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    CONGRATULATIONS! Youre a senior! This is your year. You will make so many memories this year, and Im honored that youre considering me to be part of it. There is nothing I love more than working with high school seniors!

    What can you expect from Mad Photo? I What can you expect from Mad Photo? I offer a boutique photography experience. That means that every moment, from booking your session to getting your gorgeous custom productcustom products, is completely customized to YOU. Professional portraits are a big deal--I get it! Ill work with you to choose the perfect outfits, locations, makeup and hairstyles so you never have to wonder. Call me, text me, email me -- when you pay for a Mad Photo & Design photography experience you truly get an experiencean experience that you wont forget.

    Id love to work with you!

  • Interested in booking? Well have a pre-session consultation. This is a great opportunity to meet, and for you to ask any questions you may have! We can do this in person, via email, on the phone, or through Skype.

    Senior session dates in the summer and fall book up fast! Senior session dates in the summer and fall book up fast! As soon as you are ready to book your date, give me a call or shoot me an email. Youll sign a contract and pay your non-refundable session fee. We can work out a payment plan if youd like. Then the planning begins!

    Professional photography is a big deal. Its an investment! Your senior photos happen ONCE, so when you do them, they shouldbe done right. When you invest in professional photography, those photos deserve professional printing and high-quality products. You deserve to have those prints for years, so your family can cherish them forever.

    Mad Photo and Design is a full seMad Photo and Design is a full service photography studio. I will be with you from your initial consultation, to when we hang yourproducts on your shelves or display them on your walls. Im so excited to offer actual product to clients, knowing theyll be able to immediately enjoy their images in their homes!

  • Its time for your Reveal Party! Well gather at your home or my studio and at your home or my studio and Ill premiere all of your photos. Well figure out your favorites, decide what products you love, and even design an album or wall art grouping for you to order! A few weeks later, your products will be ready for pickup or delivery, and you barely lift a finger.

    Get ready for a crazy fun day! We will shoot for 1-4 hours and hit up a variety of locations to ensure you have a ton of unique images to choose from. Before were done for the day, well set a date 2-4 weeks later for your Reveal Party!

    ...So when you do them, they should be done right. When you invest in professional photography, those photos deserve professional printing and high-quality products. You deserve to have those prints for years,

    so your family can cherish them forever.

    Youll fill out a questionairre so I can find out more about you, and well chat about how we can customize your session. Well also finalize outfits, locations, and your hair and makeup artist if youve booked one.

  • Have you ever had a photo taken of yourself that you just hated? The light was bad, you looked 10 lbs, heavier than you really were, your skin looked shiney. The worst, right!? When you select a professional and experienced senior portrait photographer, this shouldnt happen! The camera only adds 10 lbs. when the photographer doesnt know what theyre doing. Trust me--I know all of the best angles and poses to position you so you look your very best! You dont have to worry about taking a bad photo!

    Its important to me that I capture your senior portrait perfectly from the start. I pride myself on capturing close to perfect images straight out of the camera by constantly using my tools to the best of my ability. By capturing correct colors, lighting, exposure, pose, and composition, Im able to use minimal but striking edits so you still look like you - just the very best version of you.

    On the next few pages, Im exposing a few raw images, straight out of the camera, so you can judge them for yourself and see that all lengths are gone to in order to ensure your images are fabulous from start to finish, and the final project is the best reflection of you.

  • If you love nature and the look of tall grass and open fields, lets check out a rural setting! I have some great options, and they always look a little different to make sure your photos are totally unique.

    PPretty dresses look great in rural lo-cations, but skinny jeans and chunky sweaters are also fabulous, especially for fall. Well talk before your shoot to make sure you have everything we could need!

  • Well embrace alleys and rooftops and parking garages to get a cool, urban feel if you love that look for your senior photos. Ive got great spots that you will love for that chic, yet grungy look.

    I love how more formal outfits look in urban settingI love how more formal outfits look in urban settings, so grab your little black dress and some heels or glitzy flats and well get to work! Here, I loved how Quinci rocked a floral kimono and sparkly sandals. Really, anything goes!

  • I love when seniors make their shoot really about them! If you havea location in mind for senior photos that means something to you - lets do it! If youre a swimmer, lets do some at the pool; if youre a track star, lets hit the track. Love ice cream and want to get a few shots at a parlor? Crazy for coffee and have a

    cafe in mind? We can do anything!

  • Before your session, well be in touch whenever you need me. Ill

    be sending you emails in the days and weeks leading up to your

    session with tips on how to prepare, like if a faux tan is a good

    idea, or if you should do your nails.

    Whether you need a second opinion when shopping for your Whether you need a second opinion when shopping for your

    wardorbe, or want to text me quick the night before your session

    when youre packing up the car. Ill help you pick the perfect

    outfits for the locations you chose, and well make sure the

    accessories you have are perfect, too.

    So many details go into making your senior portraits amazing! I dont expect

    you to know exactly what youre doing--youve never done this before! Thats

    what youve got me for. Ill be with you throughout the planning process to

    make sure if you have any questions about what to wear or how to do your

    hair, theyre answered.

  • Theres a lot that you can forget about in prepping for your

    senior shoot. Im here so that doesnt happen. My prep

    emails and the chats well have before the day of your

    session will leave you feeling fully prepared so you arent

    scrambling the night before. Then, its one less thing to

    worry about during your session. You can focus on having

    fun, and Ill do the rest!

    Well talk before your session about your style and what

    kinds of clothes you like to wear. Are you a tomboy? A fash-

    ionista? Something inbetween? Ill make sure that not only

    do your clothes make you look and feel happy and confi-

    dent, but they also look fabulous on the camera

  • Some girls are nervous that having a hair and makeup artist

    will make them look too done up, but this could not be less

    true! The right artist will enhance your natural beauty; not

    change the way you look.

    Your hair and makeup is a personal choice and truly up

    to you. However, most of the girls I work with absolutely

    love getting their hair and makeup professionally done!

    Theres something about a few hours of pampering before

    your session that make it really feel like the day is all

    about you--because it is! My hair and makeup artists are

    extraordinarily talented and have years of experience. Id

    love to pass along their information and set you up with love to pass along their information and set you up with

    them so you can really have an amazing senior portrait


  • Sessions consist of a creative fee and a la carte collections.

    Creative fees are non-refundable and hold your date so I book

    no other clients. They include a pre-session consultation, my time

    and talent during your session, and your super fun Reveal and

    Ordering Party where we unveil your images.





  • One of my favorite parts of senior sessions actually comes a

    couple weeks later at the Premiere Ordering Session. Here, well

    go through all your images for the first time! Well choose favorites

    and discuss how you want to display your photos. Do you need

    graduation invitations? Gift prints for friends and family? A display

    for your party? A guest book? There are so many fun options, and

    Ill help you decide what is best for your family.

    Anything that you order at this session is custom designed for yoAnything that you order at this session is custom designed for you.

    I dont send you home after your session with a DVD of images

    that you wont look at for months; we make sure right away that

    your photos get printed and enjoyed. This also means no

    scrambling to print anything the week before your graduation

    party! Less stress and way more fun for