Leadership Leadership is about taking up responsibility to challenge the status quo.

Download Leadership Leadership is about taking up responsibility to challenge the status quo.

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  • LeadershipLeadership is about taking up responsibility to challenge the status quo

  • MotivationTeam WorkEffective MeetingsEffective Delegation

  • I. Motivation

  • What is Motivation?Willingness to put effort towards goal.

  • When is it needed and Why?

    All the time!We are all human!Motivation, Personal Expectations and Team Goals

  • RememberYou cant force people to do things but you can make it irresistible for them!

  • HOW???

  • Show SupportPeople vs task orientedGive directions to fix mistakes, instead of asking what went wrong or who did itUnderstand their goals and help achieve them.Reward in times of stress

  • Show Support

    Forgive mistakes and assume the best of intentions.Turn a mistake into a learning experienceAllow your team to have the RIGHT to be wrongBuild trust: show that you care

  • Value People

    Get to know your team especially a new team member. Learn the personal and professional goals of your teamMake sure they know their roleInvolve people in events when normally they wouldn't get invited

  • Value People

    Ensure that tasks result in both personal and team goalsBe approachableRespect an individual's private lifeStrive to help others balance work with personal life

  • PraisePraise them!Be specific : Reward what you want to encourage Be open to mistakes, but stress on improvementReward consistently Reward in close proximity of the behaviourRewards must be sincere

  • RecogniseSay thanks!Recognise when the team succeeds against all oddsLet Administration know your team achievementRecognise in front of the teamShow your appreciation before they finish the task

  • RecogniseRecognise not only success but also efforte.g. Send a thank-you note to a team member who spent a lot of overtime on a projectTell a team member you would like to work again with him or her on future projects

  • EncourageLet them know how much you believe in them and why they are specialFuel their motivation with yoursEnthusiasm is contagious!

  • InformClear expectations with fair scope for initiativeProvide sources of learning: practical experiences, articles, magazines, etc., Take the time to answer team members' questions Reason your decisionsShare competencies/skills

  • InnovateIntroduce new methods of meeting, decision making etc to acknowledge the growing skill and knowledge base of the teamShow the improvement of the team and the progression towards vision

  • ChallengesPresent new challenges further development of members prevent boredomGive them as much responsibility as they can handle Ensure that the strive for excellence moves continually upward

  • HAVE FUN! Celebrate beginningsHost a project partyCelebrate birthday and festivalsGive everyone "rewards" when a project is successfulRecognise accomplishments at major milestones during a long-term project

  • Motivation thrives on energy. Ensure that all team members are busyIntroduce multiskilling or diversify their roles if they are becoming bored.

  • Self Motivation

    Motivation is infectious!Share with your friends and familyRest from the pressures of leadership. Maintain a balance in your lifeBelieve in your visionBelieve in yourself and trust the peopleBe more realisticRemember that you are human and that you will learn through making mistakes.

  • What does it mean to you?What is your key learning?What do you need to improve in terms of team and individual motivation?How are you going to do that?

  • What Motivate People?

  • What motivates people?Know what they are supposed to do and how to get thereFeel valued and supportedBe listened to Be treated fairlyHave a say in what happens Have the responsibility and freedom to choose how to do

  • What motivates people?Be challenged and stimulated Interesting workBe able to develop their full potentialBe informed of what is going on and feedbackDevelop themselvesBe recognised Feel worthwhile and of benefit to them