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Product catalogue of Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch for the medicinal plants and herbs selection.


<ul><li><p>MEDICINAL PLANTS / HERBS FROM MILLIGRAMS TO TONS.MEDICINAL PLANTS / HERBS</p><p></p></li><li><p>CFM OSKAR TROPITZSCH TEL +49 9231 9619-0 / FAX +49 9231 9619-60 WEB WWW. CFMOT.DE / MAIL INFO@CFMOT.DE</p><p>&gt; Introduction</p><p>Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch e.K. is a globally-active company specialised in rare </p><p>chemicals and the contract manufacturing according to the customers needs. </p><p>Today the portfolio contains the following categories:</p><p>&gt; Medicinal Plants / HerbsMore than 800 plantsFrom grams to tonsDried, fresh or preserved in ethanolGMP cultiviation - Please ask for detailsWe can offer the whole plant or if needed only parts of it (roots, barks, </p><p>leaves, fruits - everything is possible!)</p><p>Special documentation on request (CITES, harvest protocol, ...)</p><p>&gt; Phytochemicals *More than 850 standard reference materials from Acetoxyvalerenic acid to Z-Ligustilide More than 500 plant extractsPlant cultivation under GMP conditionsSourcing of plantsGlucosinolates and Desulfoglucosinolates from mg to kgIn vitro cultivation and selection</p><p>&gt; Fermentation products *More than 550 productsFrom lab scale up to industrial scale</p><p>&gt; Natural Toxins *Natural Toxins from Bees, Conch, Scorpions, Snakes, SpidersToxins synthetically produced under GMP conditions</p><p>&gt; Amines *Unusual Building Blocks</p><p>&gt; Enzymes *Enzymes specialised for the pharmaceutical industryCustomized development of enzymesImmobilised Enzymes for Technical ApplicationsEnzyme Carriers for Immobilisation of EnzymesUnusual &amp; Innovative Enzymes for Chemical Synthesis</p><p>&gt; Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and APIs</p><p>&gt; Metals**Pharma grade (GMP)Precisious metalsNano particlesMicronisation</p><p>&gt; Metal compounds**Technical gradePharma gradeNano particlesCustomised developments</p><p>&gt; Metal salt solutions**Technical gradePharma gradeSmall scale up to industrial scaleCustomised developments</p><p>* Therefore we would be pleased if you order our seperate product Natural </p><p>product catalogue.</p><p>** Therefore we would be pleased if you order our seperate product Metal and </p><p>Metal compounds.</p><p>&gt; Services</p><p>Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch e.K. offers its customers a great variety of different services </p><p>which exceed the usual trade in chemicals by far. Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch does not </p><p>focus on the possibilities a supplier might have, but on the individual require-</p><p>ments of its customer regarding quantity, quality, documentation and delivery </p><p>time - according to their motto: finding the best solution for you! </p><p>Sourcing:</p><p>Our wide range of products covers a large number of requirements our customers </p><p>have. However, we are always prepared to look for substances our customers </p><p>might need. Due to our global network with contacts to more than 60 countries </p><p>we are in the position to offer chemical specialities on short notice.</p><p>Exceptional products:</p><p>Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch e.K. has a range of exceptional products for the most varied </p><p>applications in its portfolio. However quantity is not the limiting factor here.</p><p>Milligrams tons:</p><p>Due to our long experience in this business we are aware of the fact that a few </p><p>grams or even milligrams are sufficient for research. If you are interested in </p><p>substances, do not hesitate to contact us regardless how small the required </p><p>quantity may be.</p><p>In case the research project is successfully completed and our customer needs </p><p>larger quantities, we will inform the supplier way ahead to enable him to complete </p></li><li><p>CFM OSKAR TROPITZSCH TEL +49 9231 9619-0 / FAX +49 9231 9619-60 WEB WWW. CFMOT.DE / MAIL INFO@CFMOT.DE</p><p>the scale-up before you might need larger quantities ranging from kilos to maybe </p><p>even tons later on. Our supplier is able to make upscale investments in time because he is cur-</p><p>rently being updated on the development of the market by Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch e.K.