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December 2012 / Issue 312 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo

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Community News December 2012 Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin www.latinomidwestnews.com2

On The CoverMerry Christmas and Happy New YearFeliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo

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Iris Ramos is opening her law practice and is an example of Latinas who are starting

their own businesses at record levels in Minnesota and throughout the country. According to Cristina Lopez, President of the Washington D.C. based, National Hispana Leadership Institute, Latinas are starting businesses at a rate six times the national average.

Latinas point to the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor, a Puerto Rican from New York, to the U.S. Supreme Court as the most powerful symbol of how far Latinas have come. And California lawyer Vilma Martinez was named ambassador to Argentina.

Still, in professions that demand a huge time commitment, the numbers of Latino women are dramatically low. While Latino women make up 7 percent of the U.S. population, they account for only 1.3 percent of the country’s lawyer

Iris Ramos had the drive and desire to achieve her dreams and here, in her own words, is how it happened.

I was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. I moved to Minnesota with my family twenty years ago, knowing only Spanish. It was very difficult for us to learn a new language and culture from one day to the next, but through mutual support, we got through it. With dedication and hard work, I became fluent in English in less than one year while still maintaining my fluency in Spanish.

From a young age, my mother would tell me that I would make a great lawyer. According to her, I would consistently pretend to be a judge and skillfully argued my way in and out of things. Following her advice, I participated in a mentorship program while attending Eagan High School to see if I truly wanted to be an attorney. I shadowed and worked with a criminal defense lawyer. I attended court proceedings, met with opposing counsel and had a taste for what my life could be like as an attorney. I loved the complexities and intricacies of the law and the fact that I could use my expertise to assist someone during a very stressful time in their life. I then decided I wanted to practice law.

I attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology-Law, Criminology and Deviance, which I found to be an excellent

foundation for the practice of law. I loved the campus so much that I attended the University of Minnesota Law School, where I received my Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. During school I was President of the Latino Law Student Alliance, externed for Chief Judge Michael J. Davis in the Federal District Court of Minnesota, participated in the school’s Asylum Law Project, volunteered, worked and was a pro bono law clerk at a large law firm in Minneapolis.

After law school, I worked at a small civil litigation law firm where I obtained great hands on experience. I started my business with the vision of vigorously representing the interests of the Twin Cities Latinos by employing my cultural background, humility and empathy. One wonderful aspect of practicing law is the intellectual challenge combined with knowing you make a direct, tangible and positive impact on a daily basis. This is why I love my job.

I also make sure to give back to a community that has helped shape who I am today. I volunteer for the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA), Volunteer Lawyers Network and Good Deeds Society. I am also part of Minnesota Women Lawyers Group, Minnesota State Bar Association and the Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association.

I have worked from the bottom up to get to where I am today. I credit my mother, Iris Nieves and father, Miguel Ramos, for guiding me and supporting me to be the most diligent, compassionate, and service oriented individual I can be. They are my inspiration.

Iris Ramos Nieves, Esq.The Law Office of Iris Ramos LLC155 South Wabasha Street, Suite 125St. Paul, MN 55107(651) 560-5183 (Office)(651) 379-4640 (Fax)

Photo by Alejandro Calderon

Latinas In Business

Check out for the latest news!

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Community Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin December 2012 3

Summer 2012 is off to a great start for novelist and songwriter Roma Calatayud-Stocks, author of A Song In My Heart, including CD with original musical score.

She signed copies of her novel during Book Expo America on June 6, 2012, at the Mom’s Choice Award Booth at Javits Convention Center in New York, just a day after her book landed second place in both Best Novel Historical Fiction and First Book by the prestigious International Latino Book Awards in which 14 countries were represented. The award ceremony was held at the Cervantes Institute in New York, NY.

Earlier this year, A Song In My Heart won the Midwest Book Award- First Place in the Arts category and a Mom’s Choice award in multimedia experiences adult books. It is also a finalist in multicultural and cross genre fiction through Next Generation Indie Book Awards and International Book Awards.

Later this year, Calatayud-Stocks will present her book at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, 3M Company on October 12, 2012, and at Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures Fall Conference.

A Song In My Heart introduces us to Alejandra Stanford, the protagonist born into a bi-cultural family in Minneapolis of 1902. Growing up, she and her artistic family experience the intermingling of American, Latino, and European cultural influences, as well as national events that challenge their lives; yet, Alejandra finds music is the perfect expression of her own artistic inclinations, emotions, and ambitions. As a young pianist and budding composer, “Ale” is inspired by Minnesota’s musical pioneers and legendary composers and resolves to become a symphonic conductor despite the obstacles.

Set in the Twin Cities, New York, Mexico and Europe, A Song In My Heart is an in-depth exploration of character, celebration of art and culture, and a musical journey. The Musical Score CD/Soundtrack was composed by Roma Calatayud-Stocks and arranged/performed by Chan Poling and other musicians of note. CD includes 14 original songs/instrumental compositions with classical, jazz, and Latin influences.

KirKus Reviews: “Calatayud-Stocks’ debut is a historical novel set to music. Alejandra Stanford, an upper-class woman with progressive ideals. Her life is privileged and pluralistic, with music as the glue that holds her disparate worlds together. Well-written, the story is compelling that this novel deserves to find a larger audience. The historical aspect is well-researched and true to the period. The novel’s grand ambitions are evident in its packaging—it is both book and musical composition (CD included). The author intends this to be the first in a trilogy, and she has created enough momentum to build on. An auspicious debut.”

Reviewer List: “An Extraordinary Fusionof Music and Literature.”

Jim Barnes, Editor, “Reading this book will put a song in your

heart, and take you back to a time when classical music was the pinnacle of popular culture and entertainment. A talented composer herself, author Calatayud-Stocks shares her knowledge and passion for art and music with this compelling historical novel and accompanying original soundtrack CD. How refreshing this is-longing for a world of fine art and music with substance? A Song In My Heart is a great place to start.”

Chan Poling, Emmy award-winning composer: “I have arranged and played many styles of music over the years. Roma’s music has touched me always. Her new collection of songs for her story, A Song In My Heart, are once again beautiful and lushly romantic, evocative of another time and place.”

Roma Calatayud-Stocks holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Minnesota. After additional studies at MacPhail Center for Music and the University of St. Thomas, and in line with her twenty-year work experience and life passion of honoring world cultures through history, music, and the arts, she turned to a professional career in music composition and historical fiction writing.

Ms. Calatayud-Stocks is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and Arts Educational workshops on: Music history, Classical, Popular, Latin Music, Cultures, Art, Traditions from Around the World, and Writing Historical Fiction.

Minnesota Award-Winning author featured at Book Expo America and Recipient of the 2012 International Latino Book Awards

A Perfect Holiday Gift

Stocksnovel Stanfowith pis privmusicher dWellcomdeseaudiis wthe ambpacand(Cintincrtod


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Community News December 2012 Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin www.latinomidwestnews.com4

El nacimiento de Jesús es el cumplimiento de una promesa que Dios le hace a Abraham “El padre de todos los que tienen FE”

En Génesis 12: 3 “y serán benditas en ti todas las familias de la tierra”.Una promesa de Esperanza para toda la humanidad

En esta promesa Dios incluye a todas las familias de la tierra, a Hebreos y a no Hebreos, desafortunadamente con el paso de los años, el Pueblo de Dios antes del nacimiento de Cristo malinterpreto esto, y pensaron que la bendición seria para ellos y que el resto de las Familias de la tierra les serviría a ellos con la llegada de Jesús o Emmanuel que traducido es “Dios con nosotros”

Nacería en BelénTambién podemos ver la profecía del Lugar donde el nacimiento de Jesús tomaría lugar, en Belén ciudad de David en Malaquías 5 Pero tú, Belén Efrata, pequeña para estar entre las familias de Judá, de ti me saldrá el que será Señor en Israel; y sus salidas son desde el principio, desde los días de la eternidad.

Nacería de una VirgenOtro dato importante es que también se profetizo que nacería de una mujer virgen, Isaías 7:14 Por tanto, el Señor mismo os dará señal: He aquí que la virgen concebirá, y dará a luz un hijo, y llamará su nombre Emanuel.

La autoridad de JesucristoTambién en el profeta Isaías dijo lo siguiente: Isaías 9:6 “Porque un niño nos ha nacido, hijo nos ha sido dado, y el principado, sobre su hombro. Se llamará su nombre Admirable consejero, Dios fuerte, Padre eterno, Príncipe de paz.”

El Cumplimiento de las profecías de la Natividad de JesúsEn Mateo y Lucas nos dicen que estas profecías y las se cumplieron. En referencia a esta vemos que un ángel se le apareció a unos pastores la noche del nacimiento y en Lucas 2:11 y 12 anuncio: “Yo os doy nuevas de gran gozo, que será para todo el pueblo: que os ha nacido hoy, en la ciudad de David, un Salvador, que es Cristo el Señor. Esto os servirá de señal: hallaréis al niño envuelto en pañales, acostado en un pesebre.”.

El verdadero propósito de la NavidadEl propósito de la Navidad es el Celebrar el nacimiento de Jesús el hijo de Dios, esta fiesta debe de estar enfocada en la armonía, unidad familiar y en el mostrar el amor al prójimo. Desafortunadamente la Navidad se convirtió en el día festivo más popular en el mundo cristiano. Muchas veces en un dolor de cabeza para los menos afortunados. Es una temporada donde la gente anda corriendo para riba y para bajo buscando el agrado de la gente, gastando en su mayoría hasta lo que no tienen para no quedar mal con la gente. Es tanto la Preocupación de esta festividad que nos hemos alejado del verdadero propósito de la Natividad de Jesús.

Este año te quiero invitar a volver a volver el verdadero propósito de la natividad de Jesús:

Como podemos ver cuando nació Jesús llegaron personas con regalos para Dios, no hay nada de malo el comprar regalos para nuestros seres queridos, pero lo que si no es Aceptable es el Olvidarnos de Dios. Nuestro Deseo en esta navidad es que obtenganGracia, Paz y Amor y que este sea el centro de la celebración de nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo Dios con nosotros. El cual vino a este mundo no a condenarlo si no a Salvarlo <Juan 3:16>

“La Navidad” El Nacimiento de Jesús,” El Mesías, El Cristo, el Hijo de Dios, Emmanuel, El Salvador del Mundo.

Pastor Sergio AmezcuaIglesia “Dios Habla Hoy”

BPEFC7849 W Broadway

Brooklyn Park, MN 55445PH 612-716-0273

[email protected] todos los Domingos

a las 12:15

Holiday Greetings From Jovenes de Salud

Front row:Emilio Castro, Carmen Robles,

Richard Aguilar, Yantzy Escoto, Robert Hanson

Middle row:Esmeralda Gonzalez, AnaLuvia Manon,

Elena Garcia, Anabel Chavez, Carlos Mena, Crystal Hoag

Back row:Jose Rios, Yorki Ramirez, Eric Cortes,

Gladys Reyes

‘Feliz Navidades’ shout out to ... family, friends,

community and ourservice men and women!

See you next year!JdeS

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Community Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin December 2012 5

Latino voters turned out in record numbers in the presidental election of 2012. Latinos made up 10% of the national vote this year compared to 9 % in 2008 and 8 % in 2004.

On election night , November 6th, 11 million Latino voters played an unmistakable role in helping President Obama get re-elected. Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the U.S., estimated to grow to 132 million-strong by 2050, making up 30 percent of the country’s population. There are currently 23.7 million Hispanics eligible to vote, a 7.6 million-person increase since 2004, with 50,000 Latinos turning 18 every month.

The Latino community is not a monolithic group and they care about many issues. While they may have broken for Obama, there is an opportunity for conservatives to engage the community if they want to win in future presidental races. In a Latino Decisions/Media poll of Latino voters on the eve of election night, when asked “Thinking about the 2012 election, what are the most important issues facing the Latino community that our politicians should address?

53% said Economy/Jobs • 35% said Immigration • 20% said Education

On immigration there is a myth that all Latinos want amnesty for undocumented immigrants is just that-a myth. In fact many Latinos support sensible immigration reform, but as Americans, they too express concerns about proposals that do not include securing the border. The movement must also ensure that more conservative Latinos are involved in immigration reform discussions, and put forth proposals that include a guest worker program and overhauling our current visa system. A recent poll of American voters showed support “allowing children of undocumented immigrants who have been here for years to obtain legal residency status after their honorable discharge from service in the U.S. military by 83% while and 67% support “allowing children of undocumented immigrants who have been here for years to obtain legal residency if they graduate from college.

In 2000 and 2004 President George Bush received nearly half of the national Hispanic vote and 56% of the vote in Florida. On November 6th, Latinos voted for President Obama by 71% to 27% for Mitt Romney nationally with strong Latino support for Obama in key swing states. Although Obama did not keep his promise to the Latino community for immigration reform and his administration deported more Latinos than any President in history, Latinos still supported him because of their strong dislike of Gov. Romney’s attitude towards Latinos. During the Republican debates for endorsement Romney mentioned he was against the Dream Act and talked about self-deportation when asked about immigration and undocumented workers.

If conservatives need a way to reach Latino voters the must leverage the Latino community entrepreneurial spirit. According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are upwards of 2.3 million Latino-owned businesses in the U.S. – up 44 percent from 2002. As the fastest growing minority business group in the country, Latino business owners understand the need for less regulations and lower taxes to expand, grow and hire more workers. It remains to be seen if the Republican party can reach out to Latino voters and win them back for future elections. It will be difficult but not impossible.

Latino Voters Turnout In Record Numbers

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raphicDesignPeoplePeople(612) 296 - 9391

125 27 Ave. NE Mpls. MN 55418



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T-shir ts


Hablo Español

Community News December 2012 Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin www.latinomidwestnews.com6

Major Garrett, White House correspondent for National Journal, was the featuredspeaker at the Economic Club of Minnesota Luncheon in Minneapolis on November

16th. Garrett reported for Fox News, where he was the Chief White House Correspondent. During his eight years at Fox, Garrett also covered Congress, two presidential elections, the War in Iraq and many other issues of national importance. Garrett has also authored three books. His third, The Enduring Revolution (2005), was recently voted one of the best non-fiction political books of all time by readers of Chris Cillizza’s Washington Post “The Fix” blog.

At the press conference, Garrett answered some questions about the Latino American Vote and the impact the Latino American community will make in the future.

Garrett was interviewed by Rick Aguilar, Latino Midwest News.

Aguilar: Were you surprised about the record turnout of Latino American voters and their strong support of President Obama?

Garrett: Many experts were surprised by the Latino vote turnout, 11 million voters and the fact they voted for President Obama by such a large margin. The President didn’t keep his promise to pass immigration reform and his administration deported more Mexicans than any President in history, so the vote from the Latino community I feel, was more about the Latino community not trusting Governor Romney and their dislike of his stance on immigration reform. The Obama campaign really used the Latino media to portray Romney as anti-immigration reform.

Aguilar: Do you feel the Republican Party can reach out to Latino Americans and get back to the 45% of the Latino vote that President George Bush enjoyed in 2000 and 2004 elections?

Garrett: One thing the Republican Party has is a strong group of talented national Latino Republicans who are now holding office. Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico,

is the first Latina Governor in the U.S. and is a smart, strong leader. Ted Cruz, newly elected U.S. Senator from Texas has really impressed me with his articulation and knowledge of the economy and his grasp on the important issues in this country. Of course, Marco Rubio U.S. Senator from Florida is a star and someone people are looking to run for President in 2016, and there are others, Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada is doing great work for his state. I feel these leaders can reach out to the Latino communityand talk about the Republican Party in ways that can attract support from Latinos.

Aguilar: Do you think immigration reform will be on the “to do list” for President Obama after the first of the year?

Garrett: I do think he has to take on this issue. Latinos were disappointed his last term and now I think the pressure is on the Democrat party leaders to move immigration reform on the fast track. I do feel that the Republicans will also be at the table with some immigration reform plan they want to purpose. Let’s see what happens, but one thing for sure the Latino vote has arrived and will play an important part in all future elections.

Major Garrett Featured At Economic Club Of Minnesota Luncheon

Major Garrett and Rick Aguilar

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Futon, the Better Bed.

Glenn Folland

DEPTH OF FIELD405 Cedar Ave South, Minneapolis

(612) 339-6061

Day Date Opponent Time (CST) TV

Sun. 9/9 Jacksonville Noon CBSSun. 9/16 @ Indianapolis Noon FoxSun. 9/23 San Francisco Noon FoxSun. 9/30 @ Detroit Noon FoxMon. 10/7 Tennessee 3:25 PM CBSSun. 10/14 @ Washington 3:25 PM FoxSun. 10/21 Arizona Noon FoxSun. 10/25 Tampa Bay 7:20 PM NFLNSun. 11/4 @ Seattle 3:05 PM FoxSun. 11/11 Detroit Noon FoxSun. 11/18 Bye Week N/A N/ASun. 11/25 @ Chicago Noon FoxThu. 12/2 @ Green Bay Noon FoxSun. 12/9 Chicago Noon FoxSun. 12/16 @ St. Louis Noon FoxSun. 12/23 @ Houston Noon FoxSun. 12/30 Green Bay Noon Fox




Miguel Lopez


864 University Ave WestSt. Paul(651)




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Where to go to see the best holiday light displays in Minneapolis and St. Paul, where the best Christmas lights are, and the homes with the most impressive Christmas displays all around the Twin Cities.

