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A Comprehensive Guide to Internet Marketing


  • 1.Maximizing Your Online Presence: A Comprehensive Guide to Internet Marketing Greg Guenther, WebpageFX Follow along in the back:

2. Greg Guenther Web Strategist, WebpageFXIndustry Professional: 4 years as internet marketer 8 years in web industry 2013 Technology Company of the Year 2012 Business of the Year #1 SEO ( 50 Fastest Growing Company Inc. 5000 Representative 3. PRELIM INARY GOALS3 MONTHS: 20% lead increase 10% cost increase 6 MONTHS: Redesigned and optimized Double email recipients 1 YEAR: 60% lead increase Strong blog & social2 YEARS: Generate 25% more leads/sales than next competitor Mind presence for industry 4 YEARS: 2 year barrier on leadership sales/leads Control 250 web properties 4. CURRENT STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSESIndustry StrengthsIndustry Weaknesses Age of website Social media laggard Number of links No blog # of pages of content Low website conversion rate Email distribution list No usability assessment control Web analytics history HiPPO web design decision Leadership buy-in Leads not stored in CRM 5. TACTIC: ORGANIC SEO 6. TACTIC: ORGANIC SEOAdvantagesDisadvantages High ROI Duration Low traffic cost LongevityTools: 7. ORGANIC SEARCH: Click Through RatesChart by 8. ORGANIC SEARCH: Things to ConsiderChart by SEOmoz 9. ORGANIC SEARCH: Keyword Rich ContentIncrease Search Traffic & Leads 10% to 40% 10. ORGANIC SEARCH: Site/Server CleanupOther issues: Duplicate Content Multiple websites Internal error pages When optimized, can result in 25% to 35% increase in search traffic 11. ORGANIC SEARCH:Pe In n du alt ci y ngLink Building30% increase in traffic YoY 12. UNIVERSAL SEARCHMaps Pro: Perfect for localMaps Con: Requires an address 13. Local Search: Google+ Business PageResults: 50% increases in organic search traffic year over year A restaurants reservations went up 92.5% in 30 days after implementation 14. TACTIC: PAID SEARCH 15. TACTIC: PAID SEARCHAdvantagesDisadvantages Fast traffic & leads High cost Geo-targeting Cost/competition increases Conversion funnel Longevity Devices and specific sites (Ex. iPhone or YouTube)Tools: & 16. TACTIC: PAID SEARCH 17. TACTIC: PAID SEARCH Google Shop, Remarketing, and Dynamic RemarketingGoogle Shop Feed RemarketingDyanmic Remarketing 18. Paid Search: A / B TestingWhat to test: Headlines Body Text Links Keywords Best practices: Test ad variations simultaneously Test one thing at a time Test early and often Pay attention to the data you collect Test your campaigns long enough for accurate results 19. TACTIC: SOCIAL M EDIA Establish a social presence through top social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Flickr and much more Actively engage with social media users to foster new relationships that compel them to purchase and move them to recommend your site to othersTo Download: 20. TACTIC: SOCIAL M EDIAAdvantagesDisadvantages Customer communication Lead generation Brand exposure Time hog without strategy Targeting Note: Every social site is different. Tools: & 21. TACTIC: SOCIAL M EDIA 22. Social Media: Case Study65% increase in user engagement on Facebook timeline and over 500% fan growth year to year (on average Facebook advertising provides 1 new Fan for every dollar spent)Google+ affects your search engine rankingsCall to action pin button sees 80% increase in user engagementPins related to trending topics see an average of 94% increase in click throughsShoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy 23. TACTIC: EM AIL M ARKETING 24. TACTIC: EM AIL M ARKETINGAdvantagesDisadvantages Versatility ROI negative on small or overused list Quality list, quality ROI Low distribution cost Lists can take yearsServices: & 25. TACTIC: EM AIL M ARKETINGGraphic by 26. TACTIC: CROGraphic by 27. TACTIC: CROAdvantagesDisadvantages If traffic, very high ROI Need traffic Lower cost than traffic Website might not support 28. CRO: Case StudyOld site: 64 forms/year Optimized: 50 forms/monthResults: 100% increase (doubled conversions) 29. TACTIC: IM PROVED WEBSITEPeople evaluate TV news and politicians in the same way: presentation matters more than substance. Why should we expect the web to be any different? - B.J. Fogg, Ph.D., who led the Stanford study 30. TACTIC: IM PROVED WEBSITEOldNewCan result in a ~20% increase in search traffic and a ~20% decrease in bounce rate 31. ESTIMATED EFFECTIVENESS OPINIONChart by SEOmoz 32. NUM BERS RULE! BE AGILE! 33. VISIT OUR BOOTH!FREE website keyword scorecard: can download the PPT here: 34. CLOSINGQuestions? Greg Guenther - Web Strategist, WebpageFX, Inc. Office: 717-609-0362 Presentation: