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marusan pantry .com. Group 1 Member Izumi Tada Mori Kondo. 1: Store name. Marusan pantry Foundation : 1952 Net shop began three years ago. A kind of company: wholesale. 2: Number of employees. The whole:  8  people (president 1) store 5, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • marusan pantry .comGroup 1

    Member Izumi Tada MoriKondo .

  • StorenameMarusanpantry

    Foundation1952Netshop began three years ago.

    A kind of company: wholesale

  • Number of employeesThe whole:people(president1)store 5,Net shop3 (president1,program1,management acceptance of an order 1)Men 1 female 7An average age :around 30

  • Store capital about 10,000,000 yen

  • Yearly sales2,380,000,000 yen

    Net shop : Store =2 : 8

  • Current objectives of EC? Increase sales, reducing costs, increasing marketing channels, ... Increase saiespayroll costs

    Reducing costs:goods(increase) stock (decrease)

  • Targeting what customers? All or particular group of existing customers or potential customers... A housewife,Confectioner,andall.


  • Products and services Materials and the appliance

  • EC category - B2C or ... B2C and B2B.

  • Technologies in use - hardware, software, telecommunication, Internet, ...Technologies in use :FTTH

  • Business model - what collections of business process are combined for EC

  • Revenue model - what generates the EC profits of the EC? RakutenHPIt is easy to do order management.

  • 3: Any alliance or partnership? Transportation YamatoIts time iscollect.


  • 14: Shipping of products or services? Cars or mail

  • 15: Methods of EC payment? a credit card cash

  • 16: Language in use? japanese

  • 17: Resources allocated for EC? PCtwo use

  • 18: How was the EC developed? Outsourcing...Marusan asks Rakuten to make their web site completely.

    They use SSL( secure socket layer) system to save the customer's individual information.

    They are renewing the site by themselves.

  • 19: Investment in EC - money or capital %This was a company secret

  • 20: Web presence - Web category, auctions, virtual communities, blog, ...There belong to the virtual communities.

    In Rakuten, There are three rival companies now.

  • 21: Current performance of EC - amount of EC sales and % over its total salesThe amount of EC sales was over 100,0000 yen.

    That accounted for 20% in total sales.

  • 22: Future objectives of EC? Increase sales, reducing costs, increasing marketing channels, .. They want to increase salesinnetshop.

  • 23:Questions from SWOT analysisA strong point They can reduce the job space( Only 2 PC space ).They can sell the whole Japan( Such as Tokyo).

    A weak point The selling is lower than normals it.

  • A state of the order management in the net shopOnlythree employees