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Hadoop Analytics Tools that adds value to Big data

Leverage Big Data With Hadoop Analytics Presentation by Ravi NambooriVisit us @ http://ravinamboori.in

Big Data Big data is really big, reaping value from lots of data is a real challenge for enterprise that practice Big data.Enterprises are collecting huge amount of data from various sources, but failing to evaluate it properly and use it for data analytics and business decisions. It is necessary for enterprises to analyze the data efficiently and derive workable business strategies that drives business performance. Big data can be best leveraged with efficient predictive analytics tools and gain deeper insights in to customer preferences and market dynamics.

HadoopHadoop is java based open-source software framework that allows users to store and process large sets of data in distributed environment by making use of simple programming models.Hadoop has introduced large amount of tools that enables global enterprises to reap the real value from the Big data analytics.

Apache Spark Apache Spark is an open-source in-memory data processing engine built to enable data scientists to efficiently implement fast iterative algorithms for sophisticated analytics capabilities. Spark running on Apache Hadoop YARN empowers developers to create applications that exploits real power of Big data and gain deeper insights in to business.Spark enriches the data science workloadsIt significantly enhances the productivity of data scientists

IBM BigInsightsIBM BigInsights is an industry standard open-source software that helps enterprises to efficiently manage and analyze the big data while lowering costs.Supports big data analysis with advanced analytics developed on Hadoop technologyDelivers performance and ensures security to on-premise deployments in enterprise infrastructureIt brings enhanced performance and usability of tools Increases security and reliability in large scale deployments

KuduKudu is a new Hadoop storage engine that provides fast analytics combined with real-time capabilities in Hadoop.

Empowers developers to efficiently execute wide range of activities such as online reporting, time series analysis and machine data analytics. It efficiently detects real-time frauds Brings online market data reporting capabilitiesHelps business managers to promote loyalty offers based on the location

Map ReduceMapReduce is a software framework enables developers to write applications that process large sets of unstructured and structured data stored in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). It makes the job easy for developers by allowing them to write applications in their language of choice which includes Java, python or C++.It efficiently manages task scheduling, monitoring and re-schedules the failed tasks.Scalability and speed are the prime factors that MapReduce brings to enterprises.

Thank youPresentation by Ravi NambooriVisit us @ http://ravinamboori.in