</p><p>Customs Syntheses:</p><p>Special projects call for special partners. In cooperation with our producers we are </p><p>offering individual customer syntheses. The customer defines the standards under </p><p>which production shall take place: NON-GMP, according to GMP or FULL-cGMP.</p><p>Documentation:</p><p>You need a special documentation for a raw material of your project? Cfm Oskar </p><p>Tropitzsch e.K. is in touch with partners who can supply these documentations. </p><p>Analytics of all starting materialsDetailled CoA according to PharmacopoeiaDescription of synthesisImpurity profile</p><p>Search for suppliers:</p><p>It is a problem intrinsic to the chemical industry that sometimes a research </p><p>project has developed in connection with an approved product but there is only </p><p>one supplier for the raw materials. Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch e.K. will be happy to </p><p>find a reliable and in terms of quality appropriate second supplier, who will also </p><p>pass the various audits required.</p><p>Marketing of products - Product knowledge meets business know-how!</p><p>As a trading company doing business throughout the world we attend various </p><p>symposia, professional conventions or trade fairs at least once a month and offer </p><p>universities, institutes and research establishments the opportunity to market </p><p>their products, patents and ideas globally.</p><p>Moreover we will be happy to find potential partners who are interested in licensing </p><p>agreements for your patent. In order to achieve this we are regularly in touch with </p><p>almost all global players in the pharmaceutical industry.</p><p>&gt; History</p><p>Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch e.K. has been existing in its current version for almost </p><p>25 years now. However, the beginnings go back more than 220 years to the roots </p><p>of chemical industry in Europe and particularly in Germany. July 24, 1788 is said </p><p>to be the birthday of the Chemical Factory W.C. Fikentscher from which Cfm </p><p>Oskar Tropitzsch emerged in 1985. But lets go back to the beginnings: founded </p><p>by Wolfgang Caspar Fikentscher in 1788 the Chemical Factory was the first </p><p>chemical factory in Germany.</p><p>In those days chemistry meant alchemy or the art of trying. Apart from the </p><p>production of chemicals for the glass industry and glass itself the wish to produce </p><p>gold from cheap raw materials made Fikentscher work with mercury as early as </p><p>1790. He did not obtain gold but a wide knowledge of the fungicide effect of the </p><p>mercury combination which was to be of great importance for his firms future.</p><p>Fikentscher himself had trained to be a pharmacists assistant and put his </p><p>masters plan to establish a chemical factory, into effect. Owing to his educa-</p><p>tion he knew which products the market required then, and therefore the firm </p><p>grew rapidly. Even in those days the connections spread world-wide and were </p><p>not limited to the region.</p><p>Despite the situation at the beginning of the 19th century when there were no </p><p>trains, motor vessels, cars, telephones, gas or electricity Fikentscher managed to </p><p>import guano from Chile, which was transported to Hamburg by sea and upstream </p><p>the Elbe River until it was finally carried to Marktredwitz by horse and cart through </p><p>the mountain range of the Erzgebirge.</p><p>In 1822 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe visited the firm. This visit emphasizes the </p><p>importance the Chemical Factory had in those days. Supported by the Fikentscher </p><p>family, Goethe carried out several experiments in Marktredwitz and was able to </p><p>confirm his famous theory of chromatics.</p><p>1890 marked the year of new beginnings. Roughly 100 years after its foundation </p><p>the Chemical Factory was sold to two brothers, Oskar Bruno Tropitzsch and Curt </p><p>Bernhard Tropitzsch by W. C. Fikentschers descendants. In order to maintain the </p><p>company, they had to have an idea and came to the conclusion that limiting their </p><p>product range and specialising in the field of mercury preparations might change </p><p>their situation for the better. Due to this idea the small factory had become the </p><p>most important producer of these specialist products by 1914.