Learning in a 1:1 Environment Innovation, Compassion and Global Citizenship.

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Slide 1Learning in a 1:1 Environment Innovation, Compassion and Global Citizenship Slide 2 Riversides Goals 1. Develop Digital Citizens in a 1:1 learning environment to prepare students for the 21 st century. 2. Develop a Caring and Compassionate Community that focuses on mental health, social and emotional learning. Slide 3 Why Digital? It is highly unlikely that our children will not have to utilize technology in their work and private lives now and in their future. Employers are expecting a level of competency with technology in the workplace We want to create engaging and exciting classroom experiences Slide 4 What are we preparing our students for? Possibilities and jobs that dont exist yet. Citizens who can connect, relate, empathize, adapt, self-manage, and be responsible. Slide 5 Social and Emotional Core Competencies Slide 6 Digital Fluencies Slide 7 Our Digital Footprint Our children are already leaving their permanent footprints about themselves on-line for the world to see today and in the future. It is our job as adults to help children create a positive digital footprint just as we do in their physical world. Slide 8 History of 1:1 at Riverside Digital Immersion Samsung School iPad Classes (Science and English) Integrated Senior English and Social Studies Science Co-Op Grade 9 1:1 Initiative Slide 9 Benefits of 1:1 Everything on one device Fast, portable Quick access to help More connected to peers 24/7 learning Slide 10 Benefits of 1:1 Cont Keep organizedno papers to lose Can study in the car or on the bus Access to resourcesYoutube, Google, experts, social media No more outdated textbooks Creative and Professional Projects Access to relevant apps No desk clutter & heavy backpacks More teaching others through screen casting, Skype, messaging, email Increased engagement Slide 11 Challenges of 1:1 Can be a distraction Split screens are too small or non-existent On-line tests may not be reliable Potential to lose work if not saved Some apps can be glitchy Batteries can go dead Flipping pages can sometimes be cumbersome Slide 12 Student Anecdotes I am so glad Riverside has taken technology and has made it an easy learning tool. Paper is being saved in every class! I have really enjoyed how much our technology has let us collaborate and work as one big team. I believe this is going to have such a great impact on the rest of our lives. Technology is not only for games, it is making learning interesting, and that is so important to me. Lizzy Whitham Slide 13 Student Anecdotes The reasons why I love using my device in class are because it is so light weight and easy to carry, and we can explore different learning techniques in class. Its easy to use and thats why I love having it. It has improved our learning by letting us explore more and open our minds to all the different things, especially being organized. Thanks! Erika McLaren Slide 14 Student Anecdotes Anna Saint I use my device for absolutely everything in school, and for almost every subject. I love using my device because its lightweight and portable. I also love it because it helps me go more in depth with my work and motivates me to do my work in more depth. Slide 15 Educating in a Digital World Retain the integrity of the highest quality education Care for students Build relationships Have face to face interactions Ensure there are still plenty of hands-on and other practical experiences Make learning relevant, engaging, and rich Slide 16 Documentation of Student Learning Slide 17 Recognize the diverse needs of students Utilize technology to support students with difficulties in motor skills, written output, reading, numeracy, and memory. Slide 18 On-line Safety and Digital Citizenship Our children need an adult presence in the virtual world Our focus will be on 8 key areas: Create a positive digital footprint Build positive relationships Ask before posting and recording Protect your privacy Create, share, and publish Report Inappropriate Use Cite your sources Stay Organized Slide 19 Tips for Security Physically lock your device in your locker when you arent using it Use a Keylock/Password on your device Dont leave your device on top of your locker then walk away Protect your device with a case Download a tracking app such as Find my iPad Slide 20 Dealing with Distractions Responsibility Network Agreement Monitoring at school and at home The teddy bear effect Slide 21 Affordability & Accessibility Currently, devices can be purchased for between $300-$500 Our goal is for 80% of students to come with a device We will lend out the remaining for the year Digital workbooks will be free. Students will need to purchase hardcopy workbooks if theyd like them. Slide 22 Purchasing Options Partnership with Staples Price Guarantee Warranty Financing Information to be posted on our website in the next couple of weeks Slide 23 Why an iPad? ProsCons Powerful large app selection No micro SD, micro USB or micro HDMI ports Airplay toolsLimited internal storage Excellent dual camera Difficulty getting student work to websites Strong media editing tools Strong battery life Powerful large app selection Slide 24 Why a Samsung Note? ProsCons Full HD Display with Split Screen Function Weak stock browser Strong Battery Life Android has a steep learning curve Stylus, S-Note & Polaris OfficeSome Compatibility Issues Large Internal + Expandable Storage Full HD Display with Split Screen Function Slide 25 Why a Windows Surface RT? ProsCons Full Office 2013 SuiteWeakest App selection USB + Mini-display Port Windows 8 has a learning curve Expandable Storage Doesnt run legacy Windows programs Full HD and true Multitasking Type Cover 2 is excellent keyboard and case Slide 26 Device Requirements Tablet Recommendations: Ability to annotate (ie. Math). Stylus protective case Device should have a camera for stills and video Minimum 16GB storage for tablet or 160GB hard drive for laptop minimum 10 screen Apps See some of our recommendations Android 4.0 or higher, iOS 6 or higher, Windows 8 RT. Mac laptop (min. OSX 10.4) PC laptop (min. OS windows 7) Slide 27 The Tour Samsung iPad Laptops Surface RT General Information


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