Downtown St. Paul’s Christmas Tree and Holiday LightsRice Park is home to downtown St. Paul’s Christmas tree, and the whole park is draped with twinkling lights. There’s a free outdoor ice skating rink, and the historic Landmark Center hosts several holiday events. It’s very classic Christmas. And, once Christmas is over, the Winter Carnival begins and Rice Park looks even more festive with the addition of ice sculptures, and is the destination for the Winter Carnival Parade.

Downtown Minneapolis’ Holidazzle ParadeMinneapolis’ Christmas lights are on Nicollet Avenue - the stationary ones in the stores that line the pedestrianized mall, and the Holidazzle parade of lights and music that marches down Nicollet Avenue. The parade is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays between November 25 and December 18.

Grand Avenue’s Grand Meander and Holiday LightsGrand Avenue, St. Paul’s shopping district, is lined with restaurants, stores and boutiques, many of who have decorated storefronts, as well as the lights on Grand Avenue itself.Grand Avenue welcomes shoppers all season long, but a fun day to go is during the annual Grand Avenue holiday event, Grand Meander, this year held on December 3. During the Grand Meander, participating stores have discounts, giveaways, and there’s entertainment, music, carolers, at locations all along Grand Avenue, plus the Grand Avenue tree lighting ceremony.

Taylor’s Falls Lighting Festival and Christmas LightsThe cute-as-a-button town of Taylor’s Falls, about an hour north of the Twin Cities, holds a three day annual Lighting Festival on November 25, 26 and 27, with parades, reindeer, music, food and entertainment. Historic houses in the town get dressed up for the season and welcome visitors to experience the atmosphere of a Victorian Christmas, and the town’s several independent stores and boutiques have events and sales. After the Lighting Festival is over, the lights will stay up until Christmas, making Taylor’s Falls a pleasant day trip from the Metro area.

Gerten’s and Linder’s Garden Center Holiday Lights and Holiday DisplayLinder’s, a family-run garden center in St. Paul, has an annual Holiday display with 80 Christmas trees, 200,000 computer controlled Holiday lights, and a Christmas gift shop with festive plants, wreaths and gardening gifts, Christmas tree ornaments and decorations. The Linder’s Holiday display opens on November 19, and they’ll keep the lights up until the new year.

Gerten’s, in Inver Grove Heights, has Christmas entertainment for families during December. Visit with Santa and his reindeer on December weekends, and holiday plants, lighting and decor are for sale.

Summit Avenue Christmas LightsSummit Avenue is where some of the grandest Victorian homes in the Twin Cities were built, and homeowners along the avenue often decorate with classic Victorian style Christmas lights... and some go all-out tacky. The Governor’s official home and Christmas Tree is at 1006 Summit Avenue, with a competing, equally large, Christmas tree directly opposite. The Governor’s Residence is open for free public tours on the first three Thursday of December, the 1, 8 and 15, between 11 a.m and 1 p.m., to see the Governor’s home, and the holiday decorations inside the mansion.

IBEW Holiday Lights in the Park at Phalen Park, St. PaulThis all volunteer event includes more than fifty larger-than-life holiday light sculptures and animated displays that you enjoy from the comfort of your vehicle as you drive through Phalen Park in the evening hours. The cost is $10/car on weekends, and $8/car on weeknights. All of the proceeds from the event goes to four local charities. The lights are illuminated from 5.30 p.m. - 10 p.m. every night from November 22 to January 1, including holidays.

Inver Grove Heights Holiday LightsThe citizens of Inver Grove Heights seem to love the holidays a little more than average, and the suburb of Inver Grove Heights is a popular destination for driving about and looking out for lights. Either drive your own car around, or take a Holiday Light Trolley during the Holiday on Main Street event on Saturday December 17. The free trolley rides start at 6.30 p.m. after a day of festive entertainment in Inver Grove Heights. Tickets are required for the trolley rides - pick up a free ticket at Inver Grove Heights Parks and Recreation Office, Veterans Memorial Community Center or ACE Hardware.

