tailgate. This facilitates loading andunloading twice over: on the one hand, it allows a second loading level on the other particularlyin tight parking spaces there is no need to open the large tailgate.Another USP for the newVClass:The optional EASYPACKtail gate, which is controlledelectrically and can be conveniently opened, closed and halted in any position.


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