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  • 1. Meaningful work Must be done independently. includes activities that students can do with a partner or in a small group. Is targeted within a students proximal zone of development. Utilizes visual structure to promote independence. Focuses solely on life skills.
  • 2. Focused on targeted Access Points and/or IEP goals. Steps of activity or task are explicitly taught Data via continuous assessment should be collected to monitor progress with an eye for decision-making When are students ready to do an activity without direct instruction (with para, partner, or solo)? When should the difficulty of the activity or task be increased? Are students productivefluent with a task? When should a student complete more than one activity at a time in a given a given period of time?
  • 3. WHAT WHERE Computer Table Written Activity Desk Activity Campus Work Task Life Skill Task Work Station Settings Leisure Leisure Activities Activities Solo/Partner Solo/Partner
  • 4. sorting andpackaging tools preparing a letter to be mailed
  • 5. putting badges togetherfilling salt shakers
  • 6. number sets 1-10 using marbles sorting toothbrushes by color
  • 7. fine motor skills-sorting by color Matching pictures from book to communication device
  • 8. A work system refers to the systematic and organized presentation of tasks/materials in order for students to learn to work independently, without adult directions/prompts. work systems can reflect any type of task(s) or activities (e.g. academic, daily living skills, recreation & leisure, etc.) Written by Susan Stokes under a contract with CESA 7 and funded by a discretionary grant from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • 9. A work system is an activity schedule for students to complete work tasks independently. Independent Student Schedule Chart Visual Length Organi- Manipu- Location Transitio support zation lation n How does the students individual schedule influence the design of a work system?
  • 10. Each team receives a student Work System & Task Development Tool. Teams will review & discuss the information. Teams set up the work system & tasks. Visit and select an additional access point. Plan a task that correlates with your selected access point. Teams report out on their student, work tasks/system. Be sure to share your new task idea!
  • 11. RevisitReflect
  • 12. Select a student. Complete the Learner Work System & Task Development Tool: Record information about his/her Learner Profile & Student schedule. Target IEP goals and/or Access Points and design a


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