learning experience # 7: ally tools “must haves” presented by: group encourage

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LEARNING EXPERIENCE # 7:Ally Tools Must HavesPresented by: Group Encourage1Objectives

Participants will be introduced to the five fundamental Must Haves of:TimeSpacePositive tone & wordsLiving in Their ShoesBeing Connected

Participants will identify examples of how the five fundamental Must Haves look, sound, and feel like.

Must Haves3Ally Tool Kit:

Things that are based in common senseThings that are observableconcepts that we can all practice.Developed from the key things that people have done wrongMust be practiced and reinforced every daymake them a part of your daily conversation

4Make a SMOREGraham CrackerMarshmallow FluffChocolatePeanut ButterExplain that each of these is great on its own, perfectly edible, tastes good

Together they make a SMORE, without one of them its not a SMORE5Time

The importance of 10 seconds (or more)Take timeIt takes time (be patient)


SpaceThe Buffer ZoneThe importance of feeling safeBody LanguageBeing stuck together


+ Tone & WordsBe PositiveSmileOffer kind wordsMind your ToneIt is your responsibility (There are people depending on you)Find a Scream Room!

ToneGOYADeal with issues Discretely(Library Voice)Supportive Vs. Authoritative

-Rich & Full of Goodness


Living in Their ShoesTake the time to understand how his/her day is going

-Putting yourself in the SHELL (peanut shell) 9

Being Connected!Get Connected with RespectRapportEmpathySupportPrepareExpectationsCommunicationTeamwork

10Get Connected with RespectRapportEmpathySupportPrepareExpectationsCommunicationTeamwork

-Divide everyone in to groups of 4 and assign each group 4 (one will have a repeat). -To describe what it sounds like, looks like, feels like11How can you make these Must Haves part of your daily life?Talk as a group about a situation that occurred and which of the MUST HAVES may have been applied and what would be the best way to ensure that the MUST HAVES are used in the future.

Examples:Practice Self-AssessmentTalk with coworkers12