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<ul><li><p>Login or Signup</p><p>PRODUCT REVIEWS NEWS VIDEOS FEATURES DEALS 236 K 95 K 26 K</p><p>Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Guide | Page 2 | Digital Trends</p><p>1 of 8 25/03/14 21.27</p></li><li><p>Before we dive straight into the big list, we thought itd be nice to highlight some of the most usefulshortcuts in a table of their own. Not only are these the most handy of the bunch, but theyre also themost simple to remember many of the shortcuts use keys that correspond with the first letter oftheir function (command+q = quit, for example).</p><p>Key combination What it doesCommand A Select allCommand C CopyCommand V PasteCommand X CutCommand S SaveCommand Q QuitCommand N NewCommand Z Undo/RedoCommand M Minimize windowCommand W Close windowCommand P PrintCommand F Find</p><p>In addition to the shortcuts listed above, you should also learn the standard commands formanipulating text. If you do a lot of word processing and writing on your Mac, memorizing theseshortcuts will save you time by eliminating the need to take your hands off the keyboard. </p><p>Key combination What it doesCommand B BoldCommand I ItalicizeCommand U Underline</p><p>And now, the big list:</p><p>Finder Shortcuts</p><p>Key combination What it does</p><p>Command-ASelect all items in the front Finder window (ordesktop if no window is open)</p><p>Command-Option-A Deselect all itemsCommand-Shift-A Open the Applications folderCommand-C Copy selected item/text to the ClipboardCommand-Shift-C Open the Computer windowCommand-D Duplicate selected itemCommand-Shift-D Open desktop folderCommand-E EjectCommand-F Find any matching Spotlight attributeCommand-Shift-F Find Spotlight file name matches</p><p>Command-Option-FNavigate to the search field in an already-openSpotlight window</p><p>Command-Shift-G Go to Folder</p><p>Command-Shift-HOpen the Home folder of the currently logged-inuser account</p><p>Command-I Get InfoCommand-Option-I Show Inspector</p><p>LATEST COMPUTING NEWS</p><p>MORE COMPUTING NEWS</p><p>LATEST LAPTOP REVIEWS</p><p>PWN YOUR MAC WITH THE BEST OS X KEYBOARDSHORTCUTSBy Drew Prindle July 19, 2013</p><p>Tumblr improves security withaddition of two-factorauthentication</p><p>Google is rolling out GoogleNow Cards for the desktopversion of Chrome</p><p>The BatteryBox promises todouble your MacBook Airsbattery life</p><p>Small PC Computers bumpsup the CPU in their durableiBrick rigs with Haswell chips</p><p>Malwarebytes Anti-MalwarePremium to offer long-termWindows XP support</p><p>Best educational games forkids</p><p>Best free music players forMac OS X</p><p>Acer Travelmate X313 review</p><p>Our Score</p><p>Dell XPS 13 (2014) review</p><p>Our ScoreViewer Score</p><p>Toshiba Kirabook (2014) review</p><p>Our Score</p><p>PRODUCT REVIEWS NEWS VIDEOS FEATURES DEALS 236 K 95 K 26 K</p><p>Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Guide | Page 2 | Digital Trends</p><p>2 of 8 25/03/14 21.27</p></li><li><p>Command-J Show View OptionsCommand-K Connect to ServerCommand-Shift-K Open Network windowCommand-L Make alias of the selected itemCommand-M Minimize windowCommand-Option-M Minimize all windowsCommand-N New Finder windowCommand-Shift-N New folderCommand-Option-N New Smart FolderCommand-O Open selected itemCommand-Shift-Q Log outCommand-Shift-Option-Q Log out immediatelyCommand-R Show original (of alias)Command-T Add to SidebarCommand-Shift-T Add to FavoritesCommand-Option-T Hide Toolbar / Show Toolbar in Finder windowsCommand-Shift-U Open Utilities folderCommand-V PasteCommand-W Close windowCommand-Option-W Close all windowsCommand-X CutCommand-Option-Y Slideshow (Mac OS X v10.5 or later)Command-Z Undo / RedoCommand-1 View as IconCommand-2 View as ListCommand-3 View as ColumnsCommand-4 View as Cover Flow (Mac OS X v10.5 or later)Command-Comma (,) Open Finder preferencesCommand-Accent (`) (the Accent key aboveTab key on a US English keyboard layout)</p><p>Cycle through open Finder windows</p><p>Command-Shift-Question Mark (?) Open Mac HelpCommand-Left Bracket ([) Go to the previous folderCommand-Right Bracket (]) Go to the next folderCommand-Up Arrow Open the folder that contains the current folder</p><p>Command-Control-Up ArrowOpen the folder that contains the current folder in anew window</p><p>Command-Down Arrow Open highlighted itemCommand-Shift-Up Arrow Make the desktop activeRight Arrow (in List view) Open the selected folderLeft Arrow (in List view) Close the selected folderOption-click the disclosure triangle (in List view) Open all folders within the selected folder</p><p>Optiondouble-clickOpen a folder in a separate window, closing thecurrent window</p><p>Commanddouble-click Open a folder in a separate windowCommand-click the window title See the folders that contain the current windowCommand-Tab Switch application cycle forwardCommand-Shift-Tab Switch application cycle backwardCommand-Delete Move to TrashCommand-Shift-Delete Empty TrashCommand-Shift-Option-Delete Empty Trash without confirmation dialogSpace bar (or Command-Y) Quick Look (Mac OS X v10.5 or later)</p><p>Command key while draggingMove dragged item to other volume/location (pointericon changes while key is held see this article)</p><p>Option key while draggingCopy dragged item (pointer icon changes while keyis held see this article)</p><p>Command-Option key combination whiledragging</p><p>Make alias of dragged item (pointer icon changeswhile key is held see this article)</p><p> Startup Shortcuts</p><p>MORE LAPTOP REVIEWS</p><p>TECH NEWS FROM OUR PARTNERS</p><p>SectionsProduct ReviewsMobileComputingHome TheaterPhotographyCarsGamingSocial MediaHomeCool TechSports</p><p>Review CategoriesCell Phone ReviewsTV ReviewsCamera ReviewsLaptop ReviewsTablet ReviewsCar ReviewsGame ReviewsRefrigerator ReviewsDishwasher ReviewsWashing Machine ReviewsDryer Reviews</p><p>The Best of EverythingBest Cell PhonesBest TVsBest HeadphonesBest CamerasBest LaptopsBest Desktop PCsBest TabletsDetroit Auto Show</p><p>MoreAdvertiseAbout UsContact UsCorrectionsPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseJobsThe Manual</p><p>RSSTwitterFacebookGoogle+Pinterest</p><p>Straightforward product reviews, reliable technology news, and tools to navigatethe digital world.