</p><p>Until the beginning of the 20th century, fungal diseases in grain were causing </p><p>considerable problems in agriculture. This led to crop failures of up to 90% in Europe </p><p>and famines with thousands of people dying of starvation. Consequently, research </p><p>was carried out into finding a fungicide to reduce the enormous shortfalls. In 1907 </p><p>the Chemical Factory Marktredwitz was producing the first mercurial disinfectant </p><p>(Fusariol) which fought mould and was able to safeguard and increase yield.</p><p>Since this time there havent been further nature-related famines in Western Europe!</p><p>In 1931 the Chemical Factory Marktredwitz went public and was renamed CFM </p><p>AG. During the following years the connections all over the world, as well as the </p><p>product range were expanded and intensified.</p><p>The latest change took place in 1985, when Oskar Tropitzsch established Cfm, </p><p>which took over goodwill and know how from CFM AG.</p><p>Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch transferred the production of CFM AG to various contractors. </p><p>The product range has been increased considerably and now includes a large </p><p>variety of products for analytic, biotechnology as well as the pharmaceutical </p><p>industry. Even as a trader Cfm is closely connected with production by different </p><p>holdings and is internationally known as a specialist in the search for rare and </p><p>special chemicals.</p></li><li><p>CFM OSKAR TROPITZSCH TEL +49 9231 9619-0 / FAX +49 9231 9619-60 WEB WWW. CFMOT.DE / MAIL INFO@CFMOT.DE</p><p>CODE NAME SpECiES CODE NAME SpECiES</p><p>8000000 Abelmoschus moschatus</p><p>Malvaceae </p><p>8000001 Abies alba Pinaceae </p><p>8000002 Abies canadensis Pinaceae </p><p>8000003 Abies nigra Pinaceae </p><p>8000004 Abrus precatorius Leguminosae </p><p>8000005 Acacia catechu Leguminosae </p><p>8000006 Acacia farnesiana Leguminosae </p><p>8000007 Acacia nilotica Leguminosae </p><p>8000008 Acacia senegal Leguminosae </p><p>8000015 Acalypha indica Euphorbiaceae </p><p>8000017 Achillea millefolium Compositae </p><p>8000018 Acorus calamus Araceae </p><p>8000019 Adhatoda vasica Acanthaceae </p><p>8000020 Adiantum capillus Veneris </p><p>8000021 Aegle marmelos Rutaceae </p><p>8000022 Aegopodium podagraria</p><p>Umbelliferae </p><p>8000023 Aerva leucura Amaranthaceae </p><p>8000024 Aesculus glabra Hippocastanaceae </p><p>8000025 Aesculus hippocastanum</p><p>Hippocastanaceae </p><p>8000026 Aframomum melegueta</p><p>Zingiberaceae </p><p>8000027 Agaricus albus Polyporaceae </p><p>8000028 Agave americana Amaryllidaceae </p><p>8000029 Agrimonia eupatoria Rosaceae </p><p>8000030 Agropyron repens Gramineae </p><p>8000031 Ailanthus altissima Simaroubaceae </p><p>8000032 Ailanthus excelsa Simaroubaceae </p><p>8000033 Alangium lamarckii Alangiaceae </p><p>8000034 Albizia anthelmintica Leguminosae </p><p>8000035 Albizia lebbeck Leguminosae </p><p>8000036 Alchemilla alpina Rosaceae </p><p>8000037 Alchemilla arvensis Rosaceae </p><p>8000038 Alchemilla vulgaris Rosaceae </p><p>8000039 Aletris farinosa Liliaceae </p><p>8000040 Allium cepa Liliaceae </p><p>8000041 Allium sativum Liliaceae </p><p>8000042 Allium schoenoprasum Liliaceae </p><p>8000043 Allium ursinum Liliaceae </p><p>8000044 Alnus rubra Betulaceae </p><p>8000045 Aloe barbadensis Liliaceae </p><p>8000046 Alpinia officinarum Zingiberaceae </p><p>8000047 Alstonia scholaris Apocynaceae </p><p>8000048 Amanita muscaria Amanitaceae </p><p>8000049 Ammi majus Umbelliferae </p><p>8000050 Ammi visnaga Umbelliferae </p><p>8000051 Amorphophallus campanulatus</p><p>Araceae </p><p>8000052 Amorphophallus konjac</p><p>Araceae </p><p>8000053 Amorphophallus rivieri Araceae </p><p>8000054 Anacardium occidentale</p><p>Anacardiaceae </p><p>8000055 Anacardium orientalis Anacardiaceae </p><p>8000056 Anacyclus pyrethrum Compositae </p><p>8000057 Anagallis arvensis Primulaceae </p><p>8000059 Anchietea salutaris Violaceae </p><p>8000060 Androctonus australis Buthidae </p><p>8000061 Androctonus australis Buthidae </p><p>8000062 Andrographis paniculata</p><p>Acanthaceae </p><p>8000063 Anethum graveolens Umbelliferae </p><p>8000064 Angelica anomala