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  • MARKETING FOR STARTUPS! Because if people dont know you exist, it really doesnt matter how much your product rocks!
  • Shira Abel ! CEO, Hunter & Bard! ! Marketing strategy! ! Marketing implementation! ! Full branding & design! ! Teach Marketing for Startups at StartHub (Tel Aviv/ Jaffa Academic College)! ! Mentor at: Google, Microsoft, Founder Institute, Seedcamp, & more! ! Cover Israeli startups for TNW!
  • A true unfair advantage is something that cannot be easily copied or bought.! - Jason Cohen!
  • @shiraabel! Agenda! ! Strategy! ! Alpha! ! Launch! ! Web / Tablet vs. Mobile! ! Building Marketing Into the Product! ! Branding! ! Product market t! !
  • @shiraabel! Whats Your Strategy!
  • @shiraabel! Example! ! ! Business Objective! Improve Financial Performance! Business Metric! Reduce Long-Term Dependence on Ads & Lower Overall Costs! Marketing Metric! Increase Relationship / Content Marketing Raise percentage of trafc from blog versus ads!
  • @shiraabel! Sample Marketing Strategies for Web! ! Become known as a ! product leader in a chosen niche (think Martha Stewart ! home, or Buffer social media management)! ! Increase average purchase rate (instore recommendations are great for this)! Create evangelists who will bring in a wider client base! Increase customer lifetime value by giving information that the customer values (creates loyalty / increases switching cost think Kissmetrics blog)!
  • @shiraabel! Sample Marketing Strategies for Apps! ! Create several free ! apps that have in-app advertisements directing to your paid app! ! Have your free app ! represent a much larger service (store, blog, service, company this is where the monetization is)! Have in-app revshare advertising and go for large numbers (Inneractive, Admob, etc.)! Have a free Lite and a Premium Paid version (Lite having advertising Premium having none)!
  • @shiraabel! Performance Measurement! ! Is your objective SMART: specic, measurable, attainable, realistic & time specic?! ! What are your strategic initiatives?! ! ! ! ! ! Build awareness! Expand distribution (i.e. increase downloads)! Build penetration! Build buying rate! Increase loyalty! ! Funnel e.g. when purchases through the app! ! ! ! ! ! Where do you want people to go?! What action do you want people to take? ! Track the movement! Conversion rate / A/B Testing! Test & iterate!
  • @shiraabel! Marketing for the Concept Phase! 1! Build the marketing into the product. Create an incentive to share. Make sharing easy.! 2! Get to know inuencers & media people on Twitter. Give a lot. Dont ask for anything.! 3! Test assumptions (cost, messaging, bundle mix, etc.). Mobile ads app/ Ads landing page!
  • @shiraabel! How to Test Your Idea - Web! ! Create a Minimal Viable Product MVP! ! Thisll be ugly and basic! ! Take people through the motions! ! Ads to landing pages to test messages see what people click on! ! Can build an entire product & takem down to BUY! ! Once product/market t has been reached do a Big Launch !
  • @shiraabel! How to Test Your Idea - Mobile! ! Create a rough app & have friends & family test via Testight (very beginning)! ! Make a MVP and launch in the app store of a smaller country only! ! Create a Minimal Viable Brand ! ! Purpose Why do we exist! ! Positioning Where do we t in the market! ! Personality How do we tell that story*! ! Once product/market t had been reached, build the main app and do a Big Launch !
  • @shiraabel! Alpha Phase! ! Start the blog with newsletter sign up (think Daniel Morrill & Mattermark)! ! Landing pages more sign ups! ! A/B test messaging & optimization using or (more sign ups)! ! Social outreach starts to the media! The point is to begin building an interest and an audience through good content before launch!
  • The Holy Trinity of Marke8ng Online @shiraabel! Earned Media / PR GREAT! PRODUCT! SEO / Ads / Affiliate Relationship Marketing
  • @shiraabel! The Holy Trinity of Mobile Marketing! Earned Media / PR! / Reviews! GREAT PRODUCT IS REQUIRED GREAT PRODUCT! SEO / Ads / ! Localization! Social Integration!
  • @shiraabel! After Product Market! ! Ask the media people and inuencers who now know you if they would be willing to check out your product & give feedback ! ! PR on a slow news day (avoid days where Apple announces anything, election days, CES, DLD, etc)! ! Send an announcement to the list youve been growing through the blog, ads, and social! ! Attempt an act of virility (I say attempt, because nothing is guaranteed)!
  • @shiraabel! Sample Tactics (not in order)! Mobile Ads (FB, Google & in complimentary apps)! PR (Media Kit recommended)! Facebook ! Podcast! YouTube! Twitter! Quora! LinkedIn! Blogging! Newsletter / Email (highest ROI of all digital media)! Google+! Games! Forums! White papers / Case studies! Peer review! Seeding posts! Infographics! E-book! Webinars! Community! Guest blogging ! Teleseminar! Afliate Marketing! Game elements (e.g. leader board, 80% signed up, awards for actions)! SEO / SEM! Pinterest! Blog commenting!
  • @shiraabel! Earned Media & PR! ! Brings big numbers all at once! ! Gives a spike of trafc! ! May not be aimed at the target market (i.e. much of the time TechCrunch isnt the target market, but its what VCs read & gives social proof)! ! Has a strong trust rate!
  • @shiraabel! Afliate, SEO & Media Buy (Ads)! ! ! ! ! ! Immediate! Targeted! Mobile has a stronger conversion than web! Strongest conversion is mobile FB! Costs (which is ne if you charge, could be a dilemma if youre free)! ! Doesnt build a relationship ! ! Has the lowest trust rate! ! Afliate needs to be well vetted in order to not destroy the brand!
  • @shiraabel! Relationship Marketing! ! ! ! ! ! ! Takes time! Builds the brand! Costs (yes, time is money)! Builds a relationship! Increases referral rate! One key point social needs to be built into the product!
  • Simplicity changes behavior.! - BJ Fogg!
  • @shiraabel! T-shirt Economy!
  • T-Shirt Economy ! Reputa8on based ! Incen8ves are about doing something for the love of it NOT nancial reward ! Easier to get someone to do something for free than for less money (e.g. lawyers would rather do pro bono than get paid less per hour for the same work) ! Changes the way we perceive the work we do ! When we already have our basic needs met, were more likely to do something for our own joy ! This is where the evangelists should be thats why not paying them is a good thing
  • @shiraabel! Financial Economy!
  • Financial Economy ! People judge if something is worth their 8me ! Become less enthusias8c if the work is not paid according to expecta8ons ! Make sure incen8ves are aligned with goals ! Proven to be a bad way to build incen8ves to get people to work harder ! Studies have shown that for cogni8ve work, a larger reward results in worse results ! Loss aversion, however, brings beZer results ! This will aect the aliates the most
  • @shiraabel! Priming!
  • Framing!
  • @shiraabel! Action Triggers! What gets your customer mo