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  • 1.Before you even start looking at the IT Technician Salary, it isunderstand what the job entails and how the industry opera you to determine whether or not a career in this industry isThere are many employment opportunities in the IT industrychoose a specialty before he or she completes IT studies andThe IT industry has been growing at a very fast pace in recentjob in this field is very easy. The industry is among the fastest in the world. Careers in this field have many perks and pe comfortable and satisfied with their jobs. Whichever specialtshould know upfront that you will be expected to work 40 h very least. You will also have the option of telecommutin overtime. Professionals who choose to work in this industry c in comfortable offices in front of computers

2. Types of IT Jobs 3. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the average annual IT Techas around $66,000. This number may vary dramatically dep specialty area you choose. When searching for internet techwill find the following list of specialty areas 4. *General Computer or Network Administrators work at desand supporting the computers or networks of computers fo businesses. 5. *Systems Administrators work to make systems mor 6. *Database Administrators figure out ways of storing, organiz using data by working with their organizations databa 7. *IT Security Specialists with planning, organizing, and maintaof an organizations network. 8. *A Specialist in telecommunications focuses on how to makother communications equipment interact smo 9. *A Web Developer works with developing the technical pa 10. *A Webmaster or administrator maintains web sites to ensu correctly. 11. *A Web developer takes care of the technical aspects of cre 12. Average IT Technician Salary 13. The Bureau of Labor Statistics breaks any collected Technologthree major sections: database administrators, network andadministrators, and network systems and data communic 14. Network and Computer Systems Administrators S 15. On the low end of wage earners in this category are those w$41,000 annually, and on the high end are those who earn m annually. The average annual salaries range between $51,6 within this field. These average salaries vary depending on tthe individual works in. The following list describes the wagecomputer systems administrators may make in differ 16. Wages of Database Administrators 17. The average salary of database administrators is around $70 least paid database administrator takes home at least $40,0highest paid professionals in this category take home over $Professionals who design computer systems can make better 18. Wages of Network and Data Communication An 19. Annual Wages of Network and Data Communication 20. Those who work in this specialty area fall under the categospecialists, webmasters, network designers, or developers. Owage earners are those who make less than $41,700, while tsalary on the high end is over $111,000. Most people in thbetween $54,000 and $91,000. The average annual Techniciadepending on where they work. Individuals who work for te companies make the highest annual salary at just below $76who work for the government have the lowest average ann over $64,000. 21. Employment Outlook for Technicians 22. When people are deciding whether or not they want to work IT Technician Salary is a truly important piece of informationit is beneficial to look at the rate that the field is growing in r for this type of work. This bit of information will help themwhether or not there will be jobs in this particular industry dBureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there is expected torate of growth in this industry than in most other industries.of 2008 and 2018, there are a projected 287,000 jobs added ta growth rate of 30%. 23. Most people choose to work in this field because of the lucraSalary packages offered by employers. People who wish to jo expect an average salary of $60,000 annually working 40 hoand done, professionals who work in the IT industry are pa than people working in other industries. 24. http://www.ricochetriches.com/?jrcpac/