manifest destiny and the american dream

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Manifest Destiny and the American Dream


  • 1. Manifest Destiny and the American Dream

2. The beginning of Manifest Destiny
Lewis, Clark, and their guide Sacajawea.
The American Dream and Manifest Destiny go hand in hand and when the United States made the historic Louisianna purchase is when people really started to explore the new land.
3. John L Osullivan was the first person to make up the term manifest destiny in an article he was writing for a local newspaper.
4. The Gold Rush
When gold was discovered in California in 1849 the lure of striking gold and becoming rich was enough for many Americans to pick up and head west
5. During the period of Manifest Destiny many artists took advantage of this new era and created some of the best works of art capturing the American Dream in motion.
6. When the government made the Homestead Act of 1862 many American families living in the East Coast saw a chance to achieve their American Dreams out on the frontier.
7. The requirements of the Homestead Act were in order to own the land the person must build a home and live there for 5 years
8. Railroads played an important role in Manifest Destiny they gave opportunities to make money and offered transportation to the many Americans trying to make it westward.
9. During westward expanison many people trying to get west traveled on the many miles of rivers crisscrossing the united states, all of the traffic on the rivers created many cities still around today.
10. Many towns in the midwest and the west were founded by the massive amount of people arriving in the 1800s to pursue their American Dreams