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Amity Business School

SUBMITTED BY:Sunny verma 45 vivek Maurya 32 vikas Dubey 44 Ashish tiwari 35 Rohit Gulati 53

Amity Business School About MARG COMPUSOFT

COUNTER is a new product of MARG COMPUSOFT. Aim was to launch new software COUNTER. Basically it is a trading and accounting software.

Amity Business School

Objectives of the study Understanding the customer perception towards software. Understanding the customer response towards various accounting and inventories software. Knowledge of various kinds of software present here, their business locations, & employee structures.


DIRECT SALES Company is basically targeting pharmaceutical firms but now it has a plan to diversify in the sector of FMCG, readymade garments toys shops etc. Company has a sales force team which deals in the direct sales. There is a team leader under which there are 4 sales executive who deals in different areas of a particular territory.

SALES THROUGH DISTRIBUTOR In Delhi, company has 6 distributors covering North, South, East, West part of Delhi. And the profit margin is 60- 40 % .

Amity Business School

RESEARCH INSTRUMENT The research instrument consisted of personal interviews, which were guided by self prepared questionnaires. SAMPLING TECHNIQUE For the purpose of this survey non probability sampling technique was employed. SAMPLE SIZE As the area to be covered is large, sample size of approx 100 was taken.

Amity Business School Data AnalysisType of billing used by the consumer

Amity Business School

Different software used by the consumers

Amity Business School

Rating of existing software

Amity Business School

Software with SMS & EMAIL facilities

Amity Business School

Brand awareness of MARG COMPUSOFT PVT. LTD

Amity Business School

Awareness of MARG COMPUSOFT from different sources

Amity Business School

Software with no maintenance cost

Amity Business School

Software with free training and support

Amity Business School Conclusion Many of consumers are unaware of different inventory &stock software. Most of peoples are using other software they do not want to switch from one software to another. Lack of awareness and knowledge,in sector other than pharma they dont have any brand image. Our competitors also have good hold in market. They have to compete with major players like tally, busy easy Sol. Company is focusing only in Delhi region they should campaign through the country.

Amity Business SchoolRecommendation Company is giving preference to chemist shop they should also focus in Other segment. We should focus on untapped market. Company should invest little bit more in marketing of software. To survive in competitive environment company should provide effective services after selling the product, in order to retain the customer.

Company should promote its product by giving a brochures attached with newspaper. They can contract with local hawker.

Amity Business School