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<p>Marlene Hajjar Gharuzzedine </p> <p>Mrs. Hajjar Gharuzzedine started off her career in AUBMC in 1981 as a </p> <p>Registered Nurse. Through dedication and hard work she was continuously appreciated </p> <p>and promoted. She now holds the title of Nurse Shift Administrator. </p> <p>Described by her colleagues and supervisor as having exemplary leadership </p> <p>qualities, commitment to meeting goals and dedication to AUBMC makes Marlene stand </p> <p>out as an excellent mentor to many and a role model for service excellence. </p> <p>Marlenes favorite role is that of a Nurse. Although she is dedicated and values her </p> <p>Nurse Shift Administration role, she is most satisfied when she is offering service to </p> <p>patients. One of her fond memories which she places a great emphasis on is when in the </p> <p>1980s she took on the responsibility of a mentor for nurses on an awareness campaign </p> <p>about AIDS, a feared and mysterious virus that spread in the 1980s. Her role in that </p> <p>campaign was an exceptional and very important one to help Nurses at AUMBC as well </p> <p>as others throughout Lebanon to get familiar with dealing with this epidemic. </p> <p>Her dedication to this project is among the examples of her exemplary dedication </p> <p>to her profession and the institution she serves. </p>