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  • Introduction We hope that you find the following recipes as starting point from which to build a completely customized repertoire for your troop. Some of these recipes are traditional scouting recipes, and some are new favorites. Some contain nuts, gluten, carbs, and other allergens. Make changes. Encourage safe exploration. Involve everyone. Please, find what works for your girls! Providing food that is of four key parameters: appropriate portion size, pleasing taste, proper nutrition, and simple preparation, will keep your troops spirits elevated while they work, volunteer, and play! Bon Apptit!

  • GORP Good Old Raisins and Peanuts

    Start with a carbohydrate (For fast fuel): Flavored Cheerios Frosted mini-wheats Chex Mini-pretzels Goldfish Add some protein (So it lasts): Pumpkin Seeds Sunflower Seeds Peanuts Cashews Add something sweet (Yummy!): Dried fruit MnMs Peanut butter chips Shredded coconut Fruit Gummies Banana chips Mix your choices together in a large bowl. Hand each girl a zipper baggie and write her name on it. Scoop some into each bag. Enjoy throughout the day. Authors Note: I have fond memories of making GORP when I was a Girl Scout. Back then, we didnt have this magical Trail Mix stuff that you could buy, so we made our own. When I was a Brownie, it was just three things: Cheerios, Raisins, and Peanuts. But these days you can make it with just about anything the girls enjoy. It can be a treat or a meal. Be aware that on hot days, chocolate will melt. Remind girls to always get their bags in the trash. I try to use items without high fructose corn syrup.

  • Breakfast Ideas Bagels

    Slice bagels Serve with nut butter, jelly, cream cheese, or butter Top with ham or turkey or sliced hard boiled eggs

    Yogurt Bar

    Buy Greek yogurt in individual containers Store in cooler Out and About: Sprinkle in granola, honey, nuts, or fresh sliced fruit

    Breakfast Rice

    Put a freezer zipper bag in a girls bowl or plate for support Combine:

    o 1 cup instant brown rice o cup dried fruit o cup chopped pecans o 2 TBSP sugar o 1 tsp cinnamon o Other things can be added: butter, brown sugar, dried milk

    Leader microwave or heat on electric skillet, water to almost boiling Add 1 1/4 cup of hot, but not boiling, water Seal, let simmer 10 minutes until rice is done

  • Lunch Ideas Tuna Salad on the Hoof

    Snip the corner of a pouch of tuna and drain liquid, away from camp so you dont attract critters

    Cut pouch open at top Mix in one packet of mayo and one packet of pickle relish Stir and eat on crackers

    Walking Salad

    In a zipper baggie: Add a selection of sliced veggies (carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes)

    Add a cheese stick Add a squirt of ranch dressing for dipping

    Pasta Salad

    In a zipper baggie, combine: o Pre-cooked bowtie pasta o Crumbled bacon o Chopped red bell pepper o Chopped carrots o Black olives o Italian dressing o Shredded parmesan cheese

    Out and About: Shake, enjoy out of the bag Burritos

    Open a can of refried beans. Spread beans on a flour tortilla Drizzle taco sauce from a taco sauce packet over the top Add grated cheddar, chopped onions, sour cream through the middle Roll up

  • Veggie Pita Chop up a variety of veggies, including yellow bell pepper, cucumber,

    carrots, spinach

    Scoop hummus into a zipper bag and seal Out and About: Open 1 pita and add mixture of veggies inside Add 1 slice of cheese Squirt hummus into the pita

    Ants on a Log Wash and cut celery into 3 inch sticks Spread nut butter on the celery Place 4 raisins on top

    Ants Goin Tubin Wash, core, and slice apple into about 6 rings Spread nut butter on one side of each ring Place raisins on top of nut butter

    PBBJ Sandwiches Using raisin bread, spread nut butter on one slice Spread jam on the other slice

    Slice bananas and layer on nut butter Put two slices together

    Squirt Crackers

    Put 8 crackers in a zipper baggie Spoon 3 TBSP nut butter into another snack size zipper baggie Spoon 3 TBSP fruit spread into another zipper baggie Zip bags closed and put all three in paper bag Each girl carries her own paper bag Out and About: Snip off corner of nut butter and fruit bags Girls can squirt out nut butter and jelly on their crackers

  • Dinner Ideas

    Cracker Barrel

    Bring a mixture of crackers: Ritz, Cheese-its, Water Crackers, WheatThins

    And sliced cheeses: Cheddar, Jalapeno Jack, Queso Fresco Cut up meats: Ham, Turkey, Summer Sausage Bring additional treats: Apple Slices, Bread n Butter Pickles, Yellow Pepper Out and About: Let the girls assemble on trays, supervising them as

    appropriate Everyone gets a portion. Girls will eat more than you expect! Bring plenty!

