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Magazine Photo Selection

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Magazine Photo Selection

First we went through the images which we took on set , using the DSLR digital camera mostly and our smart phones.

We had a good idea of what photos we were going to take before the day of the shoot , we planned this successfully when we were mocking up what the magazine page would look like.

The next few slides show some examples of our decisions on picking out photos and why for the magazine page, also a few steps on editing the photos.

From this page we thought these two photos have the most potential for our magazine.I like the mystery from one and how they look like he is mid-acting. The other one is also one of our favourites –it has great potential and we thought the lighting was quite good.

From the next page of photos , we thought that these 3 photos also have a lot of potential for the magazine , one of our favourites is the one on the bottom row, we think it is interesting to show in our magazine the director positioning the camera the audience , showing Gabby who filmed Hostile Hospitality an idea for a good and potential shot, it shows good team work.

We also like these photos and think that they have real potential for the magazine, I think they show again team work and how the group worked successfully and well together. One of our favourites is the one of the director Dom helping out the actors and while Gabby took the photo for the magazines, it shows Dom working well as a director.

Another few potential photos, we couldn’t decide whether to include the photo of the food / breakfast laid out but we thought they were positively mysterious and may benefit in the magazine spread.

Editing Example of how we used Adobe Photoshop

Here it shows how I first have done a duplicate layer of the background.

Then, I used levels to adjust the mid tones.

Then I decided to use curves to up the contrast slightly.

Here, I did a duplicate layer of the background.

I used levels again and adjusted the mid tones

This photo has already improved , we used curves and upped the contrast slightly.

This is the final edited photo we most likely will use this photo for the magazine page.

This is an example of another finished edited photo which is potentially going to be used on our magazine page.