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How to Make Your New Year Resolution Work for YouFor the majority of people, New Year resolutions are approached with great determination. That is until February rolls around. The truth of the matter is that New Year resolutions are rarely followed through with, often because of an all or nothing approach or for simply setting unrealistic expectations. Here are 3 things you should take into account in order to select a resolution you can actually stick to.1. Clearly Define Your GoalsThe very nature of the typical resolution is self-defeating, as it often leads people to select only their loftiest of goals. If for example youre ultimately wanting to be healthier in 2015 dont stop there and make that your goal. You are more likely to be successful if you get specific and determine the actions required to achieve your overall objective. So, rather than be healthy, you may choose a couple of specific goals to focus on that support the big picture such as cook dinner at home 5 nights per week or yoga 3 times per week. 2. Reality Check Your GoalsWhen selecting your goals for 2015, you need to make sure they are realistic for you to accomplish in a time frame that works for you. A big reason that people give up on pursuing a goal is when they dont see results fast enough. Take your current lifestyle and resources into account; are there any things you can see getting in the way of your success? Would you be able to get past them without derailing your efforts? 3. Set Up a Structure for SuccessAfter youve chosen a realistic goal for 2015, come up with a rough timeline or structure for meeting your goal. This will allow you to easily track your progress and see results quicker, keeping you incentivized to stick with it. When you reach a milestone, treat yourself to something you enjoy - like a massage or pedicure. That way youll feel good no matter where youre at in your progress.