    Tacos Cook meat at home with taco spices and store in zipper bag in a cooler Leader microwave or heat meat over electric skillet in a pan Use corn taco shells or flour tortillas Serve with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and salsa

    Chicken with Rice Put a freezer zipper bag in a girls bowl or on plate for support Add cup instant rice Add 1 TBSP cream of mushroom soup

    Cut the corner off a pouch of chunk chicken meat and drain Add chunk chicken to the bag Leader microwave or heat over electric skillet, water to almost boiling Add 1 cup of hot, but not boiling, water Close Zipper and let sit and cook until rice is done, about 5 minutes

    Pizza Split English Muffin by pressing fingers into the sides and then giving a

    little twist, like opening a jar

    On one slice: spread on pizza sauce Place 4 slices of pepperoni or sliced ham if you want Sprinkle on grated cheese

  • Desserts No Bake Cookies

    Mix together: o cup nut butter o 1/3 cup honey o 1 cup old fashioned oats o 1 tsp vanilla extract o 6 TBSP chocolate chips or dried fruit

    Crush 8 oz. package of vanilla wafers to make 2 cups crumbs Make small balls of the mixture and roll in crumbs. Chill if possible

    Trail Pudding

    Per 2 scouts: 1 small package of instant pudding (any flavor) cup powdered milk 2 cups cold water Mix together in a container with a sealing lid or a large zippered baggie Make sure container is sealed well Shake shake shake for about 2 minutes Split into individual bowls

    Banana Pudding

    Mix 1 large box of instant vanilla pudding per directions Layer vanilla wafers, pudding, banana slices in individual bowls Sprinkle with crushed wafers and top with whipped cream Let set for 5 minutes

    Smores Pudding

    Mix 1 large box of instant chocolate putting per directions Layer cookies, (Graham or GS Cookies), pudding, and mini-marshmallows

    in individual bowls Sprinkle with crushed cookies on top Maybe even add grated chocolate on the top! Let set for 5 minutes

  • Fruit Trifle Mix 1 large box of instant white chocolate pudding per directions Combine with small tub of whipped topping Layer in a large dish:

    o Peach slices, drained if using canned o Grapes cut in half o Strawberries, washed and sliced o Ladyfingers or cubed angel food cake

    Top with vanilla pudding mixture Chill if possible

    Krispy Protein Bars

    To be done before event Place TBSP butter and 40 large Marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl Heat for about 45 seconds until melted Stir in 4 cups of Rice Krispies Add 1 cup unsalted cashews or other nuts Add 1 cup dried cranberries or dried fruit Spread out onto a 15 x 10 pan lined with parchment paper Allow to cool Cut into 24 squares, wrap in parchment paper and then place in a snack

    size zipper bag

    Each girl carries her own Breezy Cherry Pies

    Split English Muffin by pressing fingers into the side and then giving a little twist, like opening a jar

    On one half spread 2 TBSP of cherry pie filling Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg Add one pat of butter Close EM back together and seal in a zipper baggie On a warm day, the butter will melt while you hike

  • Drinks Russian Tea

    2 Cups powdered orange drink (like Tang) 1 Cup powdered lemonade drink mix 1 Cup powdered, unsweetened tea 1 TBSP ground cloves Store in an airtight container To make one serving, place 2 or 3 TBSP of the powder in a mug and add

    one cup of water Sun Tea

    8 tea bags 1 gallon jug of water Tip a little of the water out of the jug. Tuck teabags in the water jug, making sure the tabs stay out Seal tightly Set container outside in the sun for most of the day Add sugar as desired Try other flavors: Raspberry, Chai, Orange

    THANK YOU! A special thank you is extended to all the contributors of recipes for this book.