Holiday Lights in Minneapolis/St. PaulPlaces to See Holiday Lights and Christmas Lights in Minneapolis/St. Paul

One of the animated light displays at IBEW Holiday Lights in the Park at Phalen Park in St. Paul.


for links to Hispanic websites in the Midwest

Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servico (Clues)797 East Seventh Street • St. Paul, MN 55106651-379-4200 • www.clues.orgLeading provider of social services for latinos, in minnesota in 5 core areas. Mental health, chemical health, employment, education and elder wellness.

Neighborhood House179 East Robie Street • St. Paul, MN 55107651-227-9291 • www.neighb.orgThe neighborhood house provides mujeres hispanas en accion, english classes, youth programs, senior programs, esl classes, food shelf and much more.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church401 Concord St. • St. Paul, MN 55107651-228-0506Founded in 1931, our lady of guadalupe serves the latino community and has masses in spanish on sundays.

Consulate Of Mexico In Minnesota797 East 7th St. • St. Paul, MN 55106 651-771-5494 • www.consulmexstpaul.comConsulate services to mexican nationals, including identifi cation, notarization and emergency services.

Latino Economic Development Center1516 E. Lake St. #201 • Minneapolis, MN 55407612-724-5332 • www.ledc-mn.orgTechnical assistance to small businesses, community organizing and advocacy.


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Business December 2012 Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin www.latinomidwestnews.com10

Rrandon and Zach Bagaason are proud of their Latino roots, the Rincon family from Lake Street in Minneapolis and the Aguilar family from the West Side of Saint Paul. These two talented musicians are the Minneapolis based, Mexican-American Hip-Hop duo, Big Quarters they go by Medium Zach and Brandon Allday. “Somos No Joke’ is their new EP 8 tracks of honest and heartfelt lyricism over layers of off-the-wall soundscapes, distorted guitars-drums that punch in the chest and slap in the face. This self-produced duo approach crafting beats reminiscent of classic hip-hop production, sampling dollar bin drums and telling the story of their experience as Mexican-Americans in the great Midwest. Finding their voice in music, working with youth in Minneapolis, and becoming men, they’ve put it all on the table each time out.

Big Quarters self-produced debut album “Cost of Living” earned recognition as bestHip-Hop of 2007 by the Star Tribune. Big Quarters follow-up “From the Home of Brown Babies and White Mothers” received acknowledgement as one of the Best Albums of 2009 by Star Tribune. As producers, Zach and Brandon have worked

with Brother Ali, Self Devine, Power Struggle and Toki Wright. As educators, Brandon and Zach developed a hip-hop songwriting and production program currently used with young people in the Minneapolis YMCA and McNally Smith College of Music. Their past workshop and program sites include, La Opportunidad, Hope College, Inter District Downtown School, Pillsbury United Communities and McNally Smith College of Music. Brandon is currently teaching entrepreneurship to high school students through Migzi Communications in South Minneapolis. Zach is teaching Hip-Hop productions at McNally Smith College of Music-within the first full accredited Hip-Hop Studies Diploma program in the country.

Official Website: http://bigquarters.comMusic Videos: Follow us on Twitter: us on Facebook:

Big Quarters Laughing While Grooving“Somos No Joke”

Rick Aguilar, President of Aguilar Productions, based in Saint Paul, has

been promoting the buying power of the Latino-American community since 1997. His marketing conferences annually present the leading marketing experts in the Latino-American world who present strategies and insights to help companies and organizations reach this lucrative market. Aguilar Productions also promotes the Asian-American, African-American, LGBT and U.S. Emerging African markets as well. “When we started our company in 1997 our main focus was the Latino-American market, locally, regionally and nationally, but by 2001 we also started promoting the Multicultural markets and we expanded our conferences to do so” stated Aguilar.

Latino-Americans are doing their best to help the economy troubles in the United States. Their U.S. buying power in 2012 was projected at 1 Trillion dollars, and the 2012 U.S. Census revealed that Latino-owned small businesses are growing at nearly twice the rate of the

national average with annual revenues at $350B (though many industry insiders believe this is a conservative estimate with the true figure being well-north of $600B). In Minnesota Latino-American buying power is estimated at 3.5 Billion dollars.

Aguilar Productions had a great year in 2012, their conferences and special events attracted hundreds of professional marketers and exhibitors as well as thousands of Latino-Americans who attended the unique expo, La Familia Latino Family Festival and Expo that celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012.

