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DESCRIPTION Learn How to Have the Best Home Based Business using simple Network Marketing Tips and Live the Shaklee Dream.


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Live Your Dream

Travel to Exotic Places

Career with Purpose

Enjoy Financial Security

Experience the Lifestyle

Meet Shaklee

Whats in It for You?

Benefit from Helping Others

1. Join as a GOLD Ambassador

2. Shaklee-ize Your Home

3. Share Products & Opportunity

Start to Earn Money Right Away

Power Bonuses

Learn as You Earn

Reach Rank of Director

Get on the FastTRACKTM

Be Recognized for Your Efforts

Earn New Director Trip

FastTRACK to Senior Director

Drive a New Car at Sr. Director

FastTRACK to Coordinator

Qualify on FastTRACK for 2

Its a Dream Come True

Live the Shaklee Lifestyle

FastTRACK to Sr. Coordinator

FastTRACK to Executive Coordinator

Attend Future Masters Training

Qualify for Achievers Club Trip

Enjoy the Magic

Live it as a Master Coordinator

Become a Believer in Possibilities

Begin to Build Your Team

Live Your Dream

Annual Average Income by Rank ANNUAL AVERAGE INCOME BY RANK U.S.A Real People Making Real MoneySHAKLEE STAIRWAY OF SUCCESS*Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on Form 1099-MISC for all U.S. Business Leaders who achieved the rank that month. The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported above. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.DirectorSenior DirectorCoordinatorSeniorCoordinatorExecutiveCoordinatorSeniorExecutiveCoordinatorKey CoordinatorSenior Key Coordinator Master CoordinatorPresidential Master Coordinator$10,629$21,768$39,019$102,121$218,026$14,045$67,794$113,177$56,760$598,037Senior Master CoordinatorNew RankFigures based on 2009 earnings*