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Magnetic field therapy is doctor-recommended and clinical tested. Read on to find out how does it work and its effectiveness to heal a body of pain and poor health. At the same time, take note of how to choose a device which is most suitable for you. Connect with me at if you enjoyed these slides.


  • 1. Alternative Treatment PublicationCompiled by: Dawn Ho1

2. Alternative Medicine by BurtonGoldberg can be picked up at anyof your nearest bookstore, or from the library. The next few slides will featureextracts from the book to explain how effective magnetic therapydoes healing and improveconditions.2 3. What is Magnetic Field Therapy?The use of magnets to generatecontrolled magnetic fields has provento one of the most effective means fordiagnosing illness. Humans need both internal andexternal sources of magnetic fields forsurvival. It has a limit to the amount of negative magnetic energy it can generate.Adding a negative magnetic field froma source outside the body can provide anti-stressful energy of sufficient strength for healing to occur.Magnetic field therapy is a methodthat penetrates the whole body and cantreat every organ without chemical side effects.3 4. Electromagnetic fields can pose aserious health hazardWe live in an environment that isfilled with stress-producing,electromagnetic fields generated by the electrical wiring in homes andoffices, microwaves and motors that can generate higher than naturally occurring gauss strengths.EMF has the potential to significantlylead to alternations in immune functions, grow cancers, learningdifficulties and tumor.Researchers suggest that magnetic therapy can be used to counter theeffects caused by the electromagneticpollution in the environment. 4 5. How Does Magnetic Field Therapy Help?Magnetic fields can stimulatemetabolism and increase theamount of oxygen available to cells. The negative pole calms neuronsand encourages rest relaxation andsleep.It counteracts stress by normalizing pH, corrects cellular edema, eliminates free radical, stimulates hormone production, and releasesmolecular oxygen.With magnetic field deficiencysyndrome, one may experienceinsomnia, chest pain, dizziness, constipation and general fatigue.5 6. How To Choose The RightMagnetic Field Therapy ForYourself?1. Choose a Bio-North magneticfield therapy. 2. The strength of a magnet is measured in gauss units. Every magnetic device has amanufacturers gauss rating.A recommended rating formagnets placed in pillow or bed pads should be between 800- 1200 gauss strength for a good healing effect on the body.3. The strength of the magnet alsodepends on its size andthickness. 6 7. Conditions Benefitted ByMagnetic Therapy Stress Heart Disease InfectionsPain and InjuriesThe main reasons is that magnetic therapy improves blood circulation which enables oxygen, minerals andblood cells to flow more effectively to affected areas for a faster bodyhealing. 7 8. The Future of Magnetic FieldTherapyMagnets are not the only valuableas a medically supervised technique, but for many self- help problems such asinsomnia, chronic pain andtension. As magnets do notintroduce any foreign substance to the body, this makes them safer over thelong-term than aspirin and other over-the-countermedications.8 9. Recommended ReadingsHealing with Magnets by GaryNullMagnet Therapy: An alternativeMedicine Definitive Guide byWilliam H.Philpott, M.DMagnet Therapy: The Pain CureAlternative by Ron Lawrence,M.DPain-free with Magnetic Therapyby Lara Owen 9