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Introduction to lock picking given at Barcamp 10/2010


  • 1. Lock Picking
    How to pick locks and not be arrested

2. Who the fuck am i?
Organizer of Rochester 2600
A founding member of Interlock Rochester
Lock picking enthusiast (but newb)
Infosec Addict
Enjoy stuff Im not supposed to do
3. References
Get this book:
Practical Lock Picking A Physical Penetration Testers Training Guide by Deviant Ollam
4. Too[o]ls
5. Legality of Lock Picking
NYS law says you are allowed to own lock pick sets.
It is illegal to break into a lock that is not your own
It is illegal to have intent to break into a lock that is not your own
It is illegal to advertise locksmith services without a locksmith license
It is illegal to stab someone with a lock pick
Consolidated Laws of New York - PEN Title I - Article 140 - Section 140.35 - Possession of burglar's tools. A person is guilty of possession of burglar's tools when he possesses any tool, instrument or other article adapted, designed or commonly used for committing or facilitating offenses involving forcible entry into premises, or offenses involving larceny by a physical taking, or offenses involving theft of services as defined in subdivisions four, five and six of section 165.15, under circumstances evincing an intent to use or knowledge that some person intends to use the same in the commission of an offense of such character. Possession of burglar's tools is a class A misdemeanor.
6. Wafer Locks
7. Wafer Locks
8. Pin tumbler Locks
9. Pin Tumbler Locks
Driver Pins
Key Pins
10. Pin Tumbler Locks
11. Pin Tumbler Locks
12. Pin tumbler Locks
13. Lock Picking
14. Pin Tumbler Locks
15. Lifting
16. Raking
18. Shimming
19. Shimming
20. Shimming
21. Shimming
22. Hand Cuffs
23. 24. RATCHET
25. 26. 27. 28. Interlock
Lock pick workshop Nov 5th
29. Questions and comments