Marketing to Millennials: Choosing Meerkat, Periscope, Vine, Instagram, or Snapchat

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<ol><li> 1. Marketing to Millennials Meerkat, Periscope, Vine Instagram, Snapchat by Sharon Dawson @TheeDesign </li><li> 2. Millennials are selfish consumers of social media Quote by Justin Lafazan from DMFB 2015 Conference </li><li> 3. Phone next to them when sleep On desk at work On table during meetings Average attention span: 8 seconds Millennials </li><li> 4. Where should I spend my time </li><li> 5. Meerkat vs Periscope </li><li> 6. Live Streaming Post when people can view Interesting Needs to be watched NOW Great for sports, political rally, breaking news </li><li> 7. Meerkat Darling of SXSW Blocked by Twitter when Twitter bought Periscope iPhone only </li><li> 8. Periscope Saves broadcast after over, so people can view later iPhone and Android Being adopted by celebrities &amp; events CNN Royal Correspondent Max Foster for Princess Charlottes birth </li><li> 9. Winner: Periscope Integrates with Twitter Save broadcast afterwards Keep an eye on YouTube to make a big play in this space </li><li> 10. Vine vs Instagram </li><li> 11. Vine vs Instagram Vine Instagram 20 million users 130 million users 6 seconds 15 seconds Loops videos Plays video once No filters 13 filters Share on Vine, FB, Twitter Share on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Email </li><li> 12. Winner: Instagram Millennials 2nd most popular social network Use existing account Filters for videos More time allotted 3 to 15 seconds </li><li> 13. Where should I spend my time </li><li> 14. Snapchat </li><li> 15. Build Your Story 31 Character Limit </li><li> 16. Users Majority between 13 to 25 70% are female 2/5 of 18 year olds use it multiple times a day </li><li> 17. Snapchat Private Add via smartphone only Must take pics in app No hashtags 31 Character limit </li><li> 18. Brands Taco Bell MTV Sour Patch Kids The Voice Grub Hub </li><li> 19. Instagram </li><li> 20. Users Ages 18-34 90% of users are under 35 68% female 23% of teens says is favorite social media </li><li> 21. Instagram #hashtag Add via smartphone only No ads allowed 3-15 second videos </li><li> 22. Brands National Geographic, Victorias Secret, Nike, Forever 21, Starbucks Videos: MTV, NBA, GoPro, Wendys, HBOs Girls </li><li> 23. Stay in Touch </li></ol>