</p><p>Signup for Digital Trends Newsletter, its FREE!</p><p>Sign Up</p><p>Copyright 2014 Designtechnica Corporation. 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Open the applications help in Help ViewerCommand-Option-/ Turn font smoothing on or offCommand-Shift-= Increase the size of the selected itemCommand-Shift-3 Capture the screen to a fileCommand-Shift-Control-3 Capture the screen to the ClipboardCommand-Shift-4 Capture a selection to a fileCommand-Shift-Control-4 Capture a selection to the Clipboard</p><p>Command-AHighlight every item in a document or window, or all characters in atext field</p><p>Command-B Boldface the selected text or toggle boldfaced text on and offCommand-C Copy the selected data to the ClipboardCommand-Shift-C Display the Colors windowCommand-Option-C Copy the style of the selected text</p><p>Command-Control-CCopy the formatting settings of the selected item and store on theClipboard</p><p>Command-Option-D Show or hide the Dock</p><p>Command-Control-DDisplay the definition of the selected word in the Dictionaryapplication</p><p>Command-D</p><p>Selects the Desktop folder in Open and Save dialogsorSelects Dont Save in dialogs that contain a Dont Save button, inMac OS X v10.6.8 and earlier</p><p>Command-DeleteSelects Dont Save in dialogs that contain a Dont Save button, inOS X Lion and Mountain Lion</p><p>Command-E Use the selection for a findCommand-F Open a Find windowCommand-Option-F Move to the search field controlCommand-G Find the next occurrence of the selectionCommand-Shift-G Find the previous occurrence of the selectionCommand-H Hide the windows of the currently running applicationCommand-Option-H Hide the windows of all other running applicationsCommand-I Italicize the selected text or toggle italic text on or offCommand-Option-I Display an inspector windowCommand-J Scroll to a selectionCommand-M Minimize the active window to the DockCommand-Option-M Minimize all windows of the active application to the DockCommand-N Create a new document in the frontmost application</p><p>Command-ODisplay a dialog for choosing a document to open in the frontmostapplication</p><p>Command-P Display the Print dialog</p><p>PRODUCT REVIEWS NEWS VIDEOS FEATURES DEALS 236 K 95 K 26 K</p><p>Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Guide | Page 2 | Digital Trends</p><p>5 of 8 25/03/14 21.27</p></li><li><p>Command-S Save the active documentCommand-Shift-S Display the Save As dialogCommand-T Display the Fonts windowCommand-Option-T Show or hide a toolbarCommand-U Underline the selected text or turn underlining on or offCommand-V Paste the Clipboard contents at the insertion pointCommand-Option-V Apply the style of one object to the selected object (Paste Style)</p><p>Command-Shift-Option-VApply the style of the surrounding text to the inserted object (Pasteand Match Style)</p><p>Command-Control-VApply formatting settings to the selected object (Paste RulerCommand)</p><p>Command-W Close the frontmost windowCommand-Shift-W Close a file and its associated windowsCommand-Option-W Close all windows in the application without quitting itCommand-X Remove the selection and store in the Clipboard</p><p>Command-ZUndo previous command (some applications allow for multipleUndos)</p><p>Command-Shift-ZRedo previous command (some applications allow for multipleRedos)</p><p>Control-Right Arrow Move focus to another value or cell within a view, such as a tableControl-Left Arrow Move focus to another value or cell within a view, such as a tableControl-Down Arrow Move focus to another value or cell within a view, such as a tableControl-Up Arrow Move focus to another value or cell within a view, such as a tableCommand-Right Arrow Move the text insertion point to the end of the current lineCommand-Left Arrow Move the text insertion point to the beginning of the current lineCommand-Down Arrow Move the text insertion point to the end of the documentCommand-Up Arrow Move the text insertion point to the beginning of the documentOption-Right Arrow Move the text insertion point to the end of the next wordOption-Left Arrow Move the text insertion point to the beginning of the previous wordCommand-Shift-Right Arrow Select text between the insertion point and the end of the current</p><p>line (*)</p><p>Command-Shift-Left ArrowSelect text between the insertion point and the beginning of thecurrent line (*)</p><p>Shift-Right Arrow Extend text selection one character to the right (*)Shift-Left Arrow Extend text selection one character to the left (*)</p><p>Command-Shift-Up ArrowSelect text between the insertion point and the beginning of thedocument (*)</p><p>Command-Shift-Down ArrowSelect text between the insertion point and the end of the document(*)</p><p>Shift-Up ArrowExtend text selection to the line above, to the nearest characterboundary at the same horizontal location (*)</p><p>Shi...</p></li></ul>