Umbelliferae </p><p>8000065 Angelica archangelica Umbelliferae </p><p>8000066 Angelica chinensis Umbelliferae </p><p>8000067 Angelica sinensis Umbelliferae </p><p>8000068 Aniba canelilla Lauracea </p><p>8000069 Annona reticulata Annonaceae </p><p>8000070 Annona squamosa Annonaceae </p><p>8000071 Anthemis nobilis Compositae </p><p>8000072 Anthriscus cerefolium Umbelliferae </p><p>8000073 Aphis chenopodii Glauci </p><p>8000074 Apis mellifica Apidae </p><p>8000075 Apisinum apidae Other </p><p>8000076 Apium graveolens Umbelliferae </p><p>A&gt; 1. Medicinal Plants / Herbs</p></li><li><p>CFM OSKAR TROPITZSCH TEL +49 9231 9619-0 / FAX +49 9231 9619-60 WEB WWW. CFMOT.DE / MAIL INFO@CFMOT.DE</p><p>CODE NAME SpECiES CODE NAME SpECiES</p><p>8000109 Atractylodes chinensis Asteraceae </p><p>8000110 Atractylodes lancea Asteraceae </p><p>8000111 Atractylodes macrocephala</p><p>Asteraceae </p><p>8000112 Atropa belladonna Solanaceae </p><p>8000113 Aurelia aurita Ulmariidae </p><p>8000114 Avena sativa Gramineae </p><p>8000115 Averrhoa bilimbi Medicinal </p><p>8000116 Avicularia avicularia Aviculariidae </p><p>8000117 Azadirachta indica Meliaceae </p><p>8000118 Baccharis genistelloides</p><p>Compositae </p><p>8000119 Baccharis trimera Compositae </p><p>8000120 Bacopa monnieri Scrophulariaceae </p><p>8000121 Ballota nigra Labiatae </p><p>8000122 Balsamum tolutanum Leguminosae </p><p>8000123 Bambusa arundinacea Gramineae </p><p>8000124 Banisteria caapi Malpighiaceae </p><p>8000125 Baptisia tinctoria Legminosae </p><p>8000126 Barosma betulina Rutaceae </p><p>8000127 Barosma crenulata Rutaceae </p><p>8000128 Bauhinia forficata Leguminosae </p><p>8000129 Bauhinia purpurea Leguminosae </p><p>8000130 Bauhinia variegata Leguminosae </p><p>8000131 Bellis perennis Compositae </p><p>8000132 Berberis aquifolium Berberidaceae </p><p>8000133 Berberis vulgaris Berberidaceae </p><p>8000134 Betula pendula Betulaceae </p><p>8000135 Bignonia unguis-cati Medicinal </p><p>8000136 Bitis arietans Viperidae </p><p>8000137 Bitis gabonica Viperidae </p><p>8000138 Bixa orellana Bixaceae </p><p>8000139 Blatta americana Blattidae </p><p>8000140 Blatta orientalis Blattidae </p><p>8000141 Boerhaavia diffusa Nyctaginaceae </p><p>8000142 Boerhaavia hirsuta Nyctaginaceae </p><p>8000143 Boerhaavia repens Nyctaginaceae </p><p>8000144 Borago officinalis Boraginaceae </p><p>8000077 Apocynum androsaemifolium</p><p>Apocynaceae </p><p>8000078 Apocynum cannabinum Apocynaceae </p><p>8000079 Aralia racemosa Araliaceae </p><p>8000080 Aranea avicularis Aviculadriidae </p><p>8000081 Araneus diadematus Argiopidae </p><p>8000082 Araneus ixobolus Argiopidae </p><p>8000083 Arctium major Compositae </p><p>8000084 Areca catechu Palmae </p><p>8000085 Argemone mexicana Papaveraceae </p><p>8000086 Arion empiricorum Arionidae </p><p>8000087 Aristolochia brasiliensis</p><p>Aristolochiaceae </p><p>8000088 Aristolochia indica Aristolochiaceae </p><p>8000089 Aristolochia serpentaria</p><p>Aristolochiaceae </p><p>8000829 Aronia</p><p>8000090 Artemisia abrotanum Compositae </p><p>8000091 Artemisia absinthium Compositae </p><p>8000092 Artemisia annua Compositae </p><p>8000093 Artemisia dracunculus Compositae </p><p>8000094 Artemisia vulgaris Compositae </p><p>8000095 Asarum canadense Aristolochiaceae </p><p>8000096 Asarum europaeum Aristolochiaceae </p><p>8000097 Asclepias curassavica Asclepiadaceae </p><p>8000098 Asclepias tuberosa Asclepiadaceae </p><p>8000099 Asimina triloba Annonaceae </p><p>8000100 Asparagus ascendens Liliaceae </p><p>8000101 Asparagus officinalis Liliaceae </p><p>8000102 Asparagus racemosus Liliaceae </p><p>8000103 Asperula odorata Rubiaceae </p><p>8000104 Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco</p><p>Apocynaceae </p><p>8000105 Asteracantha longifolia</p><p>Acanthaceae </p><p>8000106 Asterias rubens Asteriidae </p><p>8000107 Astragalus gummifer Leguminosae </p><p>8000108 Astragalus membranaceus</p><p>Leguminosae </p><p>A A - B</p></li><li><p>CFM OSKAR TROPITZSCH TEL +49 9231 9619-0 / FAX +49 9231 9619-60 WEB WWW. CFMOT.DE / MAIL INFO@CFMOT.DE</p><p>CODE NAME SpECiES CODE NAME SpECiES</p><p>8000180 Capsicum annum Solanaceae </p><p>8000181 Cardiospermum halicacabum</p><p>Sapindaceae </p><p>8000182 Cardui benedicti Medicinal </p><p>8000183 Carduus marianus Compositae </p><p>8000184 Ca...</p></li></ul>