“We want to thank our sponsors for their tremendous support of our program-ming” Aguilar commented. The sponsors in 2012 included U.S. Bank, PawnAmerica, Minnesota Twins, General Mills, AARP, American Diabetes Association, Verizon Wireless, CLUES, 45 KSTC TV, St. Paul Hotel, Latino Midwest News and Metropolitan State University who presented and hosted the 8th annual Multicultural conference this past May.

As we plan for 2013 we are proud to announce that Metropolitan State University will again be the Presenting Sponsor and host of our 9th annual Multicultural marketing conference on March 26, 2013 at their Saint Paul Campus. Other events include the:

17th Annual Hispanic Marketing Conference and Awards Luncheon, May

15, 2013 at the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Conference, conference center.

11th Annual La Familia Latino Family Festival & Expo, September 28, 2013 at the Neighborhood House in Saint Paul.

For more information contact Aguilar Productions at 651-665-0633 and our web site

Latino Americans Boost Economy In 2012 Marketing Conferences Promote Buying Power

Page 11: LatinoMWNews_Dec12 Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin November 2012 11

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIESPawn America, one of the fastest growing companies in the Twin Cities,

has employment opportunities available for bi-lingual Hispanic Customer Service Representatives fluent in English and Spanish.

Pawn America offers great benefits, great people and the opportunity to develop a great career in retail management.

Candidates should have experience in retail sales, be energetic, self-motivated and a team player.

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Los padres no tienen que ser expertos en todo pero sí deben estar dispuestos a ayudar

Hay muchas cosas que los padres pueden hacer para ayudar a sus hijos en su

regreso a la escuela, como reemplazar la mochila vieja o comprarles los útiles que necesitan. Pero hay algo que pueden hacer que es más importante y no siempre cuesta dinero: ayudarlos con la tarea.

Los niños que hacen la tarea constantementesuelen tener mejores calificaciones. Y aunque a veces no es fácil hacerlos cambiar el televisor o la computadora por el cuaderno de tarea, especialmente después de un día largo de actividades, estos consejos del Gobierno pueden ayudar:

• Hablar con los hijos sobre la tarea. Es importante que los niños entiendan la importancia de hacer la tarea y el impacto positivo que puede tener en sus califica-ciones. Además de repasar y practicar lo que aprendieron en clase, la tarea los ayuda a prepararse para las lecciones del día siguiente y desarrollar la disciplina que necesitan para su éxito académico.

• Reunirse con los maestros. Cuando se trata de la tarea, los maestros pueden tener exigencias distintas. Por lo tanto es importante hablar con ellos para conocer sus expectativas. Por ejemplo, algunos maestros quieren que los padres revisen cuidadosamente la tarea de sus hijos,

mientras que otros prefieren que sólo controlen que la hicieron. Además, el maestro puede contestar preguntas como cuánto tiempo debe pasar el estudiante haciendo la tarea y qué hacer si tiene dificultades o si le resulta demasiado fácil.

• Fijar un horario para hacer la tarea. El mejor momento para hacer la tarea es el que mejor funciona con las actividades del estudiante y la disponibilidad de sus papás. Puede ser antes o después de jugar, ver televisión, cenar o de hacer alguna actividad extracurricular. Lo importante es que la hora sea constante y que no sea la última actividad del día, cuando el niño esté cansado y con sueño.

• Escoger un lugar cómodo y eliminar las distracciones. Para fomentar la concentración es importante encontrar un lugar en la casa que tenga buena iluminación donde el niño pueda sentarse y hacer la tarea sin distracciones. Puede ser la mesa de la cocina, un escritorio o su propia habitación, siempre y cuando no haya distracciones como televisores prendidos o aparatos electrónicos a mano, a menos de que sean esenciales para hacer la tarea.

• Proveer los recursos necesarios. Los padres no tienen que ser expertos en todas las materias para ayudar a sus hijos con la tarea. Sin embargo, pueden proveerles los recursos que necesitan,

incluyendo lápices, plumas, borradores y papel para escribir. También pueden llevar a sus hijos a la biblioteca o navegar el Internet con ellos para encontrar recursos que ayuden con la tarea., por ejemplo, tiene una sección de niños con información práctica sobre varios temas. Por su parte, el Departamento de Educación cuenta con una serie de folletos para ayudar a los hijos

con la tarea de matemáticas, ciencias, lectura y comprensión.

Para aprender más sobre temas relacionados a la educación se recomiendaconsultar, el portaloficial del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos en español, que forma parte de la Administración de Servicios Generales (GSA) de EE. UU.Fuente:

Consejos para ayudar a los hijos con la tarea

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