maintaining a positive cash flow

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  • Maintaining a Positive Cash Flow

    Positive cash flow the name sounds as if the company is making profit but it is not profit exactly. Positive cash flow topic is very confused by the people. Many people still think that positive cash flow is profit but it is not it is the time when the company expense is less than the earning that surely sounds like profit but it has more to it. Many people they get in to real estate business as we all know real estate is a very profitable business and it includes lots of money and you can earn a lot from it. Just like the other business the positive cash flow will either turn very lucky and profitable for you or can prove bad and become a failure.

    There is no proper clarification for what positive cash flow is it is basically in simple language you can say that it is the money left with you after you have cleared all the expenses or dues which were left or which were unpaid and after that whatever is left is known as positive cash flow. One way to look at managing and maintaining a positive cash flow is by applying principles similar to those required in managing your bank accounts.

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