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  • 1. Frog and Toad All Year Lesson 2 Day 4

2. Question of the Day

  • What words can you use to describe the wind?
    • How can the wind feel? Can it feel hot? Cold?
    • Can you hear the wind? What does it sound like?
    • What happens when the wind passes through trees?The wind is _________.
    • Daily Proofreading
  • who saw the frog jump
  • Who saw the frog jump?

3. Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you:But when the leaves hang trembling, The wind is passing through. Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I:But when the trees bow down their heads, The wind is passing by. Christina Rossetti 4. High Frequency Words Word Wall everything police sign covered already prove woods eight guess through 5. Plural and SingularAdd s to form most plural nouns. Add es to form plural of a noun that ends in s, x, ch or sh. 6. Plural and SingularAdd s to form most plural nouns. Add es to form plural of a noun that ends ins,x, chorsh . 7. Spelling Words 8. o s j b 9. e b d t 10. c o u k d 11. o n t d 12. e p b s t 13. u r n b 14. o l p t s 15. o e t g 16. a u d m 17. e p t n 18. hel met 19. con test 20. sub ject 21. rot ten 22. pup pet 23. High Frequency Words 24. CharactersDucks New Friend

  • Duck landed on the pond with a big splash.
  • Hey, watch out!Turtle said.He was lying in the sun.He did not want to get wet.
  • Sorry, Duck said.Can you help me find the best grass to eat?
  • I cant help you.Im busy, Turtle said.
  • Then Duck saw a frog sitting on a log.Can you help me? Duck asked.Im new here and Ive been flying all day.
  • Sure, Frog said.Follow me.
  • Duck swam after Frog.Frog took her to a grassy area.This is where I like to catch bugs, he said.Its the best place for tall grass.
  • Thanks, Duck said.Ill help you one day, too

25. Build Robust Vocabulary

  • neighborly, described
    • waters the neighbors plants
    • blocks the neighbors driveway
    • spills trash on the sidewalk
    • bakes the neighbors a cake
  • ventured, edge
    • the edge of a sidewalk
    • the edge of a jungle
    • the edge of a playground
    • the edge of a roof
  • unselfish
    • Raul gave a friend a blanket.
    • Simone took the last cookie.
    • Kwong let a teammate score.
    • Jaime bought a comic book.

26. Grammar

  • Statements and Questions
    • A statement tells something, and a question asks something.
    • A statement and a question begins with a capital letter.
    • A statement ends with a period, and a question ends with a question mark.
  • The dog chased the squirrel.
  • Did you see the squirrel jump?
  • The squirrel raced up the tree.
  • What will the dog chase next?

27. Writing

  • Paragraph
    • The beginning of a paragraph is indented.
    • The first sentence is a statement that tells the main idea.
    • The other sentences give more details about the main idea.
    • Each statement begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.