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  • 1. Make your Idea a Commercial SuccessPath breaking inventions of the world have not necessarily been made by highly qualifiedor technically skilled people. Many have been done by a common man whose suddenflash of brilliance has seen unique and innovative products hitting the market. Thesemight not have assisted him to go to the moon or strike oil from the ocean floor. But inits own small way, it has helped to make our daily chores easier to perform. Theseinventions have quietly and surely made a mark and transformed into a commercialsuccess bringing laurels to the inventor.Now imagine that the inventor is you and you have an idea which you are confident willtake the world by storm. All that has to be done is to give it shape and form and bring itto a stage where it will have commercial viability. This is a technical matter and has tobe done by professionals with long years of experience of handling product designs.What are the steps involved in this process? First, approach a company with highcredibility in product design. They will have a team of designers and engineers havingexpertise in their related fields like mechanical, electrical, or electronics. This team hasthe ability to take a raw invention like your idea and send it through a series ofprocesses until it reaches the finished product stage and the market. This is what it is allabout marketability and profit earning.A good company will take your design through a process that is known as virtualprototyping. The prototype built is tested on real time situations by simulating theconditions it will ultimately be in. This is known as finite element analysis or feaservices. It makes an in depth study of the design and corrections, if required, are madethen and there. Flawed merchandise sent back to the drawing board results in wastageof valuable time and expenses. This system irons out all flaws at the initial stages only,avoiding traditional trial and error methods.The software used for this virtual simulation process is known as computational fluiddynamic or cfd services. It also reduces project costs as repeated testing and coursecorrections are not required. A design once finalized after going through the fea and cfdservices is totally fail safe and reliable. Using this method other parallel designs aretested and the one that matches your exact specifications and approval is taken forwardto its logical end.Focus Product Design is a firm that has mastered the use of fea services coupled withcfd services. They will offer various refinements of the design and advise you and guideyou in the manufacturing stage too. Their engineers are the best in the business and the

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