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Protects controlled substance infusions from tampering and diversion.


  • 50mL 500mL 1,000mL250mL100mL

    Lock-To-Pole IV Lock Boxes


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    Protects controlled substance infusions from tampering and diversion.

    Dual clamps on the inside of the box snap onto the pole. When the door is closed and secured, the box is locked onto the pole and cannot be removed without access to the inside of the box.

    Clamps are molded from a non-slip rubber to keep the box from sliding.

    Made of Clear, durable PETG plastic. This IV Lock Box is built to take a beating!

    Standard key or keyless digital lock options.

    Keyless Entry Digital Lock uses a four-digit code and offers immediate access control with three levels of user admittance (no audit trail).

    Accommodates IV bag sizes up to 1,000mL. (Ports will be outside the box on 1,000mL IV bags.)

    Locks to poles up to 78" Dia. Dimensions: 712"W x 1012"H x 412"D


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    For a comprehensive video and additional product information, go to http://gohcl.com/ivb

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    Presorted Std.US Postage

    PAID Columbus Ohio Permit No. 7536



    Great for securing those

    outlier infusions!

    Lock-To-Pole IV Lock BoxesItem No. Description Price Each

    A 17958 Lock-To-Pole IV Lock Box with Keyless Entry Digital Lock $176.00B 17938 Lock-To-Pole IV Lock Box with Key Lock 99.00


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