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    Though Chennai is still

    regarded as a fairly

    traditional city it has

    moved on and now

    architecture rubs

    shoulders with art forms

    and Carnatic music with

    contemporary design.

    One aspect of change in

    Chennai has been the

    growth of interior design

    that has been adapted to

    local taste and environment. For that matter Tamilnadu is no stranger to architecture and

    design as its glorious temples and palaces vouch for.

    D5 Design Factory is one such interior architects in Chennai that has gained much popularity

    and acceptance for its unique and practical designs that have made homes, offices and

    commercial spaces so special.

    Residential Designers

    There is a lot of construction activity going on with the real estate boom and so there is more

    and more demand for interior designers to design for independent homes, villas, apartments

    and home offices. There are also certain projects where an entire residential complex has to be


    Individual Homes

    The times when interior design was

    the realm of the wealthy is gone,

    today, even smaller homes and

    unpretentious buildings think of

    interior design. In Chennai more and

    more emerging middle class homes

    are opting for and keeping some

    budget for interior designing. Right

    from false ceiling to entertainment

    units, wardrobes and kitchens come


  • into the purview of skilled interior design teams. Some individual homes even call for

    specialized interior work in the bathrooms and sit-outs. There is a wide range of pricing

    available for interior work of this sort depending on the complexity of the design and the

    quality of materials used.


    This is the age of apartments and

    though the space is comparatively

    smaller than the individual homes

    the possibilities are equally

    challenging and rewarding. The

    builders provide only the basic

    structure and fittings the rest is left

    to the owner choice. It is here that

    interior designer play their

    important part to make raw space

    into something worth livable. Right from one bedroom apartments to huge duplex apartments

    there is enough of projects for all the leading interior designers in Chennai. The basic

    requirement of an apartment is not very different from that of a individual home except maybe

    the size and space available.

    Home Offices

    Another change that has

    occurred in residential

    spaces is the inclusion of

    the home office. With the

    advent of jobs in IT and

    online freelance work in

    every possible sphere the

    demand for home office

    has escalated. These are

    usually well placed nooks

    in the house with self

    contained working space where there are desks, chairs and computer tables with filing cabinets

    and storage units for office equipments. Interior designers first take in the requirement of the

    client and their profession before designing such home offices.

  • Chennai being the hub of software and IT many of the young people who move in to new

    homes have a requirement of home office which is perfectly met by the creative interior

    designers who match the best across India.

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