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  • tions of the systems, operating param- eters, specifications, facility service re- quirements, and options.

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    High Vacuum Solvent Cleaning Sefec Corp. Providence, RI.

    A 4-page, 4-color brochure de- scribes Serecs cleaning systems. HIghlighted in the brochure are Serecs Process Sequence. Also discussed are operation cob1 comparisons, cleaning compansons, and fugitive emissions comparisons. System specifications are also included for Models 1400, 1800, 2400, 3600, and 4800.

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    Masking Tape, Caps, and Plugs Shercon Inc. Los Angeles

    Shercons 4-page, 4-color catalog describes the companys masking ca-

    pabilities. The company manufactures tapered plugs, caps, and pull plugs, which are reusable and can withstand working temperatures of 600F. Their extensive line of tapes can be used in anodizing, plating, and powder coating operations. A laser die cutting facility is used to manufacture low cost, pre- cision die cuts, which are produced to exact specifications.

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    Corrosion-Resistant Centrifugal Pumps Sherwood, Div. of Hypro Corp. Detroit

    Sherwoods corrosion-resistant cen- trifugal pumps for continuous, medi- um-pressure circulation and transfer of aggressive liquids are the subject of a 4-page brochure. Included in the liter- ature are a list of features. dimensions, a performance chart, and a parts and materials chart.

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    Centrifugal Blower Sonic Air Systems Inc. Brea, Calif

    A 6-page, 2-color product profile features the Sonic SAS-700 Blower. Topics discussed include applications, features. advantages, specifications, design and construction, optional equipment, and ordering information. A cross section of the system is in- cluded along with performance charts and a dimensions chart.

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    Powder Coatings Thermoclad Co. Erie, Pa.

    A 4-page, 2-color brochure de- scribes Duravin and Duravin ES pow- der coatings, which can be sprayed using both corona and tribo-charged systems. Application procedures are discussed.

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    3 (410) 740-7171 Fax: (410) 7b7480

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    Acid additive for scale, smut and

    oil removal

    Enhance heat treat scale


    Extends acid life

    Reduces rejects

    Greatly improve the performance of your hydro- chloric or sulfuric acid pickle with Ambienol C. Used by platers nation- wide. Available in 5 and 55 gal. containers.


    10620 N. Port Washington Rd. MEQUON, WISCONSIN 53092

    (414) 241-3200

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